Viking dishwasher?

orchidslayerSeptember 17, 2013

I am planning on getting an induction range and have pretty much decided on the Viking. Their current promotion offers a free dishwasher (FDW100). My appliance sales person gave me a brochure, but it looks like it is for another model. I know there have recently been big changes at Viking and my salesman said their distributor will be changing and so he was a little hesitant on Viking at all until the dust settles. From the info I can find on the web the dishwasher doesn't look all that great. I currently have an older Bosch (maybe 8 years???) that I love and that works great. The Viking promo ends Dec. 31. My salesman said that most upscale companies are going to free dishwashers rather than discounts/rebates. I am considering waiting until toward the end of the promo to see if a better offer comes around. Any ideas?

Do any of you have this dishwasher? If so, do you like it? I love that the Bosch is extremely quiet and it holds my dishes well. Well, it did until I just changed my old, mostly Cuisinart, pans for All-Clad D5s in preparation for my new range.

Other than the Bosch and a very old Whirlpool trash compactor all of my appliances are white GE Profile. I will eventually change to stainless and am not going to get hung up on matching handles. At this time I will also be removing my Advantium and probably just replace it with a Viking microwave (RDMOR200) that feels cheap but has looks that I love. Actually, it is what started all my trouble. I had already handed over my credit card to but the new GE Profile convection range (PHS920SFS) and Advantium but saw the Viking micro while he was ringing it up and I was smitten.

Thanks for any input.

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I went with a Viking kitchen, save for a Miele dishwasher 10 years ago. Every one of the Viking appliances has been repaired or replaced and multiple times. Most recently, they came to replace the freon in the refrigerator. The work their tech did caused cracks in the main drawer in the fridge and it wasn't put back together well so now the door clanks. The service was efficient and the freezer works but it wasn't entirely satisfactory. The solution was to pay for half a new drawer which I was supposed to install. I so wasn't going there. That was 6 weeks ago.

The original Miele dishwasher has had no issues and still cleans beautifully. The replacement oven has 0 issues since installation.

I was advised here not to go with Viking even back then but felt that I would be the exception. That hasn't been true.

There is no one perfect brand but there are many brands that most on this forum enjoy and do recommend including Electrolux, Gaggenau, Wolf, Miele (in particular for dishwashers) Bosch and others. Sadly, Viking has fallen into the "don't go there" category. Wish I could recommend any of their products (including the microwave which is a rebadged Sharp and doesn't work any better at $700 than the $200 Panasonic stand alone I bought for our other place from Amazon).

In the end, the conventional wisdom on this forum tends to be true and trustworthy. Wish I had followed it. Of course, a deal is a deal.

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I appreciate your comments. From what I have been reading, the "new" Viking appliances are much better than the old. I would love a Wolf or Miele, but so far they have no 30" induction ranges. My desire for induction is the reason behind all of this.

I would not go with Viking for any other appliances, but I do like the look of the induction range and the overpriced, under-powered microwave. I am not sure if I should install the free dishwasher or try to sell it. It would help with the transitioning to stainless, but if it was loud or crappy (I am used to putting things into my Bosch that are really dirty) I don't know if it would be worth the bother. My dishwasher choice would be another Bosch or a Miele.

After I do this, my next round will be to replace GE Profile white wall oven, warming drawer and GE countertop microwave. I am thinking about Miele for those. It may be another year, so I don't want to get too excited about any current models. The refrigerator would be next, also currently a white GE Profile. I really like the one we have, which is just a couple of years old, but it really will look like a white elephant once everything else is stainless. I would not be opposed to going with another Profile.

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A local shop owner in my little berg told me that Viking had been inherited by an heir, who ran into financial problems, and then was bought out. Many items have been discontinued, reps have been let go, and no one really knows the status of the company or its manufacturing practices. I'd avoid it unless it develops a new track record, which may take years, if it happens at all.

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Personally, I wouldn't buy Viking appliances right now. But if you want the range, my comment is to not consider the dishwasher as something you have to install in making your decision. You could always sell it and put the money toward a new Bosch, Miele, etc.

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I believe it is "luvtoputt" that has the Viking Induction range.

It has been trouble free and He loves it.

It is the only Induction range, that looks like a "real range"
(In my opinion).

They are expensive, but hopefully other manufacturers will try to copy its style!

I still would pass on the free DW and get a Miele.


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I am considering this promotion, too... the "free" (as if! lol!) low-end Viking dishwasher with purchase of the range. Of course, I was encouraged by luvtoputt's post of his experience with the induction range from Viking. I want one, too!

I wonder if people in other regions are seeing the same promotion? If you are the least bit curious, ask your local Viking rep what is the best deal they can give you on the 30" induction range with stainless (or other specific features). And share your info. Maybe it will help all of us get (or at least know) the best price?

Racing Red Induction

Racing Red Induction- 1yr later

I assume the free 24" dishwasher is the model FDW100. Any experiences with this?

Many thanks!

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The promo is national and it shows on Viking's web site. I wound up buying the induction range (stainless) in Minnesota for $7079. It just came last week and I almost immediately went out of town so have barely used it. My pans (All-clad D5s) do hum a little, but it did not seem to be an issue.

I did get and install the FDW100 dishwasher. I ran it three times - one to clear it out and twice with dishes. Maybe also a quick wash before I left. It is considerably louder than my old Bosch. It cleaned well - maybe slightly less than the Bosch, but the dishes were wetter when the cycle was finished. I never used heated dry and don't think it was an option on either. The plastic was always wet with the Bosch, but even glass seems wet with this. I added a little rinse aid and it seems to help.

I am concerned with the buttons on the dishwasher. I have had some trouble getting them to work and they look like they will break easily.

My biggest concern is that I wrote to Viking a full week ago but have not yet received a response. I installed the dishwasher myself and the trim that goes between the cupboard and dishwasher was twisted so it did not stick. I also was unsure of how to remove some of the oven racks. Actually, I think it looks like they should remove easily, but I have yanked on them without any luck and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. I got an instant "we received your e-mail", but no answers. That looks like pretty bad customer service to me.

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Thanks for the mini review of the dishwasher and comparison to Bosch. Very helpful!

And wow... a week is not acceptable, for your inquiry. Let us know how it goes.

My price came in around 7K too at 6950, SS, and without optional backguard.

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I wonder why I do not see any promotions on the home page of their web site? Not easy for me to find.


I had learned about the promo from my local dealer. In contrast, Thermador hits you over the head with promotional communications on the Net.

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If you go to their site, on the bottom of the page there is an ad for the "you cook, we clean" event that goes through Dec 31. Not very well marketed. I tried getting the $300 rebate that is offered on the lower models instead of the free dishwasher for the induction, which is in the "professional" line, but my salesman (who was terrible) said it was not possible. It is even harder to find the $300 rebate than the free dishwasher on the Viking web site. They both used to be more prominently displayed.

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