Shower head - To rain shower or not?

bebotivoNovember 9, 2010

We're about to start a bathroom renovation and we are trying to select a shower head. The shower head we select will be the ONLY shower head in the shower.

DH is interested in a rain shower head. I am interested as well but I'm concerned that the pressure will not be enough to rinse shampoo out of my hair.

I've heard that Grohe and Hansgrohe make some smaller "hybrid" rainshower-like heads that also have other sprays. We are looking at two possible heads. The first is the Grohe Rainshower 27 135, which is a 6 inch head with 4 spray patterns (rain, jet, pure, champagne). The second is a Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 AIR which also has a 6 inch head with 3 air-infused sprays (Rain, Balance, Whirl).

Does anyone have any experience with either of these heads? I'm wondering if the additional settings are just hype or if they are truly useful? If neither of these heads will be powerful enough, our back-up plan is to go with a traditional shower head, the Grohe Tempesta, which is 3 1/2 inches wide but has good reviews for its power.

Thanks for any advise!!!

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We recently installed the Hansgrohe. In our shower, it's one of two showerheads; the Raindance 150 is on an adjustable bar, and the other is a ceiling mounted Hansgrohe (Axor) 10" rainshower. Having never had a rainshower before, I wasn't sure if I would really like it, but I love it. But I agree that a true rainshower head isn't probably strong enough for all purposes, so having a head with multiple sprays is a good idea. I tend to shower with the overhead rainshower and then turn on the Raindance 150, set to "whirl", when I shampoo. My wife, who has much thicker hair than I, generally uses just the Raindance 150. We're both happy with the showerhead and would recommend it.

-- Eric

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Ditto what jacabse said. I installed the Hansgrohe raindance shower pipe with the 3 way hand held shower spray and LOVE IT!
The raindance is pretty powerful. ANd it's beautiful too!

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Thank you Jacobse and Yvette123!!

Do you think I'll have the functionality I need if it's my only shower head?

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We have the S-150 wall mount. When it was first installed and I started using it, I didn't love it. We'd been using our guest bathroom while both the hall bath and MB were being reno'd. The shower is 3 X 4, and it has a wall- mounted Jaclo Frescia (I or II) can shaped shower head. The spray is VERY strong. The Hansgrohe (and I'd bet a lot of other shower heads) provides a much, much gentler spray by comparison.

Initially we were going to try out a different shower head, a Jaclo (I don't love the look of the Frescia, so this was a different model), but by the time it came in for us to try, I got used to the Hansgrohe. I actually like the feel of the spray and decided not to even try out the other shower head because I didn't want to get rid of the S 150. If I want/need a bit more oomph, I'll use the balance setting to rinse my hair or the whirl on my back or neck (I normally hate shower massage settings, but I like this one).

If you're looking for a very powerful spray, the S 150 isn't for you, but for a rainshower type head, it does have a more forceful spray than most.

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Bebotivo, yes, I think you could be happy with the S 150 as your only shower head. In the rain setting, it gives you most of the effect of our larger 10" rain showerhead. In the whirl setting, it's much stronger, but as cat_mom says, it's not one of those sprays which can almost feel like it's hurting you. But optimal shower spray strength/pressure is such a subjective thing, one person's perfect could be too weak or too strong for someone else.

I'm not sure where you live, but if you can get to a bath showroom that carries Hansgrohe, you might be able to see one working and better judge for yourself. We found two bath showrooms when we were doing our research which had shower areas with a dozen or more shower heads hooked up, and that helped ease our decision.

-- Eric

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Thank you Cat_Mom! It's great to get some additional details about the Hansgrohe. Jacobse, thanks again. I'll call a few local showrooms.

For comparison, I was wondering if anyone out there has ever used the Grohe Rainshower 27 135? It seems to be a popular model.

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I have the Grohe 27 135 as the only shower head in one of my two newly renovated bathrooms. The jury is still out on this one. I like the rainshower setting for most purposes, and I think (but am not sure) that the other settings will satisfy my own occasional wish for a more forceful spray, though I might possibly replace it with the Tempesta, which we have in the other newly renovated bathroom and like a lot. My son (in his twenties) complains that the rainshower isn't strong enough for everyday use, and the other settings aren't broad enough. It obviously depends on what you like.

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Woody_2010, thank you for your reply. It's great to hear from a Grohe owner especially since you've tried the 27 135 Rainshower and the Tempesta. Now I'm thinking we may be safer with the Tempesta. I like the idea of a rain shower head but I'm worried it won't be enough pressure to rinse shampoo out of my hair. Thanks again!

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Jacobse, do you have the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead attached to your Jaclo Grab/Slider Bar?

Is it possible to actually grab the grab bar, or is the hose from the showerhead in the way?

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bebotivo, Which is more important to you, style or function?

We demolished and rebuilt our large shower in 2002, and the plumbing fixtures we put in were Hansgrohe (that was before Hansgrohe was bought out and became a Masco company.) We had a rainshower-style shower head. We have low-ish (not REALLY low, but fairly low) water pressure, and after seven years we decided last year that we wanted more vigorous showering.

In searching for a replacement showerhead, we conducted very extensive and intensive research into our options, including purchasing, installing, and (up to the last) returning several showerheads from several different makers.

The bottom line: you owe it to yourself to include the Moen Velocity 6320 in your plans. Accept no substitutes. You will see a lot of positive user reviews of the Moen Velocity on and elsewhere; the positive reviews are true, based on our own experience.

Returning to the style or function issue, the Moen Velocity is a rainshower-type head, but it is pretty heavy. Your articulating connecting arm had better be able to keep the head perky. We had to use a chrome-plated arm from Danze that does not match the brushed nickel/stainless steel plumbing fixtures that we have elsewhere in our bath.

The performance of the Moen Velocity is very much worth the loss of style points from the mismatched finish in the arm. And (a bonus) Moen customer service really is customer SERVICE in these days that "service" seems to be more of a word than a concept. Encourage them.

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caiquemom, the Jaclo grab bar/slider I've mentioned in previous posts is in the other bathroom, our gust bath, we re-did this summer. We put a matching Jaclo showerhead in that shower/tub. That room was done with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and with the significant variations in color of that type of finish, we wanted to match the showerhead and the bar.

In our master bath, we have the Hansgrohe Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 showerhead on a Hansgrohe slider: the Unica S wallbar

Since there's no climbing in our out, or sitting/standing, we didn't feel we needed a heavier-duty grab bar for the shower. (I think if I was slipping and grabbed it for support, it would be adequate, but it's definitely not a heavyweight bar intended for someone to pull themselves up like the Jaclo.)

-- Eric

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Eric, thanks for the info!

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