Laying Tile Advice Needed

BrianKKNovember 25, 2013

Hi all,
I've been reading posts and have used much of the advice I read here in the project thus far. Yesterday I hit an issue that I'm not sure about. I have 12X12 marble tiles and am accenting the tiles with 1 / 2 x 1 / 2 mosaic tiles. Where the two types of tile meet is a metal border.

The mosaics are slightly thinner (by 1 / 8 inch or 3 / 16 ) than the marble. What is the right way to get the mosaics flush with the 12 x 12 marble?

I was thinking a 1 / 4 durock backer behind the mosaics. ??? In the picture you can see the border I am talking about.

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I had this issue on a floor a few years ago, with some trim pieces that were thinner than the main tile. I cut a piece of Ditra (~1/8" thick) and used that to "shim" out the thinner tile. I had Ditra as the underlayment for the whole floor, so it was a double layer of Ditra.

Worked great.

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Weedy, thanks. Sounds like you did what I was thinking - except I used durock as an underlayment.

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Depends on how much offset adjustment you need. For 1/8th inch or less, just use a thicker thinset and set it by eye. I hope you pre-sealed that marble!!!!

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