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lyviaNovember 4, 2012


I'm thinking about moving a toilet, and considering the drain, and whether there will be enough room to slope the drain line properly. It might help to go wall-mount, but I am leery of it falling off the wall. (Although the wall isn't built yet, so adding studs might help.) But my question is whether anyone knows of a toilet that sits on the floor, for full support of the weight, yet the rough in drain flange thing is in the back wall, so it would be a little higher?

The other option is a short toilet up on a little ledge so the angle can start earlier.

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As a retired plumber I can tell you first hand it is not as simple as you might like it to be...

The required pitch (slope) on the drain line is only 1/4" per foot so generally having the clearances to establish the pitch is not a problem, however, If your under the Uniform Plumbing Code the drain line may not be over 8ft from the closet flange to the vent opening, soit depends on how far it is from the vent now before you can determine if you can move it.

Installing a wall mount is an option but in order to do so, you need an 8" wet wall behind the WC instead of the typical 4" stud wall.

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Moving a toilet is big time complicated. You need a competent on site plumber's opinion of all of your options. And those options will all depend on where the drain is in relationship to the support mechanisms for your home, i.e. which way the joists run and their depth. Cutting on joists is extremely ill advised, so the first thing that needs to be done here is determine how they run. If the bath is to be remodeled from the studs out, then take off a corner of flooring and subflooring and take a look at what's there. Or open up the ceiling below. Or, if this is on slab, you need to learn if it's post tensioned to see if this is even a possibility at all.

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Thanks for the input - it all helps. An eight inch wet wall would push the toilet into preventing the door from opening, so that's an issue. It would be moving closer to the drain vent that comes out the roof.

It's a second floor, and the joists run the right way (if you draw a line from the old position three feet down the wall to the new position, it would not cross joists.) The floor below is 18 inches thick, like a plenum, but there is no telling exactly what space under there is taken and what is free.

So either there's room underneath for the drain, or it might be a problem. I'm basically making the 5x7 room slightly larger, and switching the toilet with the sink. I prefer the toilet in the corner, so that the view from the soaking tub is more about the sink.

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