Kohler Verticyl Oval under-mount bathroom sink

enduringNovember 4, 2013

Has anyone used this sink? I am wondering if it splashes. I also want to know what kind of faucet you used and how tall of a faucet was used.

As some my know, I was making another soapstone sink, but I've scrapped the plan because the remenents I have are too hard on the mohs scale for me to finish it to my satisfaction. And the color is all wrong with this bathroom.

I have picked out this sink, the Verticyl. Before committing to it, I thought I'd ask if anyone has used it and what their experience has been.

Thanks :)

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I used the rectangular verticyl with Grohe Eurocube centerset. I don't notice any splashing. But the sink's flat bottom causes water to pool and spot. I love the look of the angles in the sink and I chose it to conform with my "cube" design for the bath. I don't used the bath that much, so the poor draining is not that big an issue for me. But if your bath is used frequently and you are picky about spotting, I would reconsider using this sink.

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Thanks Jules8 for your feedback. I'm not too picky about spotting. This will be a bathroom used daily. I am glad to hear that there isn't splashing. I will be using a single hole Hansgrohe faucet. Thanks for the info about the slope, and as you've indicated it seems too shallow.

I have a limited space for the sink in my vanity and this one provides a lot of interior space within the confines of my cabinet. If I decide to get another sink I will have to call the cabinet maker to double check the tolerance I have. The look of this sink is really nice though and I probably will stay with it.

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hi enduring

We have two vertical ovals in our master bath. I love these sinks. The flat bottom is way cool and I love being able to stand something up in the sink occasionally. We don't have splashing and the sink is plenty deep. I was worried about drainage with the flat bottom but that has not been an issue at all. Did I say we love these sinks?

Our faucets are Harrington Brass widespread with cross handles. You can find a couple of photos of my bathrooms in a thread called pics of my new bathrooms if you google it.


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Nycbluedevil, thank you so much you've been very helpful. It is great to hear about your experiences and to see them installed. It was helpful to hear that you utilize the flat bottom, I can see that happening with us. We will just have one sink, because we're good sharers :) Really it is because I want the counter space for the 5' vanity. This room will function as a laundry room too.

Did you use the round model at your double vanity or the oval? The square single - is it a Verticyl too?

Do you find the cleaning of the flat bottom an issue with toothpaste, spit, etc?

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Hi enduring , I haven't used my sinks yet , but I love the look of the shape with the flat bottom . As far as toothpaste , I have this issue with all my sinks , so I dry and clean my sinks with a small wash cloth that I place next to all my sinks . I am including a picture of my sink and faucets , these are Newport brass ones .

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Lillo, that is lovely, so soft and clean looking. Thanks for the picture, it is really helpful.

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