Advice on choosing fancy 48" gas range

stonehouse1178September 2, 2012

I am remodeling (gutting) an old house and it's time to start considering kitchen design. I am by no means someone who cooks often, but I do admire a pretty kitchen. Thus my question, what is a fancy 48" range/ stove to look into purchasing? What do I mean by fancy? I'm talking about something that looks nice/ pro-line, is dependable, doesn't require a degree in engineering to operate, and is a good bang for the buck. Honestly, to use the car analogy that I've seen in other forum posts, I want a Honda with a Ferrari body kit :) We are running new gas lines so we are planning on going the gas route (even though I have never used gas in my life). Thanks for any input!

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Do you actually have room for a 48"? Most older kitchens aren't large enough to support such a beast with proper clearances. You need to consider the layout first before deciding on appliance sizes. Once you have that basically figured out, then choose appliances.

What do you consider "expensive"? A 50K range? A 25K one? A 10K one? A 5K one? You can find a 48" at all of those price points. And a range is only part of the budget. If you want a 48" range, then you need to consider more upscale appliances for the rest of the room as well. That national average 40K remodel is now 80K. Does the home support such expense on the kitchen? A guideline would be 15-20% of the home's value spent on doing a kitchen remodel. Is that in line with what you are planning?

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Hi GreenDesigns. Yes, there is more than enough room. The planned design actually calls for a range (and hood) 36-48" wide to anchor one wall in the kitchen. It will be balanced by built-ins and other appliances in the rest of the kitchen. Considering my culinary needs (and meager skills), a 25-50K range would be excessive. I have been looking at Viking and Wolf but have seen in several discussions options such as American Range, BlueStar, Bertazzoni, and Smeg. I am trying to become a bit more educated before I make such a large decision. Definitely 10K or under. And I always love a bargain.

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Here's a concept I really like. (Link below)

And here is a thought:

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Twin Range concept

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If you want a "pro" style that really performs, I would look at Capital Culinarian or Bluestar. I own and love the Bluestar, mainly because it's all porcelain coated cast iron on top, and I love the open star burners. But the Capital has a window in each oven door(48") and their owners love them- the Culinarian also has open burners. Also confusing because there are two versions of the Culinarian, one with self clean, the other without. The self-clean model has a couple upgrades-better oven racks and a rotisserie in the oven

American might also be a good choice if you have a nearby dealer. They have a beautiful Heritage model (sealed burners) with lot's of knobs, knob lights and dual convection fans with dual lights inside the ovens. Also nice oven racks with more positions than most. They also have a simpler open burner model "Performer" as well as a simpler sealed burner model. I think the "Heritage" looks the coolest, and is available in 48" and besides, all the other brands that I haven't mentioned (like DCS,Wolf, Themador) are all sealed burners anyhow.

Then there are the French ranges that look nice and perform fine. I think the favorite on this forum in the modest(!) price point are the Lacanche stoves. But they have unusual sizes, so go to their website.

Finally, I like the twin range idea though I think it would come out longer than 48". Bluestar makes 24" ranges with all the features, but no induction.

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Thanks so much for the info! I had not heard of Lacanche but they are gorgeous! I was thinking of going SS but the French stove has me rethinking things. Love the black with brass :-D

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Why are they running all those empty burners? Just to show that they work?

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From the size of those ovens, It kooks like folks that have them have had to give up their "Tastes for Turkeys" and acquire tastes for "Cornish Game Hens" and then probably only small hens.

Those small windows in the ovens are virtually useless too, especially for the low mounted position of the ovens. I will admit it is a gorgeous range, but if there was ever a "Perfect Example" of "Form over Function", this Has To Be It!!!


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Ha! Maybe the small ovens will help control portion size in our diets. Lord knows we love to eat in the South! And they have to run all the burners to help save on heating costs ( filling up a kitchen with gorgeous appliances tends to make you house poor).

Eve, I love the pic! Thanks!

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Original owners manual for my stove. (Sorry, I can't seem to upright the photo)

This is what I currently have in the kitchen.

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Here ya go stonehouse.


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I love it "the Range that Forced the Change". There are some people that might want to buy that range.

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Stonehouse - if you at looking for a hood that is 36in to 48" to anchor a wall.. I would ask you to consider this piece of GW wisdom.. The hood ideally is larger by about 6 inches on both sides as compared to the stove. This is because effluence/ smoke rises and spreads. So this means that a 48" hood works best for a 36 in stove. If you like metal hoods, also check out modernaire hoods.. They are very customizable and their quality is considered to be good by many in this forum... Expensive though.

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Stonehouse - do you cook in heels and a dress too? That's a rad range.

Ditto Lalitha on the hood, except you'll need a 54" above a 48" range ideally.

If I were you I'd look at Berta...they definitely look pretty and come in colors. I think they are quirky but that may not matter to you coming from what you have!

My brother has a 24" Smeg and it is very modern/euro looking which doesn't seem to be what you're going for if you like Lacanche or La Cornue. He does a ton of cooking and hasn't been particularly impressed.

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Gary, thanks for fixing my pic!

Cottonpenny- Why, yes! I wear a similar dress and heels whenever I cook, vacuum, or iron the linens. I further class it up with a stylish hair coiffure and pearls ;)

Thanks everyone for the input!

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