How is this window placement built?

nanjAugust 25, 2012

The rear of our home will face our pond and open pastures. I want tall windows in the breakfast/morning room space that go from the baseboards to the ceiling. With standard construction techniques, a 10-12" header is placed above the window for support which means the windows can't go to the ceiling.

In this photo, the windows go practically to the ceiling in the room beside the kitchen. Wonder how this was constructed? Would there be a steel beam above the windows?

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I don't think the windows go as close to the ceiling as it appears. If the coffered ceiling detail weren't there, you'd see at least a foot from the top of the transom to the ceiling.

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Alex House

That's a dropped ceiling your looking at, so the header is above the drop.

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A header can be located in the floor space at the band joist but that might require an engineer since building codes don't show that as standard construction.

That is not done often because it is difficult to install window treatment.

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Ah! very clever design! Thanks for your responses.

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