Tiling floor and wall

uv_dragonNovember 8, 2013

We are tiling both the floor and the wall behind the toilet. One friend had said that it was important to have the floor laid before tiling the wall. Is it really that important or not?

I'm asking because we already tiled the wall, but we haven't tiled the floor yet. Do I need to tear off the bottom row of tiles, lay the floor and then cut that bottom row to fit back on?



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Babka NorCal 9b

Where I have seen tiled walls and floors, there is a base board installed. Either wood or tile. The wall and floor just don't butt to each other. It would look unfinished to me.


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Well, I would have to say I only see a base board installed 50% of the time where the tile wall hits the tile floor. Check out pictures yourself on Houzz. That being said you generally do want the floor to go down first so the wall tile sits on top of the floor tile. Remember you don't want to grout that seem but rather use a matching caulk. I bet if the tile is properly laid and with a nice clean caulk line you will probably never see any differerence.

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Thanks all.

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JMHO, but I think it might matter more inside the shower (or a wet area) where you would definitely want the floor tile to go down first. That way, water that flows down the wall, will flow on top of the floor tile, not into the caulk line where the water might pool and soak in. Hope this makes sense. Just seems like in wet areas, the water would be shed better by the walls being on top the floor. Like theanimala, I agree that otherwise, you probably won't notice a difference.

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This has actually been an age-old debate. :) Those who opt to do the wall first argue that doing the floor last keeps you from having to worry about debris falling onto those fresh tiles while you work on the wall. Additionally, it lets you walk on bare concrete while working the wall, instead of having to step on newly-installed floor tiles too soon and worry about loosening them.

For wall-first practitioners, they start on the second layer of wall tile, to allow for any height adjustments that might occur when the floor is tiled.

Hope this helps. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile Debate at ContractorTalk

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It also depends on if you are using cove base tile, which traditionally sits flush with the floor tile at the interface of the coved floor portion of the base tile, not on top of the tile.

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