IE Virus Or Popup Problem?

candlerAugust 19, 2012

This request is for my neighbor. Cable/Vista/IE unsure. A week or so ago he began getting a popup screen within seconds of everytime he moves to a web site or clicks on a desktop icon. He can "x" it off the screen but just as soon as he tries to go to the Net or on a desktop application it comes back.

The popup dims his background screen and disguises itself as being part of Internet Explorer. It is also wanting him to buy a repair program. Any antivirus or anti spyware program he tries to download stops in the process because of whatever infection his computer has. Whatever he tries is stopped by the popup.

I'm considering trying to download a free anti program on a flash drive and try to load it on his computer. I don't know if it might work and I don't know if there's a free program on the Net that might help.

He said something about having Avast on his system but I never found it. We tried downloading free AVG but it was stopped about half way through by the infection. Does anyone have suggestions as to what type of corrective program I should download? Thanks, Gene

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Your neighbor has a difficult infection to remove as you can see. I would suggest going to a Malware Removal forum and get assistance. From your description it sounds like another Anti Rogue offering to repair the computer, these programs install additional malware too that can go undetected by Anti Virus scanners. AVG MSE, AVAST, will be ineffective at dealing with this. You might try Malwarebytes on the flash drive that may get the computer going a bit, but it's most likely not going to remove. it all. They need expert help and thorough scans run. Here is a link for Malware Removal forum. If banking is done on the pc pleas consider changing passcodes on a clean computer as a precaution.


Here is a link that might be useful: landzdown

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I second Joe's suggestion. Maybe try Malwarebytes (fully updated) on a flash drive, but don't stop there. This is a serious issue and expert help is needed. Take his computer to Lanzdown.

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Good Monday morning. My neighbor had turned his computer off and on several times while trying to get rid of whatever was causing his problem. It didn't help. After I posted my note he turned his computer off and went out for a few hours. He called when he got back saying he turned his computer back on and it was running without the problem. This morning I called him and he said it is still running without the problem. Somehow that doesn't really surprise me because a week or so ago the problem went away only to return a few days later. I did download Malwarebytes to a flash drive but he doesn't seem to need it at least for the time being. He's been trying to download Free AVG and it is rejecting his attempts. I mentioned Avast that I think has a free program. Are there others? I agree with you that he has an infection and likely has not seen the last of it. Many thanks. Gene

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

oh yes believe me he does need it this type of very serious rogue does not just disappear!! Please tell him not to use any passwords with it this way and definitely not to do any type of banking or financial transactions.

the fact it is not allowing him to install security programs is HELLO A HUGE RED FLAG telling him all is NOT well.
I can not stress how important it is to have this pc cleaned.
The forum at LzD is excellent they lead you step by step through the cleaning process running the proper scans.
There is nothing that you can just run and make it go away this is a multi step process.

This is the direct link to the malware removal area of LzD, register there, start a post of your own there giving all this info and the team will help. They are very patient and willing to answer all questions.

If you need help along the way just let me know I am there also.
Analysis and Malware Removal

It is likely if he took it in to someplace to have this cleaned they would instead wipe his drive and reformat the pc and he would lose everything not backed up. So he should at the very least back up what ever he treasures that is on that pc.

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Why is it so difficult for people to admit that they have a serious problem with their computers? I do believe that is the situation here, and your friend will not be trouble-free until he gets his computer clean. Please get him to follow the excellent advice given here regarding the link to Lanzdown Analysis and Malware Removal. At the very least use the USB stick you have and run a Malwarebytes scan. Hopefully that will convince him he needs help.

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Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow the directions that were given, It's a waist of time with AVG, MSE, AVAST, Norton, McAfee, Panda, Avira, Clamwin, Panda Cloud AntiVirus,Comodo or any other assorted mix out there.....

I don't even like to recommend Malwarebytes in this situation it gives users a false sense of security, that it's done it's job, because it can clear up a few symptoms and make it look like the infection is gone. You need to run front line tools given by the forums, Malwarebytes is not a front line tool it's more of a clean up tool in a lot of cases. My concerns are these Anti Rouges can install Rootkits and backdoor password stealing Trojans, there's no way to tell unless scans are done by the forums, including boot sector scan, TDL3 Rootkits, etc ect...

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