Do You Like Your Deck Mounted Soap Dispensers?

enduringNovember 20, 2013

I have been wondering if the deck mounted soap dispensers are working for people. I am considering doing this in my 5' vanity with a centered, single undermount, sink. I will have a single hole faucet. My counter will be marble. I only use liquid soaps.

I really like the idea of the dedicated space and permanent installation. What I wouldn't want is if the pumps wear out every year, rusting dispensing spout from a cheap dispenser, or the unit doesn't work for some reason I am not thinking about.

Should I commit to doing this? Any drawbacks to this setup? Any extra considerations that need to be evaluated?

Recommendations for brands or general design features would be helpful too if you have liked this setup in your own bathroom.


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I love the clean look and put one in my kitchen and both my master and 1/2 bath. I used Grohe to (kind-of) match my faucets and the Never-MT dispenser. They have worked great for about 8 years.
But when I recently remodeled my other two full baths I didn't use them. I am planning on selling in about 5 years and didn't want force them on a buyer.

If it was my forever home, I would use them at every faucet. I like my countertops completely clean and empty.

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i used to have one in kitchen that i liked alot--it held a good amount of soap and was problem free for ~3-4yrs... had to get rid of it when got RO spigot-only had one extra hole in the granite...
also, with a marble vanity, it might be a good idea to have that type of dispenser to limit the number of items sitting on the marble potentially affecting it's finish...? (ie:ring marks, etc.)

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I had a Grohe one in my kitchen that eventually broke after about 4 years. It held a good amount of soap and for years hubby didn't realize I filled it from the top, when he found it empty he would unscrew the bottle from underneath the sink. :-) I really liked it and I have a hole drilled for a new one, just haven't bought one yet. For our new bath I may forgo it.

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Thanks jules, busybee, and divodiva. I have started looking at Grohe. The Hansgrohe don't look as nice in the pictures. I might give the Never MT a try too.

Now, were to put the thing? Any tips on location?

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I really like having one. As far as where to put it, I think it depends on how you use the sink. Mine is on the left. I put my left hand under the soap dispenser and operate it with my right hand.

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my kitchen one is on the left, I'm right handed. I prefer that in the kitchen because my faucet is operated from the right. In the bathroom, I would prefer on the right because that's where I always put the soap bottle. My bath faucets are two handles and the spigot. I would look at how many in your house are left/right handed and where you currently prefer to place the soap.

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Thanks, I was going to put it on the left, but I was wondering how close or far from the faucet to place it. I will have a one hole faucet. My sink will be oval. I guess I will just eye ball it. I want a longer spout so that if it leaks it will leak into the sink and not on the counter. the Hansgrohe spout is short and looks like it wouldn't fit. The Grohe pumps are at least an inch longer.

Could you guys post pictures of your pumps? I have looked on Houzz for pictures but I can not find any but one. And that one is an unusual installation at a vessel sink where the pump in just on the field of counter, next to the vessel. Kind of sitting there like a water hydrant in the yard (although looks like a soap pump :)

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My kitchen pump is on the left and I like that position the best, but my bath vanity has drawers on the left. So my bath pump is on the right. I am not home, so I can't measure, but it is probably about 4" from the faucet. It has worked well for me.

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Also, this thread has a photo of my 1/2 bath soap pump. but the discussion is regarding a placement with a wide-spread faucet.

Here is a link that might be useful: wide spread faucet and soap pump

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Thanks Jules, your picture here on this thread is very helpful I will have an oval sink so I can see that the soap dispenser could be slightly arched around the curve to the left of the faucet. Maybe 6 or so inches from centerline faucet. I looked at the other picture too. These are very helpful. Thanks so much.

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I think my kitchen one looked like this only in a brushed finish. The nozzle did reach over into the sink.

It worked several years and it's my fault it broke for good because it clogged and when I tried to clear it I broke off the tip of the tool inside.

