solitaire question

LybanAugust 28, 2013

On my new computer I have microsoft office 2010 and they do not have the solitaire game my husband liked from my old computer.
Is there any way I can get it on here.
Old computer was win XP. I believe I had the game since 1997 or 98

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If you still have your old comp or access to one like it you can do the following procedure. I copied this off some site after Googling the question and it worked for me.

I found downloading solitaire from the internet led to bad infections as well as not being equivalent to the XP game(s). This way is safe and you get exactly what you previously had.


For users with Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, or Enterprise, you can installXP Mode and use the games.
While most users are enjoying the Windows 7 experience and all the new features and abilities it has there are some that prefer the look of the games from Windows XP.While the functionality and game play has not changed the look has.For those of you that prefer the style of the XP versions of the Windows games on your Windows 7 PC, here are instructions to help you getting the XP versions up and running.

**You need to have a valid copy of Windows XP**

In Windows XP, use Windows explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32.**Note that the Windows folder and System 32 folder will hide the contents of the folder by default.This is because there are system files in these locations and you should take care when navigating in these folders.** Copy the following files to a USB memory stick, or CD (whatever means you have to move files):
Then on your Windows 7 PC, create a folder (do not put it in the Windows\system32 folder) and paste those files into the folder.Now you can either open the folder and launch games from there, or create shortcuts to the games and place them on your desktop.
For the Pinball game, it has its own folder located at C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Pinball.You can copy the entire Pinball folder and then move it to your Windows 7 PC.**Do not put it in the C:\Program Files\Windows NT folder.**You should put it in the same folder with the card games (if you moved some of those).

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Thank you but I do not have access to my old computer but I do have the hard drive
. Would the info above be on my hard drive.
If yes, then I can go to a computer store and have them put this on a flash drive for me.

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I spect so.

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