Cost of 15 MB residential DSL.

mudlady_gwAugust 2, 2013

My only available phone or internet, except for satellite, is TDS. I thoroughly believe this company abuses it's rural customers because there is no competition out here. That being said, I have only the most basic phone because that is my way to get DSL. No caller ID, long distance, etc. I pay around $25 a month for the phone (it varies a little each month) and $62.20 for 15 MB of DSL. TDS is partnered with DISH so, along with my TV my monthly bill is around $165. I am 69 and retired and this is a heavy expense. I do read a lot, but I am a child of the TV era and do enjoy evening programs. Is TDS charging me a lot or am I just grumpy? Friends and family who live in urban areas where there is competition pay far less than I.

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15MB? Is that the defined, but not guaranteed download speed, or did you inadvertently mistype and it should read 15GB as the use limit?

I live in rural America and I have a not-so-great 3G network with no viable alternatives except satellite. I pay $57.00 a month for 15GB of use.


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I am also rural and I pay approx $82 (all taxes & fees incl) for 12 MB DSL and unlimited landline phone (Windstream). This is a fixed price unless I choose to discontinue. I don't want a dish, therefore my tv is separate with Time Warner (approx $75/month). I don't want the triple play from TW because their price increases are usually steep and I don't want a voip phone
My total outlay each month is nearly comparable to yours Unless you want to move I think you'll have to live with it unless you want to opt for lesser services at a lesser price.

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Copied from my TDS information page: DSL- RESI 15MB .

This is what my profile says I am getting. I have found that they often don't tell me the truth.

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Internet download speeds are in terms of amount of data transferred per second. I have a fast connection: 35 Mbps (Megabits per second). I suspect yours is 15 Mbps (also very fast), and, since it's a DSL line, that would mean that it's a constant speed (unlike cable, which can slow down as more users join the network). Your 15 MB couldn't be a monthly data cap as you would use that up in a very short time.

If you want to check to see that you are getting the full speed they are claiming to provide, test it (choose the city closest to you when you start the test, and do the test a couple of times).

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Test

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Wow we pay $40 a month for the middle of the line high speed from time warner for road runner and it's unlimited. A lot have that around here and its very fast and I never have any slow downs at peak times either.

It's bundled with our box package. I would get the triple play but we don't have a home phone nor do we need one. We were originally with Adelphia until it went belly up and time warner took over years ago and then some where along the line they upgraded our internet speed at no extra charge for being long standing good customers.

My Mom has their phone service and other than the phone goes out when the power goes out because of no battery back up it's great. We have very few power outages in our area and neighbor knows her situation and has fios and cell if needed she can use.

She didn't have long distance before and was always buying calling cards but now it's unlimited so she is happy. I have friends that call TW every year and complain about the bill and they are given a discount for a year and then seniors are always given a discount, they just have to go in every year and show proof of income. She always qualifies. I forget what the income level is but most seniors qualify.

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