Have you gone with a 24" vanity and not regretted it?

lhartnettNovember 19, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have a small bath that could squeeze in a 30" vanity with JUST the minimum clearance of 15" to center of the toilet. Right next to the toilet is the tub. We're remodeling now and I'm completely torn between getting a 24" and giving up counter space or a 30" and having the same tight configuration but more counter space.

Will the 24" make the bathroom look larger because of the open space? I do plan to get a vanity with legs which I hope will do the same.

Anyone been in this situation and what did you do? Any pictures? Any regrets? Thanks for your help

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Hey gemini16 (DH and I are both Gemini's--talk about trying to get decisions made in our household!!! LOL).

We installed 24" wide vanities in our two upstairs bathrooms; hall bath and MB, because that was the only size that worked (small bathrooms). We barely eked out the minimum clearances for toilet, tub, vanity.... No real regrets on vanity size. Wish the bathrooms themselves were more spacious (MB could use a few more inches between the toilet and tub), but we worked with what we had, and made the proverbial "lemonade" IMO. :-)

We don't leave stuff out on the counters, except for a soap dish--plenty enough space for that. Because we have shallow sinks, there are often water droplets/splashes onto the counters to be wiped up after face, and sometimes hand washing, but we'd have that no matter what the vanity/sinktop dimensions.

We really maximized storage by choosing the vanity configuration that we did. Our vanities (the two 24" wide vanities, plus the 31.5" version in our downstairs guest bathroom) were built by a local cabinet maker, and modeled after the Sonia Europa vanity (ours are 36" tall with the sinktop, rather than the 31" tall original, which allowed us to customize the drawer and open space heights). Ours are on legs, and that does contribute to a less "crowded" look (Just an FYI; don't forget you will have to kneel down to wipe underneath the vanity--tough to get under there with a sponge mop because of the tight space in a small bathroom).

We can store a lot in the vanities, as well as in the recessed Robern medicine cabinets we installed. We put a 3.5" (4"?) deep medicine cabinet in the hall bathroom, and a 6" deep model in the MB. We don't need to keep stuff out because we have plenty of storage at hand.

If you click through my bathroom album on PB, you will find "after" pics of all three bathrooms, showing the vanities, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: cat_mom's PB Bathroom Album

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We have a small hallway bathroom that's approximately 5x10. We recently remodeled it and installed a vanity that was taller and wider than the previous.

It's 54" wide and 24"deep. There is 15" to the center of the toilet which sits next to the bathtub so it would be the same as what your are planning except for the length of the bathroom being greater.

We love it. When they first installed the vanity we were somewhat surprised at how much larger it was than the other vanity and it was an adjustment for us. But once the entire bathroom was completed we were so happy with the finished product that we didn't even think about the size of the vanity. I can't imagine going back to a smaller one now.

But if you already had a 30" inch before and know what that feels like then I would ask this question...In your old bathroom did you ever find yourself wishing you had more space around the toilet? If the thought didn't cross your mind then I bet you would be fine without it.

And on the same line did you ever wish your vanity was bigger before? If so then I definitely would not go smaller.

Our bathroom is not roomy when it comes to floor space but it is plenty big for me and my husband (I am 5'2" and he is 5'9")

I've attached some pics so you can kind of see the space around the potty has room for magazine basket and tp holder.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

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another pic...

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Sorry for the multiple posts...can't figure out how to post several pics at once.

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Cat_Mom: DH and I are both Gemini's too and you're right - decision making is a challenge with at least 4 personalities to please! You're baths are lovely and the 24" vanities don't look too small to me. Very helpful to see them.

Genab55: you asked a couple great questions - do I ever wish I had more room near the toilet. Yes! i feel closed in. Have I ever wished from more vanity space - No, bathroom isn't used for primping. You really helped me clarify my needs. Love your bathroom as well and I'm going to copy that shelf over the toilet. :) Thanks!

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Hooray for the indecisive Gemini club!

At least you guys and DH would agree on beer if recall!

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Oops, I think a2gemini is the beer lover! Disregard the 2nd sentence in my post above (unless you like malty, Belgian style beers! :) then you can join DH and a2gemini and DH! I'll stick with wine!)

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I'll join you in the wine! Now I need someone to talk me down from the very expensive Pottery Barn vanity I'm in love with. I feel like there must a similar alternative for less!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Sienna Single Sink vanity

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I should think you could easily find a nightstand on craigslist that you could convert. It's not a big job at all.

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We had 24" vanities in our first house, and they were too small. We had wonderful deep sinks, which I miss here in the house of lovely-but-shallow-sinks-that-splash, but NO counterspace whatsoever AND no drawer space in which to store anything. We kept the soap out, and I had a little basket that stood in the corner to hold a hairbrush. Toothbrushes were in a wall-mounted holder. BUT I couldn't even sit my curling iron flat on the countertop.

I am not in the camp of "bigger is better" when it comes to bathroom vanities (our master bath vanity will be 4.5 foot), and I've never grasped the point in double sinks -- but I wouldn't choose to go back to those 24" vanities again.

Also, neither the 24" or the 30" will make the bathroom appear more spacious than it actually is. A large mirror will do more in that regard.

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