should i use a hidden door bookcase? need opinions

Texas-PatriotAugust 11, 2012

I'm building an enclosed sitting area/office off the master bedroom. Right now the plan calls for two pocket doors (see drawing). I'm considering using a bookcase with a hidden door instead.

Is it too hokey to do something like this? Downside to pocket doors is the risk of malfunction, weak acoustic attenuation, and inability to run switches and electrical in the pocket areas.


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How about just a set of doors or full open bifold doors?

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I don't think its a right or wrong answer. It is just a matter of style/ preference. I am an advocate of adding charm when you can and I think it could be charming. The only thing is it may look lonely with just 1 bookcase as opposed to a wall of bookcases with a hidden door. Also I am a fan of bookcases that go all the way to the ceiling. It looks more built in/ polished.

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If you are going to be using the door every day, the hidden bookcase door might not be the best choice. I've had a couple, and they are by nature very heavy. Depending on how they are hinged they can also mark your floor -- our current one has rubber castors to help take the load off the hinges and this has created an arc-shaped indentation in the wood floor where it swings open.

Also, if you ever want to leave the nook open to the bedroom, it will look awkward.

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I've seen it before. They are fabulous.
You can even hang them & let them slide like barn doors.

Go for it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bookcase doors

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we are doing one and are very excited. i've seen them in person and love them.

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If you make the wall thicker, you can have electrical switches and outlets on it.

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If you use the space often, I think it would be annoying to have the bookcase as the door. I am guessing it would get left open if that was the case (This comment is not from experience, though.)

I agree that it looks best as one element in a wall of bookcases. It doesn't mean it looks bad, otherwise....I'd love one in my home. I just don't have any place appropriate. :)

I always envision these used to cover something you actually want to be private.... personal documents, a safe, etc. Something a thief wouldn't know is there...... I suppose in a master bedroom this would be a good hiding spot if an intruder was in your house and you had time.... (unlikely, yes, but it happens.....)

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While we are not even at the design stage yet, we have already decided to go with the hidden door bookcase.

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Great to hear! Sliding or swinging>?

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