Flow restrictor?

petepieNovember 10, 2013

I have a new clubmaster showerhead and am trying to figure out if the flow restrictor is just the little rubber black o-ring or if it is also the white plastic piece beyond the o-ring. The white plastic piece is very firmly in there and I don't want to break the showerhead trying to force it. Any tips? Thanks.

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The restrictor is usually a white plastic piece. You'll have to remove the debris screen to get to it.

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Thanks for the fast reply!

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To expand on Mongo's reply, many of today's flow restrictors have a "pressure compensating o-ring" The purpose of this o-ring is to expand and contract to always permit the precise maximum flow allowed (usually 2.5 gpm) regardless of the water pressure to the shower.

The plastic part is often color coded so that manufacturers that sell in multiple countries (or 2.0 gpm for California) can easy identity.

The code requires that the flow restrictor be difficult to remove. Often, the only way to remove it is to ultimately destroy the device.

However, if you can succeed in removing just the o-ring, you should experience greater, though not maximum, flow. Often, it is enough extra flow to create a satisfying shower experience while still saving a little water. The only downside is that your flow may vary if you have pressure fluctuations in your shower system.

Hope this info is helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pressure Compensating Flow Restrictor Working Principles

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Babka NorCal 9b

We are in CA and it took brute force to remove the restrictor. We also took out the o-ring. Left the strainer in. Ours is Grohe.

Someone, somewhere had to assemble these parts, and if they went in, they can and WILL come out. Percervere! Its worth it! Our shower valve only allows 2.5 GPM, and I want ALL of that weenie pressure I can get.


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I used to have this same showerhead. You'll need a pair of pinnose pliers. The flow restrictor is that flowery looking plastic thing with a thin round rubber o-ring near the perimeter. You'll probably crush the thing in the process of removing it.

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Faucetguy, great picture on your link.

I have to ask where these regulators are located? Is it in the shower head? or is it in the rough-in?

I will be installing a Hansgrohe "Raindance E 420 AIR 2-Jet Showerhead with Showerarm". And a little birdie told me that the flow restrictor can come out. My birdie heard this first hand at the Hansgrohe plant in GA. I can ask her if she knows where this is, but if someone here knows that would be helpful. This shower head will allow both the waterfall and the rainshower to be on at the same time both 2.5gal. But, if we could get even more flow, that would be wonderful. My DH works hard on the farm and he loves his shower. His only indulgence. Otherwise he is very conservative in all he does, waste not, want not.

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We took the o ring out but not the white piece, which is probably the actual restrictor. flow increased dramatically. Too much actually - one 15 min shower took all the hot water from our 40 gallon tank! So I may put it back in.

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Enduring, please post us a review of that E 420 once it's in! I've looked longingly at that one, but it's not easy to try out since it attaches to a Hansgrohe rough-in box of the same type used for their shower controls rather than a standard shower arm.

As for the Clubmaster flow restrictor, if you have shower controls that don't require the water being full-on to get warm water out of it, just don't turn your water on fully. If you don't, you can buy a small volume-control adjuster that fits between the showerhead and the washarm, adding only 2" or so. I find the standard spray works fine without much water, whereas the aerated champagne spray feels best with as much water as possible. (the "massage" setting is awful no matter how much water it gets; it *hurts* with the the flow restrictor removed).

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Lee676, I will definitely post a review of the E420. It takes the iBox rough. I guess one side carries the already mixed H2O for one function, and the other side carries the H2O for the other function ? Its been too long since I had this figured out and I've forgotten. But the plumber has the rough-ins installed. I just have to get the walls finished.

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