help me choose granite tub deck

golfer57November 30, 2013


im in a mist of a master bath remodel using faux carrera tiles....i need a coordinating tub deck granite or quartz..i want to stay away from real carrara for maintenance reasons. i will use the same counter for my vanity. I was thinking of using maybe a gray quartz for contrast as my floors are also faux carrera

here is a picture so far...the tile people have not grouted yet..excuse the stain glass as those will be replaced...


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can't really comment on the decking - but the bath looks great and personally I think the stained glass goes well with the tile. I would keep them! MHO though!

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I'd put a solid surface top and front on that tub without another thought. It will so outperform stone it isn't comparable.

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Golfer57, your bathroom is on the way to looking fabulous.
I am helping my daughter with her bathroom remodel choices and she wants a faux Carrara. Right now we have samples of Dal- tiles Florentine Carrara and Florida Tiles Gallant Carrara. We like the Florida tile samples the best. Would you please share the details of your tiles.
My daughter is planning on using a light gray vanity and some type of white Quartz countertop.
I think you should consider really consider using quartz.You won't have any worries about sealing it or water being absorbed into it. If you are using white cabinetry, I think a dark gray countertop would look great. I saw one the other day that was gorgeous, wish I knew the name of it. It was dark grey with some sparkle to it. It might have been one from Cambria's Metallic series. I don't remember if it had blue in it or not but it could have been Cambria Waterford. Here is what that one looks like on their website:

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hi guys..thanks for the input so far..i thought about using a quartz called sparkling white...but thought the room may be too white..other option i guess is a grayish quartz to give some contrast..i do have white cabinets..the tile is from dal tile...the only problem with the tile was that to do a brick pattern the tiler had to use a 1/8 joint grout ..i wanted to do 1/16 but the tiles are not completely square and there is no way to avoid overlap..he had no problem doing 1/16 using the matching floor tile though

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Wow, your bathroom is looking beautiful so far! Personally I would bring home a whole bunch of samples to put next to the tile. Without knowing any specific colors of quartz for you, I think white, light gray, dark gray, or black could all work really well. My initial inclination is for white or light gray because your bathroom looks so soothing (not boring) and your faux marble tile is gorgeous.

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