how to store and identify flash drives?

dahlia6August 13, 2011

I really like the flash drives but wonder what is the best way to store them and identify them? Any hints?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I buy the flash drive wallets which have slots for each one in it, I have bought them at walmart for around $4-5 each and they hold several. You can put a label in the slot with the flash drive or if you have a label maker you can put a label or code right on the flash drive. If you use a code system then just put the list of codes in the storage wallet with those coded ones.
You can also store a document on each flash drive that lists it's contents so that you just insert the flash drive then go to that document file to view what you stored on it.

Case Logic USB Flash Drive Case for 6 Drives, Blue

you can just google flash drive cases for other options

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My main problem is leaving them behind or losing them in a desk drawer, etc. That in mind, I tie a bright ribbon to each so I can see them better.

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I stick mine in a tiny clear vacuum seal grocery store bought refrigerator container. Has no name ... hmm.. says loosen lid when you microwave it.

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Ha ha, I have 6 identical thumb drives numbered 1 through 6 with marker. Makes no difference as each contains data that was relevant when I copied it to the drive. There are too small to note much on the sides really. These are used when I go to fix computers mostly.

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I have three of various sizes and have to stick into computer and view files to see what's on them. Yep, I do need a better method of organizing.

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I have 8 thumb drives and I use the case that RavenCajun uses but mine is black in color.I use on drive strictly for my Password reset information. I also use them to carry programs to my husband's laptop since it is on the table in the kitchen area and my computer is near our front door. I had to do that tonight since he had no antivirus installed. Daughter had bought the laptop for him for Father's day but she uses it sometimes .I downloaded avast to my thumb drive and took the drive to the computer where he was at and installed avast on it for him. I am a little more computer savvy than he is so if anything goes wrong he is always asking me for help.

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