toilet walls?

ready2movesNovember 12, 2013

ok, hate to even bring this up since most on here seem to be male, but what is the best solution to men/boys missing the toilet and hitting the walls, or the side of the cabinet?
I have 2 bathrooms that have a cabinet on the side of the toilet, one is very bad, and we do not want to replace the two cabinets. Any fixes?
I'm at a loss on how to keep this from happening. I can't go in there every time they use a bathroom and wipe down the cabinet. I've asked/begged them to be careful, but to no avail.

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It sounds like the toilet is way too close to the cabinet.
The problem could be something else besides what you think it is. I have found that a lot of toilets spray when flushed. Try putting the lid down every time before flushing and ask that the lid stay down until the next use (That way you can tell they are putting the lid down when flushing). Clean all the areas and see if this helps. It was night and day in my bathroom.

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I only have one male here, and he is well trained. But the best advice I have seen here, hands down, is to have the males of all ages rotate through cleaning the bathroom including all suspect areas around the toilet. For very young kids they might only be capable of wiping a damp rag over everything, so you have to re clean after, but they learn the lesson. If they hate the splatter, of any origin, enough while cleaning, they will eventually give in to preventing it (via better aim or lid down, whatever is determined to be the cause).

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What Williamsem says, have them involve with the WHOLE process of maintaining a bathroom.

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Tell them to sit down. Seriously. My boys grew up sitting down and I never had a problem.

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I'm probably the one who posted here about sharing the cleaning chores because I am adamant over my bathrooms not smelling like pee and seats not having splashes. Our 11 year old is responsible to clean the main bathroom every week. The cleaning job isn't perfected yet but I don't see it as solely the wife's job to clean up after sloppiness, no matter which gender creates the mess. You'll be surprised at how quickly their aim improves when they have to clean. Also, the kid only gets to use the one bathroom unless it's urgent and the room is otherwise occupied. That shortens the suspect list. Obviously we have visitors and some of the men are "known offenders" - LOL my husband tattled so I wouldn't blame him! If this is more the problem than the live-in residents, you might want to look at changing out the cabinets when you can afford, to the lacquered type used in outdoor/wet environments so that the finish is not ruined and can be easily wiped down with cleaner.

Unfortunately if one cabinet is already bad, the smell has probably permeated the wood and it won't come out.

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"Tell them to sit down. Seriously. My boys grew up sitting down and I never had a problem."

That just ain't right.

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cabinet to close to the toilet.

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one, the room or cabinet does not smell, thank heavens, I have been cleaning up rather diligently, but still its work for me. I just don't want to do it so often, when its NOT me who does it daily.
No, none of them will sit-down... :(
I designed the house where the toilets are centered in a 3' area, so if the cabinet is still too close, well...
I agree that they should be responsible for cleaning. it never worked. so I have assigned a bathroom per say. we shall see how this goes.
and I wish they would clean up after themselves but my hubby cleans up their messes in other situations, which doesn't help me.
one person loves to read, so I bought a wall magazine rack and yep I am putting it on one side of the toilet with all those nice sports magazines as soon as they come in the mail... wonder if that will work. (oh, its ALL white :) )
Its just amazing they don't either think they do it (HUBBY) or don't clean it up right away (older sons)...younger ones, I am working on.... :) so far so good... :)
Also, who picks up the whole toilet seat to use it? not me, so then why can't they see all the stains on the underside? yuk...don't like that or the drips down the side....
just don't understand males...

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My dad has a sign on his bathroom door: Stand closer, it's not as big as you think it is.

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