bertazzoni segmented cooktop

sksanbornSeptember 14, 2013

I am considering the bertazzoni dual gas and induction cooktop and would love to hear from someone who has it.

I can't find any reviews and cannot find it on display anywhere. At this point even experience with bertazzoni products in general would be appreciated.


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The induction hobs are both rated at 1,4kw- 1.8kw.

That is the equivalent about 10.6 btu-14k btu for a standard sealed gas burner.

The power burner on the gas side is rated at 750 btu for simmer to 18k btu.

What is the point of induction if the peak power is that low and the range of temperature is that narrow?

If you really want both gas burners and induction hobs you are better off buying separate units.

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Typically combo units of any appliance offer the worst of both worlds because they are focused on convenience not quality of the individual elements. This typifies that perfectly.

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Plus, I have a friend who remodelled and installed "some of each" gas and induction as two different cooktops. After a few months of use, she wished she had gone all induction. The convenience of having nearly instant response beat the familiarity of using flames.

Water boils rapidly, pans come up to temp in very little time, recovery time is about the same. Would you voluntarily take 20% to 50% longer to make a meal when you didn't have to?

There are precious few things where a gas burner beats an induction burner. The ones I can think of have to do with either cooking something that requires actual flames or owning very expensive cookware that isn't induction capable.

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