Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

msm84August 14, 2012

(Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool) Something I have never heard mentioned here was that this tool can be used anytime you think you have a problem or just want to scan as a precaution. As most people know this tool is updated everytime you have a Microsoft update, but I had no idea it could be used on demand until I heard about it on the local tech guys radio show. Just go to 'Start', 'Run", click on that and type in 'mrt" and hit 'go'. Easy as that the program comes up on your screen, then follow the directions ;o)

If you ever have a problem updating your Malwarebytes or other removal tools this would sure help!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Thanks msm84,

On my new Windows 7, there is no Start and Run.

Instead I Start, in the search box type run and enter, which brings up RUN. Click on that and will get the RUN box to type in the mrt and go. I just did a quick scan and all was well.

Possibly there is another way to get to the RUN box.

I'm saving this thread to my Computer (hints and tips) folder in Firefox.


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Sue says Possibly there is another way to get to the RUN box

There is, click Start, All programs, Accessories and Run.

In many (perhaps most) cases it is necessary to right click on Run and click to run as administrator.

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run command can be added to the start menu...
Right click blank space on bottom task bar, choose.. Properties
Then Start Menu tab
Then Customize button
scroll down a ways,, see a square check box for run.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

For Windows 7, you can also just type in "mrt" (no quotes) and it will bring up the MRT. A box will appear asking if you want to allow the program to make changes on the computer, just click yes. Another box will appear, just click next. The next box will gives the option of what kind of scan: quick, full, custom. Click whatever kind of scan you want, then next. The scan will begin.

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