New problem with X-P

esteban_2009August 29, 2012

Owbist, thanks for the suggestion of a new thread.

The computer I am having problems with only has X-P.

Due to a problem with my X-P machine, I have put the Ubuntu project on the back burner. Please allow me to tell you about my new problem. X-P SP3, 1024 MB memory. Due to a connection related problem I talked to the folks at ATT. They got me back on line but the computer is very slow, it has not crashed, but it takes forever for the pages to load. Sometimes I type faster than the computer can load the images of the type, and I am a very slow typer. When going from one web page to another is seems like forever. When I try to click back to the former page, also takes a long time. Also, the pages load small and I have to enlarge them, nothing seems to work like it should. I have run Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, Spyware Blaster and defragged the computer...nothing bad showed up.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Try doing a power down then power up in this order, disconnect power from router and modem, turn off pc. Leave it for about 5 minutes, then power up the modem once fully lit power up the router once fully lit, go ahead and power up the pc. See if that helps, often times letting everything reset can work.

If no improvement try control alt delete to look at task manager and find what is using the most resources that can lead you to the culprit some time.

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I just realized IE 8 has been installed without my knowledge, could this be my problem?

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I want to make sure you have only one Antivirus program on there..If you have recently changed AVs..did you ensure that all of the previous one has been purged from your computer..iGB of memory is not a whole lot these days..Can your machine handle a memory upgrade ie what is the max it can handle

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It could be, there have been reports of slow down when IE 8 upgrade occurred.
Try using firefox or chrome see if it improves speed

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I'd wonder how many toolbars and how many different security programs have been installed/removed over time.

I just fixed a computer.. seemed like some of the same symptoms, slow type, slow web. Slow everything. I started with a general clean up my mind thinking virus... but clean as much as possible first to make scans faster... Removed tool bars, a couple of junk programs... it had two usb virus checker programs... when I removed the second one.. instantly noticed it woke up the connection. She had a usb wireless modem so I suspect.. that was it. Zero virus, 1mb connection, peppy little web computer with 512 ram, xpsp3. Removed some ungodly amount of temporary files.

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