Merillat Classic vs Masterpiece Pricing

ssaut27August 11, 2012

We are in the process of building a home and recently got a quote for our kitchen. I know it's hard without specifics on floorplan/measurements, but it is approximately a 12x12 kitchen, with an island. The quote for Merillat Masterpiece came back at approx. $11k. We do not want to spend that much, so were considering dropping to the Merillat Classic instead, and the quote came back at approx. $10K. We just expected there to be a much more substantial difference between the two, as the Masterpiece is solid wood and the Classic is not. Does anyone have any insight as to if these quotes seem reasonable or not?

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Definitely post this in the kitchen forum. They are good with this stuff.

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I agree with gaonmymond- Kitchen forum people would know best.

Fwiw- we got a "free upgrade" to the masterpiece level. I'm sure there was some type of deal going on that we weren't aware of. Perhaps we had spent enough of a fortune?!?

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