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kittensAugust 30, 2012

I bought a brand new Lenovo a couple of months ago. It's running Windows 7. I was playing a scrabble game online this morning and my display got all messed up. It put a pie-shaped box on top of my screen. The computer rebooted and ran the fix to restore it to an older setting. The box was still there and then the screen started flickering.

I ran into the same problem with an old Dell 1400 but I was downloading torrents and watching videos. The display on that one is now blank, I was never able to fix it even reinstalling the software.

This new Lenovo didn't come with any discs. I'm not sure if I need to bring it in for repair or if it's something I can fix with direction. I'm afraid to keep turning it on because that's what I'd done with the Dell and eventually I got no screen.

Any ideas?

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Turn it off,, unplug the ac adapter, remove the battery.. Push and hold the power on button for 3 or 4 or 5 seconds. Put the battery back... See if that doesn't fix it.

Then try windows and if still there, might go to Device Manager and look at display/drivers and see if you can roll back the driver. Intel graphics driver was offered via Microsoft updates not long ago and in my march29th manufactured lenovo.. its buggy.

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Ohh I hope that works. How do I "roll back the driver" please?

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It has a button in Device Managers .. expand and then double click the display adapter item.. then you will see a Driver tab.. on that will be a button .. to Roll Back Driver

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Okay, I did all the first set of steps but when I turned the computer back on, I can see even less of my desktop now (almost the whole screen is covered by the graphics). It's flickering so much I can't get into the programs. I got as far a Device Managers but can't read anything else to click on it.

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Sounds like you need to start in safe mode and check your screen resolution.. if not set to correct resolution it will go wild. But I don't understand seeing a triangle.

To start in Safe Mode, tap F8 key over and over for a few seconds as soon as you press the power button.. it will take you to a black optional Start Up Menu... select Safe Mode with networking

Should give you default resolution. in safe mode... then you need to figure out your factory screen resolution... most seem to be 1366 x 768 recommended... get there by right clicking a blank spot on desktop.. the context menu shows a Screen Resolution click

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Darn, I think I'm going to have to bring it in. Every time I turn it on, the screen is worse. I can barely see the background now. And the place that you go into your programs is covered by the graphic that's on top of the desktop screen. It was initially the size of a triangle - almost like a greyish-white sheet of paper folded over on top of the screen. That's getting bigger now.
Thank you for trying to help! This is such a bummer. Now, two laptops down.

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You do have a Lenovo
It should have a OneClick Recovery button on it.
Probably near your power button a tiny recessed button with a looped back curving arrow line drawn on the button.

That will wipe the hard drive clean and Install it back to factory fresh everything. You will loose all your personal pics and files.

You can try burning something like a Kapersky rescue disk to a DVD then boot from it before using OneClick Rescue and probably with F12 at power on to boot from CD/DVD.. then use it to navigate to and save personal files to a usb drive.

Might be a hardware problem.. or possibly a scrabble site virus. Some kids cruel joke.

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I tried to do the One Click Recovery. I went into the screen but the graphics are so bad i can't read the page. It looks like there's 3 selections but I can't even get my mouse over to click on anything (can't see the pointer now). :(

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Sorry you're having such bad luck.
I would probably try hooking a regular monitor to it but it sounds like display or graphics card is bad.

For sure I would be reading the manual and support site help. Perhaps if a support phone number, they would guide you and issue a return number & address.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you get it sorted out..make the recovery disks for the laptop..should be instructions in your user new laptops come with recovery disks, the new owner has to make them..take the time to do it and if this happens again you wont have problems..I hope you had an up to date antivirus program on your might have picked up a nasty which is putting that pie shape on your machine...

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The Lenovo OneKey Recovery.
It loads its own recovery environment but it does use the laptop display... and there are several mouse clicks to be able to use it.
Lenovo has a couple of Recovery partitions & will load the operating system to the drives to a like new state. It also has restore backup and images capabilities if you set it up to do so from within windows originally.

Sounds like the display or display adapter is bad, as it wont even run the display from outside of windows correctly.

Or possibly the display drivers have been given a virus - Hooking up a separate monitor, if it a virus scan - Or use the OneKey recovery to bring it back to the like new state, both might be might be worth a try.. before returning it to some distant repair center. I surely would do it here.

The OneKey virus scan is actually McAfee that updates and scans boot sectors of all partitions and offers a quick or full everything scan... very long scans both of them.

Its nice to have made the Recovery DVD Disks and keep those stored away safely too, for when the hard drive fails or becomes not accessible.

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Personally, if its a couple of months old and if you have an up todate virus program on there and it is clean..and the problem persits, use the warranty and return it or get it fixed by HP

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