Tips/warnings re freestanding range leg/anti-tip bracket?

ArtichokeySeptember 25, 2012

I inherited a mess of an appliance layout when I purchased my house; in an attempt to get 30" between the fridge and the range, I shoved the range over with my whole body weight. I had never heard of an anti-tip bracket before (which is both baffling and embarrassing), but now the leg that fits into the anti-tip bracket is turned sideways - and of course, the range should be reinserted into the anti-tip bracket. I did not receive the manuals for the appliances, but it's a Frigidaire LFGF3027LWB, which looks like it's essentially the same as the FFGF3027LW ( freestanding 30" gas range.

I assume that (basically): the range needs to be pulled away from the wall, tipped forward so the leg can be screwed back in, then shifted sideways slightly, and finally pushed into the anti-tip bracket.

- Shutting off the gas line and the circuit to the range seems like a good idea. Anything else related to the gas connection that I should worry about?

- Is there any way to tell whether the leg is broken/bent before tipping the range?

- Could three non-linebacker adults safely do this? (Two to support it, one to screw the leg back in. There's a lightbulb joke in here, isn't there?) It looks like the door locks via the electronic control panel, but I can't tell if it would remain locked once the circuit was cut.

I appreciate any suggestions/information/warnings!

(Gardenweb keeps uploading the image upside down, no matter how I rotate/save the image before uploading; the range is mounted to the floor, not the ceiling: promise! The leveling leg is entirely free of the anti-tip bracket.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Frigidaire FFGF3027LW

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Picture rotated 180* and lightened the leg area.

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Aha. This happened to my range too. With mine, the legs (it was both back ones) were still screwed into the holes in the bottom of the range, but the metal they were screwed into had gotten bent. It wasn't just a case of re-screwing them in -- the metal had to be bent back in place. DH and I leaned the stove over and tried to fix it ourselves but we had no success (it's induction, so no gas line to think about). I had a really fun (NOT) time trying to figure out who to call for this since neither the installers nor the manufacturer had any good ideas. Anyway, I eventually had to have an appliance repairman come out for something else, and while he was here he fixed the legs in about five minutes and re-installed the anti-tip bracket (which wasn't quite in the right place -- new stove).

So to make a long story short, based on my experience I recommend cutting to the chase and bringing in an appliance repairman, in case there is damage to the bottom of the range and it turns out to be not as simple as it looks. Nothing our guy did was rocket science, it was just a matter of having the right tools and knowing what he was doing. I will tell you that he didn't tip it over; he raised the side a little bit and propped it up on a block while he was working. He was also a whole lot more deliberate and careful about pulling the range out and pushing it back than I had been (he removed the door to reduce weight, etc).

Good luck! You do need the anti-tip bracket because pulling out an oven rack with something heavy on it can overbalance the stove. We have children, so that was another reason we didn't want to just leave ours without the bracket.

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It's a safe bet that you bent the metal that the legs screws into. While you can probably bend it back, each bend will weaken the metal so you'll need to be doubly careful the next time you move the range.

Shutting of the gas is always a good idea and as North Carolina's repair man did, you probably can get away with blocking the range up. If you are going to lay it down, I would take off the door to reduce weight and make it easier to handle. You'll also need to disconnect the gas line.

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Dadoes, thank you for helping with the photo! I really appreciate it.

northcarolina and mike_kaiser, thank you for sharing your experiences and for the words of wisdom. I poked at it the other night and it seems worse than I'd expected but in line with your comments: I suspect that I bent the thing-the-leg-screws into. I dread the idea of finding a professional (I have no idea where the previous owners bought the appliances, and I have few contacts in the area to ask for recommendations), but it sounds like it wouldn't be too complicated for them to fix. I really appreciate your responses; at least I feel like I understand what might be wrong and what it would take to fix it!

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