refrigerator shopping - french door, bottom freezer

jgy2001September 21, 2012

Shopping for Whirlpool french door style refrigerator, around 22 to 25 cu ft, bottom freezer, no in-door water/ice dispenser. Bisque color. We are in San Jose, California.

Please recommend positive experiences and models?

Is french door middle door jam design weakness, may causes leaks after many years of usage?

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We looked at the Whirlpool but bought a Maytag. Check the back of the shelves. The salesman told us people complained that things fell off the back of the shelves in the Whirlpool. The ones we looked at had quite a gap back there and I can see where that would be a major problem. FYI, we bought at HH Gregg. I had done some price comparisons online. When we went there the salesman went online and showed us the prices at several stores and then offered us a price lower than the lowest we found.

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Thank you.
What do you mean by gap in the back of shelves?
We did not find many Magtag in San Jose areas.

We have difficulties find models WITHOUT water/ice dispensers, all comes with ice makers, not many in Bisque color (all are white/black/stainless steel). We prefer ice maker removable, so that we can remove and leave it in garage because we do not use any ice (no drinking).

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I will not buy anymore whirlpool products. 2011 I bought a whirlpool dishwasher and a whirlpool fridge. Had to exchange the dishwasher because the first delivery wouldn't start correctly. I'm not happy with the second either but will stick with it. The fridge I bought last fall and the compressor just went on it. warranty for one year ran out Sept.2 and the compressor went September 21. I bought all my appliances from Lowes. Now I am hearing that Manufacturers supply Lowes and Home Depot with below standard appliances and tools, thus the lower prices. I don't know if that's true, but I certainly am not having very good luck.

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Have you read the written warranty on the Whirlpool Fridge, carefully, neversink4?

Most of the sealed systems, (that would be the compressor, evaporator and condenser) are usually under a longer warranty than one year.

If you give me the model number I will be happy to research it for you---Like You, that would really tick me off!!!!

You CAN NOT!!!! rely on what either the manufacturer tells you, an appliance repair shop or often times even the store where you bought it.

Thanks for the "Heads Up" on the problem, such an appliance is certainly not a "Bargain" if the sealed system is only warranted for one year and then fails shortly after a year!


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regarding substandard models in big box stores
We did remodeling in house we own but rent several years ago before we started renting it...
wanted to change out toilets for low-flow...went to plumbing supply house to get special part for tub faucet assembly and was talking to guy at the front desk...he said that the big box stores do get models that are off round or have slight cosmetic flaws because so many there are sold to consumers vs professional installers--like plumbers--and they don't know the difference...
but that is one reason why they have trouble doing the installs...
He said that professional installers would not buy a product line that so often would have flaws--like bolt holes not lining up, toilet tanks out of alignment or slightly off color from the base--
So I ordered my toilets from him -- about 15$ more a toilet but my contractor had no problems installing them...and we had already bought and returned one of same brand/style from Home Depot...
my contractor (and he is good but not big time operator so he can't afford to buy in quantity) said he had bought a new toilet for his own house a week or so before from Lowe's and had to return it twice to get toilet tank to fit right...
I don't know about appliances but who would be a better source?
Architect? Builder? I would think buying appliances through new home builder like Toll Brothers you might get a lesser version of range or microwave sold locally...

...I bought new downdraft electric smooth cooktop through Ferguson's which is wholesale supplier of building materials in DFW area and nationwide I think--for that same house--
had to replace unit that had broken top and switch/burner not Kitchenaide vs JennAire it replaced--model about $200 cheaper than any I saw online--free delivery but had to pay for separate installation...

Bought freestanding electric range for son who bought a house recently and had the come-with range start falling apart...Got it at Lowe's and got decent price with free delivery and take of model are generally positive so hope his will last...

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Reading July 2011 Consumer Report ratings, for 25 cu ft, french door, bottom freezer, Whirlpool has the top rating as best buy. In all styles, others are Korean brand LG and Samsung. Then, Kenmore (I assume same Whirlpool made). Frigidaire round up the bottom of list. No Magtag or KitchenAid or Jen-Air, Electrolux listed anywhere.
You folks out there please comment on quality experiences. Thank you.

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The only bisque they make in french door is a ice and water in the door model. MFI2269VEM. 22 cubic foot.
The vertical mullion is not an issue. If you would have problems eventually, it is an easy fix.
I can send you more information on other models that are not bisque. If you are interested, email me and I'll get you the info.

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I also notice style change by all brands in synchronized steps. 10 years ago, all side-by-side comes with in-door water /ice dispenser, which toke up 1/3 freezer space. Most color were Bisque. Now all brands are in french-door bottom freezer in stainless steel. What choice?

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Whirlpool makes WP, WP gold, Maytag, Amana and Kitchenaid FD fridges. All are made on the same assembly line in Amana, Iowa.

AFAIK, Whirlpool's Maytag brand is the only line of FD fridges that can still be had in bisque. Up through last summer, Sears had a couple of Kenmore FD fridges that could be had in bisque but I believe those were made for Sears by LG, not Whirlpool. Sears has now dropped that color option. It is a differnt story for conventional top-freezer models and side-by-sides.

Maytag still turns up with a high problem rate in CR membership surveys but that is because those surveys go back six years when a lot of the bad old Maytages were still being sold. It is only in the last couple of years that Maytags have been converted over to the Whirlpool quality control and they are goind to be just as reliable as the other Whirlpool-made FD fridges. (They all come off the same assembly line in Iowa.)