We bought Grohe Brillant Allure faucets for the remodel and so far I only see wall-mounted dispensers to match them. So if I have a hole drilled for the dispenser now, I will use something like this plain Grohe.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Divodiva, I like that dispenser. It looks very clean and neat. I have been skeptical of those wall mounted pump bottles, because they look like they would just break off from the pressure of pumping. But I really don't know. Besides, they are so expensive.

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Enduring, I agree and think eventually they could come loose at the bracket connected to the wall or crack the grout if in a tiled wall. Mine I guess wore out and clogged - recommend you only use liquid soaps that are "smooth", i.e. no granules inside. I used bath and body works soap with those tiny little beads in it, it feels a little grainy when you use it. I think the Kitchen Lemon or whatever scent. I think that's what eventually gummed up the works inside the nozzle. Hubby just advised he doesn't want in the bathroom so I guess I'll just buy this replacement for the kitchen, I liked it and the price is much better now. I think it would match a lot of different faucet styles.

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Oh divodiva, I think I am chickening out. I might just go with a nice tray to hold a soap and lotion bottle. I have to have lotion anyway. My DH works outside on the farm and needs his lotion handy. I still have a few weeks to consider. Thank you so much for your help, and stay tuned :)

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Don't chicken out! I really love having a soap dispenser in the kitchen and would put one in the bath if I had a single faucet. I read everything in Kitchens while deciding which one to buy. KWC is a recommended brand, but IIRC, it's over $200! I was surprised that many people had problems with Grohe. I have a $60 Kohler and it's worked fine. I like that it has a 16 oz. bottle and is top-fill. I didn't see the need for a NeverMT. I've used hand and dish soaps in it. I think they don't always like the viscosity of some soaps and won't give a good pump. If it stops working, Kohler will probably send me new guts. It's only a plastic tube and a spring.

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I use Vermont Soapworks Castile liquid soaps. I never have any trouble with the Grohe and Never-MT with this soap. The soap is much thinner than other liquid soaps and took some getting used to. But now it is perfect.

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i'm not positive if the deck mounted soap dispensers work with lotion too, but i would think so....
if they do, you can put an identical one on the other side for lotion and have a nice symetrical look!! :)

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OH YOU GUYS! Now I have to think about this again. I am easily swayed as you can see. I did see some tremendously expensive dispensers as I searched. So KWC is the best? at $200? Ouch. Symmetrical, one on each, let me think about that.

Thanks so much all!

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I would think about two. One for lotion, one for soap. But, I forgot, is this your Master bath, or a guest one? Unfortunately, for a guest one, you may have the eternal problem of having to explain which is which, or letting each guest experiment each visit...

I actually bought our kitchen sink one from HD. I had gone there intending to buy one to match our Blanco Rados faucet, and the sales guy actually talked me into purchasing the no-name $14 one hanging on a rack. We've had it for 7 years (CANNOT believe our kitchen reno is 7 years old!), only clogged once, and DH took it all apart and cleaned out the gook...took me awhile to stop reefing on that poor ol' spout that was no longer plugged!

So, the point of my post is that you don't necessarily need to spend the big bucks to find a dispenser that will work well and look good. (The NN one from HD looked very much like the Blanco one that cost 10X more!)

Old pic showing soap dispenser:

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Did a quick Google of lotion in a soap dispenser and people said it works with a thin lotion. However, I noticed that my thinner hand soap doesn't pump as well as the thick dish detergent--the pump doesn't spring back as quickly. That's what I meant by viscosity affecting performance.

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Don't chicken out Enduring. If you like the look go for it, just experiment with soap to find the one that works best. No soaps with exfoliating beads! I think I saw that Grohe one for $ 60 on line? You could leave the lotion out on the counter and use just the soap dispensers to reduce costs instead of buying four.

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I've had for my dish soap, one for lotion, at my kitchen sink for years. I actually would forgo the lotion one in any future remodel. Why? Because it really limits what kind of lotion you can use...needs to be on the thin side and, unless you use it quickly and refill, it can go bad. I had one that was natural olive oil based and it got really nasty!

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