Picture of New Hydrangea Pistachio

triciaeSeptember 2, 2012

I got three new 4" rooted cuttings of hydrangea 'Pistachio' this spring. I wasn't expecting blooms this year but look what I've got! Isn't it pretty? I love the color combination of blue, pinkish/red, & green. Anxious to see what it ages to.


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Wow, indeed very pretty !!! I just got around to looking at your pic.

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It's beautiful. You're lucky you can grow hydrangeas. When I went to Portland, Oregon, I was in awe of all the hydrangeas, as I was when I went to New England several years ago. Sigh, they are a challenge here.


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Very nice. I love hydrangeas. They grow well around here.

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I cannot see Picturetrail here, but it looks like a very nice flower from the thumbnail. I first noticed Hydrangeas in Vancouver, where they are extremely common. Very few people grow them here because they require so much water and do not like excessive sun, which is why I guess they like Vancouver so much. The ones I saw seemed to start with blue flowers that would then fade to pink, or maybe they were two completely different flowers. Anyway, they still remind me of Vancouver!!


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Yes, hydrangeas do well in most coolish coastal climates like Vancouver and Portland. Portland is where I fell in love with them. That was our "family home" and some of my first garden memories are of hydrangeas in my g-parents' gardens with flowers bigger than my head.

We average close to 1" of rain per week year around with no dry season - perfect for hydrangeas. We also don't have the blazing sun of inland areas. I don't provide auxilliary water for our hydrangeas and I rather doubt Ann T. does either although maybe they have more of a dry season than us?

Lars, yes, the older mophead hydrangeas were blue or white aging to pinkish. Newer hybrids are offering different color combos like this 'Pistachio'.

/tricia (It's been pouring yesterday and today, have received 3.2" so far - Isaac's last gasps.)

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Tricia, it just occurred to me today (as I was parking) that we have agapanthus here in L.A. instead of hydrangeas. The agapanthus has a somewhat similarly sized ball of flowers in blue, but it is not quite as showy as the hydrangea. Still, the agapanthus grow much more easily here, and you can even throw the plants down on the ground without digging a hole to plant them. I think the hydrangeas are prettier, but we have to take what we can get!


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That is a very pretty hydrangea, Tricia! Love the color!

I have several varieties and they seem to like it here. My favorite this season is Limelight. I've had it for 3 years and it finally bloomed this year, and it is FULL of blooms! Starts out greenish, then turns white and now fading into pink.....absolutely beautiful!

I've tried a blue variety but it bloomed blue the first year and then nothing but white after that, even with the rcommended soil additives. Not the best choice for MN I guess.....


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We don't have much that put out big blooms like hydrangeas, but we can do roses, and there's a native large shrub/small tree called Texas Mountain Laurel that puts out large, wisteria-like blooms in the spring. They smell like grape kool-aide to me. I guess every region has its stars.


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Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifiolia) is Connecticut's state flower. It's a fragrant medium shrub that grows native from southern coastal Maine to Florida and west to Indiana. So, when you mentioned Texas Mountain Laurel (Calia secundiflora) I had to Google. Different shrub - thank goodness for Latin names or we'd never be able to figure out what's what). Your mountain laurel has beautiful rich blue blooms. Not a good candidate for our acidic soils though and we're probably a tad too cold for it to be a reliable bloomer w/o protection. We're Zone 7 and, apparently, it prefers 8+. :( I'm always looking for something different to plant and I love to zone push. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Both of my daughters live in Texas - I'll have to ask them about it.

Lars, I love agapanthus and it grows here on the coast well. I've had it in my garden for 6-7 years. Nice plant. Not all varieties are hardy here but Agapanthus 'Blue Globe' has done very well in my gardens.

Linda, yes Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' is a beautiful shrub and absolutely cold reliable. Have you tried any of the new hydrangea macrophyllas like 'Pistachio'? They bloom on both old/new wood. So, you should get flowers even if this year's canes die to the ground over winter.


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