24" hood depth/ 8 foot ceiling/tall chefs

secondhalfSeptember 2, 2012

Hi there- I am wrestling every appliance in our kitchen reno project to the ground, one at a time. (new members- learn from hours of my wasted time: don't get caught up in packages, and don't think that a large scale purchase at one place will save you the most money...I'm buying one at a time, focusing on each one, and negotiating each separately. Took me months of research and negotiating to realize that individual purchase would be the cheapest and most satisfying way to go)

I have triumphed over the range (Wolf DF 36") and the microwave (Sharp micro drawer) thanks to GW...now I have to face the range hood. Here is my question: I want to try going with the Kobe 24" depth chimney hood, but we have only 8 foot ceilings, and I am afraid the chimney will look ridiculous if we mount it high enough to give me comfortable headroom (the max allowable 30" above range). Do any of you have pics of 8 ft ceiling with 24" depth chimney hoods? I know performance is more important than looks but honestly I could go with the 20" depth as our burner use never involves much grease.

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I'm 6' 1" and have a 27" deep exhaust hood over my 36 CC. It's 42" wide and 67" off of the floor. I have never hit my head. When you bend over to work at the range your overall height is shortened.

I honestly believe if you go with the 20" deep model, you will be manifestly sorry performance wise.

Looks be damned - go for performance.


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Hi Doc- how many cfms is your fan? I could live with the 67" off floor but that's about an inch higher than I was told I should go...maybe because the cfms on what I'm looking at is only 900?

Thanks for your help!

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I have a 24" deep 18" high VAH and 8' ceilings (just out of frame). The hood is mounted approximately 69" from the floor, and my counters are nearly 37" high.

Oh, I found an pic from earlier in construction:

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Secondhalf - I have a 900 cfm fan in mine.

I would rather have had a 66" height on my hood too but after it was all said and done, it was installed at 67".

Oh well. :)


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You should feel lucky to have 8' ceilings. Mine are just less than 7.5', and I'd *kill* to have 8'.

Here's my 24" deep, 42" wide Rangecraft hood mounted 66.5" above the floor.

On a good, non-stressed out day when I'm able to stand up tall, I'm only 5'8" so can't comment on using my kitchen as a tall person. DH is only 6' and has never hit his head on the hood.

I actually wish sometimes that my hood was 27" deep to grab those front burners better. You don't need to cook a lot of grease to fully utilize the hood. Do you plan to stir fry? Sear protein? Boil pasta? All of these generate enough HOGS in my kitchen to use the hood, and when I use the front burners sometimes they do escape a 24" deep hood.

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Thanks so much everyone-

Doc - thanks for the good advice

Idrive- your layout is a lot like mine, and those pics help!

Breezygirl- your kitchen is gorgeous and your ceilings fit perfectly.

24" deep it is-

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