Hood for Bluestar 36 inch cooktop - please suggest

MSethSeptember 23, 2013

Thanks to all GW members for helping out newbie's like me...
Need suggestions for stainless steel nice looking,less-noisy, Bluestar worthy, budget friendly ($700-800) hood (maybe 600 cfm)..

(I know too much on my wish list :-)...)

Saw some names on older posts:
Zephyr typhoon, Kobe CH191, Vent-a-hood

Does it have to be range hood or island hood? Cooktop is not on island.

Please help.

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We installed an RA-02 Kobe range hood over our bluestar with 8" vent pipe and only needed about 4 feet to get through the roof and outside. I have smoked up plenty of food on the range, but with the hood on high, I have had very minimal smoke/odor escapage. I like the dishwasher-safe baffles as well. Plus, the hood looks cool. I am not sure what it sells for now. Seems like I remember getting mine for a little over $1,000. Wouldn't trade it for any other.

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I have the Zephyr Monsoon DCBL series, but that is an insert not an full hood. But I like the brand and have no regrets going with it over my 36" BS Range Top. It is not wider than the range top and probably could be deeper, but for our cooking style it has not been an issue.

Prior to our kitchen remodel we only had a OTR microwave and the vent from that, which was vented to outside. But any time we cooked almost anything in that setup we would set off the smoke detector in the kitchen. And, since our town home has the smoke detectors all hardwired to each other, they all went off. The smoke detector is about 15 feet or so away from the cooking surface, maybe a littler farther. Since we have gone to the BS range top and the new Zephyr hood we have not set it off even one time in 6+ months now.

I know that an OTR hood and a real vented hood are not the same, but just wanted to point out that with the higher heat output of the BS compared to our old wimpy 4 burner GE range, we have not had any issues to speak of and I would recommend the Zephyr brand based on that.


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Good feedback on the Kobe RA-02 reel_time. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a 42" model for our 36" BlueStar (kitchen remodel is next month). Is yours a 42" over a 36" range? How would you say the noise level is on it? The 42" goes for about $1,400 nowadays. I agree on the looks too, I think it's a nice looking hood.

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I am surprised that you would spend the money on the Bluestar cooktop, known for its high-powered burners, and only budget $700-800 for a hood. You should increase your hood budget, or change from the Bluestar to a lower-powered cooktop that makes sense with your budget.

Have you included your exhaust ductwork in your Bluestar purchase decision? The duct should to be 8" or 10" diameter for a 36" Bluestar cooktop. If your exhaust duct is a smaller diameter, you will have a noisy hood with poor efficiency, as your exhaust for the Bluestar will require a lot of air to be pulled through the duct.

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Thanks for the suggestions for the hood.
akchicago: My kitchen is gutted and GC is moving upstairs to the bathroom. I am using all this time to finalize on appliances and fixtures by reading on this forum.

I hadn't thought about exhaust duct work yet. Not sure what dimension duct was there (bought the house and did the demo)..will ask the GC.

Taking back some homework for myself...will post soon.


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Having done this, let me limit my comments to: In your spare time, visit my My Clippings and review the referenced papers to come up to date.


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Thanks Kas! Will definitely read through those...

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I just put in a 36" bluestar range top and a Proline wall mounted hood with 1000CFM - So far, works great. Its a direct vent outside and seems to be powerful enough for what I need to do day to day - The hood itself was less than $700, and the installation was about $200.

Here's the link to the hood online:


Here is a link that might be useful: Proline hood 636

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And lest anyone forget, one can only pick two out of three of: Affordability, Aesthetics, and Performance.


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