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PenbraxiiAugust 6, 2014

Since reformatting my laptop certain music and photo editing programmes are not fully functional when trying to edit contents of Ext HD....I get error reports.
The programmes do function with files added to the HD
post reformat.
What did I muck up?...thank you

All programmes are up to date.

Win 7

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The problem as you're describing it isn't completely clear to me. Is it something wrong with the programs, or something wrong with the data (photo and music) files? Have you tried to open the music and photo files with other programs?

When a program isn't running properly, the first thing to do is to uninstall it, delete all the accompanying files in the program and app data folders, and then re-install it. Have you tried that?

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There is nothing wrong with the programmes...MP3Gain for example works well with all tunes on HD that were added after reformat and tunes on laptop....it's the tunes on the HD that were there before reformat that are not accepted by the editing programmes..nothing wrong with any data. I can play tunes and view pictures...
MP3Gain gives me an error in processing message and photo editing will not save.
If I Drag and Drop a tune from the Ext HD onto desktop MP3Gain works but not directly from the HD.
Hope that clarifies.
Just to be sure I have re installed all programmes.

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Maybe the problem is that drag and drop has decided it doesn't like a program or two. For mp3gain, instead of doing drag and drop, try clicking on File, Add Files, and then go through the Windows Explorer-like screen to add the files you want from your external drive. Does that work?

Or, there are other free programs that do the Replay Gain analysis for volume leveling. Foobar and Winamp come to mind, there are many others. In addition, these two have many other handy features.

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The programmes work fine.
I decided to delete and reload the tunes and pics onto
my HD's and all works well now.


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