Are there babies that need hugs?

nancedarSeptember 30, 2012

My children and grandchildren are grown. No hope of great grand babies and great grand nieces and nephews live 3 thousand miles away. Where can a nice old lady find babies to hug?


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Nancy, you can give my grandbabies a hug!

Here's Eric at his highschool graduation...

Here's Alice getting ready for recital, she's 11 (almost 12) and plays violin and piano...

Here's Alice with her two younger brothers Ethan and Sam (8 and 6) when they came for a visit...

Here's Sophia enjoying the Texas bluebells this spring, she turned 2 last week...

And here's Colton who REALLY needed as many hugs as he could get in Emergency. The wonderful nurse gave him a cup of ice chips. It took 6 stitches to sew up that lip and a couple weeks for everything else to heal. It's hard to be almost 2 and take a bad spill from your police car!

Here he is again though back on duty in his squad car!

We have another grandson due in January but his pictures are a bit fuzzy! :)


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At the hospital! Sign up to be a volunteer on the units where kids have to stay for weeks or months. The nurses say that the babies' vitals are better when they're being held. A lot of them have no one around- sometimes they are being detoxed from heroin or alcohol and will eventually be sent to foster families, or the parents are working two shifts to pay the hospital bills, or just don't care. If you have a major hospital near you, some of the families will be far from home, exhausted and terrified, and would give their left arm for a surrogate grandma.

If you're religious, you could also put up a flier in the daycare room at church- grandma with grown grandbabies seeks little ones to cuddle while mom and dad shower, sleep, or go out for dinner. Or in the community flier, if you have one. If you're in an urban area, you could also try, and look for groups of young parents. You could even start one. I bet there are young parents far from family who would kill for your services! I'd also be curious whether there are any military groups you could get involved with. I've heard that moving around a lot and being stuck at home with young kids can be really overwhelming and lonely.

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Umm...? I don't have any "grandbabies" to hug....but there are a lot of grand teens....I might share....but maybe not...;-Q

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Nancy, did those babies ever get their hugs?

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Hey, I used to be a baby and I sure need a hug today.

There may be a daycare near you that would appreciate your volunteer time, and you'd be repaid with plenty of hugs.

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