Starting Bath Remodel, sink choice

brightgirl58November 5, 2013

.just starting process of a master bath remodel. Due to cost, doing in phases. Will be replacing 4"builder white tile w granite countertop. Stuck on type of sink. Finally decided on a rectangle undermount instead of round or oval. Have on order American Standard Portsmouth rattan, photo included. It will take another month before it comes in and haven't seen one on display. Anyone think it's too deep or boxy? Have another style/brand to recommend for my dual sink countertop?

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P.s. Soliciting your thoughts on shapes of bath sinks - round, oval, rectangle, brands. What type do you have and are you happy with it?

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That is a unique sink. My first thought is cleaning it will take longer than a sink without seams and corners. The other thought I had is (sorry for the graphic) but in reality, toothpaste spit will sit on the bottom rather than rinse nicely down the drain on a more traditionally shaped bathroom sink. You will spend more time and water at every brushing to get rid of that. Based on that alone, I would not purchase it.

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Thank you suska6184. Great input, hadn't thought about that

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I have a kohler's memoirs sink and my only complaint is cleaning the corners. Hate that part. Dirt and hard water deposits seem to stick there.

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Check out Lillo's and Nycbluedevil's sinks, they linked to on my thread, regarding my sink choice. My oval sink cost around, or slightly under $100 at Fergusons; I am thinking like $94 in white. I picked it up today. Ceramic.

There is a square model too. I think that Nycbluedevil has a square one on her Photobucket link, in the single vanity. Her double vanitiy has either the oval like I am referring to in my post, or the round. You can check the Kohler web site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Verticyl Oval under-mount bathroom sink

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I just bought four of these for new house. They are incredibly affordable! Hope they work out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nice undermount rectangular sinks 59 bucks each!

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If you want rectangular , check the Amercan standard studio that shows on the above link in carsonheim post . It's beautiful , I think raehelen has them installed . Check her threads .

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I really like this Kohler Ladena rectangular sink. My mom installed one in her contemporary guest bathroom, but I think it's very versatile and would look good in any decor. Believe me, if it wasn't easy to clean she'd have ripped it out in a heartbeat.

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Another vote for Kohler Ladena rectangular sink.

We wanted to have a Toto sink, but it does not fit the counter space so the GC and his fabricator suggested this one in Biscuit color. It has nice shape, plenty big and very easy to clean.

This is the faucet used with the sink in brush nickel finish

Easy clean is super important to me. Both the faucet and sink are modern, of wonderful quality and very very easy to clean. We are very happy with the choices.

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Azmom, for future reference, it would be easier to open your links if instead of pasting them into the text box, paste them below the text box where it says "Optional Link URL" and then give it a name in the box that says "Name of the Link"

Here is a link that might be useful: Ladena sink

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