Give me some ideas for redoing my bathroom please!?!

ahrenoNovember 24, 2008

I have a 1930's house (old for Eugene Oregon) that I'm redoing the bathroom in. I had a fire in the living room and will be out of the house for three months so i figure it's time to redo it. I've never done a project like this before so I'm here looking for some help.

I did a rough sketch to scale (mostly) of my bathroom. The measurements probably aren't 100% accurate but are within inches and most are measured from edge of stud to edge of stud.

IF possible I would like to have a separate tiled shower and calwfoot tub as well as the obvious sink and toilette. I have no need for a huge sink and don't mind skimping there. Also creative and funky are not out of the question at all.

The clawfoot i have is a Kohler Anniversary slipper back (that i got for a steal on craigslist - $250). Size: 72" L x 37 1/2" W x 21 1/2" H. I like the idea of having the tub up on a 6" or so elevated platform if i can get it to look right but room might just be too small for that

The shower i would like to do would be about 48" inner length and about 32 or so inches wide.

Not picky with sink or toilette (but would like one that is a bit taller since i'm 6'6".

Image available at

The red in the picture is the underside of the stairs going to the second floor so is basically unusable except for storage

The blue area is the current closet for the master bedroom that I am seriously considering removing to make bathroom bigger (closet will be relocated to other wall and be larger/walk in).

I'm not super familiar with code and everything and realize it's different anywhere. Any suggestion as to where to locate things would be great. I'll be having my pipes replaced under the floor so it's a pretty blank canvas.

Thanks very much if anyone replies

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Note: the shower size is not set in stone by any means. I'm considering a corner shower if it would work as well... i listed the dimensions of the shower only for a reference to the general size of shower i'd like

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I could really use some help here... Is it even possible to try to get a separate tub and shower in here?

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First of all I'd have to say I'm totally jealous of your high ceilings and large clawfoot tub.

Unfortunately I'm seeing more of what you can't do rather than what you CAN do. It seems there are only a couple of places your tub will fit - along the 120" side wall or along the back wall. However, if the nook behind the stairs isn't wide enough for one end of the tub, you're left with just one place for the tub. You don't give the dimensions of the nook but I'm guessing it's about 3 ft x 3 ft. If you have to put the tub on the long wall it'll leave you just 48" on the long wall for a vanity or shower. You could put either a toilet or small shower in the nook next to the stairs. But I don't see enough room for a separate tub, shower, sink/vanity, and a toilet as the room doesn't appear to be wide enough (just over 5 ft) to place anything on the opposite wall.

Have you considered hanging a shower over your tub?

Here is a link that might be useful: Clawfoot tub shower enclosure

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i have considered hanging a shower but my better half doesn't want a tub that is used for showering. the nook is pretty narrow... it barely fit a toilette in there before.

Some photos:

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would it be odd to have the clawfoot tub and then still have a normal shower head in the wall for use in the tub?

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If you do I suggest putting the shower head on a long arm to ensure the water falls into the tub. Heck, you could probably put the shower head in the ceiling too.

BTW, I think your room is too small to place such a big tub on a pedestal not to mention the potential safety hazard.

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yeah. i think the raised floor idea is probably out.

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here is a sketch with sizes... can anyone help?

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ahreno, you can free up a bit of space by either changing the door to an outward swing or to a pocket door.

Unfortunately, the 2 drawings don't show up well on my monitor so I can't see the shaded blue area. I'd guess it shows as darker grey with a 92" ceiling. If so, by incorporating this closet into your bath, working from the alcove to the tub, you can easily place a toilet, pedestal sink or vanity and a frameless shower stall on the 107" wall perpendicular to your tub along the 84" wall.

If you don't add the 92" H area, you'll need to incorporate the red area into the larger closet. You'll be left with a 68 X 84 room. Then you can place a sink where the door currently swings in and may want to place the toilet in front of the wall that the pocket door slides into. The tub still works on the 84" wall and a 36 x 28 tight shower will fit. Not ideal but it gives you the luxury of a fully glassed in single person shower, your large claw foot tub and the necessities. Obviously, you can have a much more spacious scenario by incorporating the closet area, but this gives you an option.

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abundantblessings: can i email you the drawing? I am starting to think that the only place that a shower of the size i'd like will only work in the little alcove. I'm kind of giving up on the idea of putting the tub in as well. the room might just be too small. the tub is too long and wide... it's about 38 1/2" wide according to the site i can find... which means it would stick out into the walkway ... The tub might just be a pipe dream for me.

if you want to shoot me an email so i can send you the photo so it makes more sense you can email me at

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I think you can send an email through this site.

If the alcove has the headroom to accommodate a shower it will be perfect. I thought the alcove was half height under the stairs so didn't suggest it. Full height and you're in business.

You can easily place the toilet across from the shower if you incorporate the closet. A double sink vanity next to the toilet on the 107" wall and the big tub parallel with the 120" wall. You'll have 2 1/2 ft. to walk past the tub to get to the vanity, toilet and shower -- not enough for ADA, but workable for 2 adults.

No it's not the enormous and wasteful baths from McMansions, but it's definitely big enough. Over the years, we've had 2 ridiculously large masters, 1 long and narrow master, and several small condo baths so I know this will work. I'd keep the tile light and airy, 12 X 12 Thassos or Crema Marfil marble would be great or small hex while tiles would keep with the age of your home if you prefer that look.

Don't give up on the tub. The easiest will be to get some grid paper and work out your fixture placement to scale. Hope this helps!

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I dont see any way to email through this site.

We've already pulled the door out and will be switching it open the other way (so when it's open it's adjacent to the stairwell.

I went and brainstormed at the house and came up with an idea of putting the shower in little area bye where the stairs are... extending a few inches under the stairs to give a bit more room.

Here are a couple links:

and a side view:

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Could you swing the door out to open into the hall instead of the bath? That way you'd have more workable floor space. If you shorten the width of the shower down from 55" and possibly angle the shower entrance you'd gain space.

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The door is pulled out... it could swing out if needed but it wont really change much and might be kind of weird to have an outward swinging door.

i can shorten the shower if i need... but i really don't see the tub fitting in the bathroom.

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