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Love my Kitchen Aid french door, stainless. No ice on door. Cold water dispenser on inside of fridge. Handy scoop with drawer in freezer for ice. Quiet, works well, we have the counter depth which I love, plenty of room, love the extra wide deli tray drawer. No complaints except it was not cheap! They get you for the counter depth, seems backwards since it's smaller but it's more expensive than regular size. I wish I had gotten the pro handles instead of the architect handle design though. Just because I like the way they look better, the style I have work fine.

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I am shopping for a new fridge and will not consider a bottom freezer. Everything gets buried in them and you have to bend over a large drawer which pulls out into the kitchen. I don't understand the attraction of these models.

I am looking at side-by-sides only.


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Jane - each fridge style has its pros and cons. We have a side-by-side now, and are shopping to replace it with a french door fridge. I really dislike the narrowness of the sxs. At holidays it's impossible to store things in the sxs like platters, or even the turkey. Pizza? No. The ribs for marinating? No. Lasagna pan? Just barely. Cookie sheet with cookies to freeze for later? No.

If we had the space, and also were able to afford it, perhaps we would buy a sxs in a 48" size, which would solve the narrowness issue. But we don't.

As to the bending aspect for a bottom-freezer style, we have to bend anyway with the sxs to get to the lower shelves of both the fridge and the freezer. Some of the french-door fridges have freezers with 3 roll-out drawers, so you don't have to dig as much. Also, we use the fridge more than the freezer, so prefer the french door's upper access to the fridge. For me, the biggest negative about the french door is that you have to open both doors, especially to open the wide deli drawer in the fridge. But like I said, every style has its pros and cons, so each person decides what they can compromise on or not.

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The latest Consumer Reports has reviews of fridges.

I would not get ice through the door again. I also would not get another side by side. Too narrow.

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Dedtired, the latest CR (Oct.) only reviews compact fridges - the kind for a dorm room and the like. CR did a kitchens issue which included appliance reviews in the Jul-12 issue (in case anyone is looking for the correct issue).

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Gary, thanks for the offer. I did file a claim with the BBM and am waiting for a reply. It went to the corporate ofice in Michigan. I didn't go into it too much in my first message, but I bought the fridge for my cabin. I bought it on Sept.2, 2011 but had it delivered into my possession on September 23, 2011. I notified Whirlpool of the compressor on September 20, 2012. Whirlpool states the warranty ran out 1 year after purchase. My stand is that the warranty should be activated when I take possession not when it's still sitting in a warehouse.

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Thanks, Always. My mistake.

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I did do some googling for whirlpool fridge warranties.
Here's what I found:


In the second through fifth years from the date of purchase, when this refrigerator is operated and maintained according to instructions
attached to or furnished with the product, Whirlpool Corporation will pay for FSP� replacement parts and repair labor costs to correct
defects in materials or workmanship in the sealed refrigeration system. These parts are: compressor, evaporator, condenser, dryer, and
connecting tubing. Service must be provided by a Whirlpool designated service company.

In every operators manual that I have for my appliances, the "Factory Warranty" is included in the "OP Manual".
I would take the time to check yours, neversink4.

You may have Whirlpool "By the ****'s" in more than one way, as far as your defective fridge goes.

I am also linking the URL for the Whirlpool Website where I found this info, (See below).

Lest this become a "Whirlpool bash", one can find posts where folks paid for defective evaporators for a very well known and expensive brand of fridge in well under 12 years---Don't take my word for it---goggle it!!!. The point is, "sorrily" that you much be the one to take a "Proactive approach" as to what is or isn't covered under your warranty, Sorry about That!!

Good luck with BBB action and I hopes this post give you more "Ammo"!


Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool Refrigerator Warranty

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Thanks for the additional information. I meant BBB not BBM but you probably figured that out. I will post what happens but won't know anything until after October 12th and even then who knows. I have never done anything like this before and am not expecting too much but at least it's one more burr under their saddle..I hope. I think I will be looking at a top freezer GE. It's for a cabin and we really didn't use the bottom freezer to it's full capacity. I am not spending that much money again for another refrigerator for a cabin. I do think I will get an extended warranty on it although it goes against my principles of buying something for a lot of money with the built-in expectation that it's going to break!

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I chose a Whirlpool unit at random from Lowe's web site, perused the linked User Guide which states the warranty terms, and it's only one year. No provision for an additional 4 years as stated in the warranty version you linked above. Found the same model on Whirlpool's site, and the linked warranty document outlines the same terms -- one year.

Here is a link that might be useful: ED2FHEXVS Warranty Terms

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Nice work dadoes. That's why I was hoping to find the model number of the fridge that neversink4 has, but after doing what you did, (Pick a Whirlpool Fridge at random) and then get the warranty PDF, it looks like "virtually all" the Whirlpools only have that one year warranty now! (It would be nice if warranty info had dates on it---obviously my info was "Dated Info"---sorry about that!!!

Now that really sucks! We can see how much faith Whirlpool has in their "Sealed Systems".

ANYBODY buying a new Fridge, Regardless of brand, should do as dadoes did, "Download the Warranty info and study it carefully", otherwise you "May get" a "Nasty Surprise" after about one year.

Myself, I would not touch such a fridge with a ten foot pole as I wanted a "Built in and Paneled one" that would be a real bummer to have it fail in just after a Year!!!


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Whirlpool "standardized" sometime in the last year or so on a 1-year warranty across-the-board. Refrigerators produced prior to the change would have the 5-year deal, not after the changeover date.

Maytag is 1-5-10 except one specific model which is 1 year. KitchenAid is 1-5-10 with a lifetime-limited provision on door bins and can racks.

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Regarding whirlpool making maytag products, maytag products are still mostely made in the old maytag factories. All the maytag (and jenair, etc) factories are still going. WP did not close the non-WP factories. I guess its possible that just this one fridg line was moved into WP factory, but I suspect not.

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