Why can't I name the artist of downloaded songs?

gogwmosAugust 11, 2012

I mostly get them from YouTube, and when downloaded to my music file (MS Media Player) there are usually no names of the artists, and when I click on the properties it is greyed out and won't let me add the name.

How can I change this?

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Almost all music file formats (but not WAV) can use metadata, called "tags", to contain the normal information about a piece of music - Title, Artist, Album, Genre, etc., etc. When you buy sound files, the tag metadata is already filled in.

I think you're probably not "downloading" music files from You Tube, but rather using software or a website to record an audio track and then that gets saved as a new audio file.

If your method of obtaining audio from YouTube involves creating new files, there would be no metadata until you add it. Or, the metadata your're getting with the file is incomplete, no matter. Many sound playing programs, like WinAmp for example, allow easy editing of tags. Alternatively, there are programs like MP3Tag that do so too. Both of those are freeware and there are many others. Foobar is another good one.

Add whatever information you want in the tags and you'll then have what you want when playing on your PC or a portable device.

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Which file format did you download?...a .flv? a .mp4? a .MP3? something else? You didn't say & it does make a difference.

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What did you have in mind, azioh? The programs I mentioned can handle the common and many of the obscure audio formats. Something off a website or a program appealing to a broad cross-section will likely produce MP3 files, because that's the most universally used lossy format.

You mentioned flv, I think that's a video format, but I may have misunderstood the OP (in thinking they were talking about audio files). If so, nvm, I don't know anything about video file tags.

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Snidely, you are correct, I am using YTD software to download them. They come in two forms, MP3 and a video, I only move the mp3s to my library.

So, do I have to download one of your suggested programs and then transfer all 1000+ songs in my library and correct each one as I go?

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I wouldn't use the word "transfer" to describe the process, but the answer to your question is Yes.

Using MP3tag (which is quite easy), you either direct the program to the sound file folder, or drag the sound file from an Explore window to the MP3tag window. The tag fields will be visible, complete the fields (or add new ones) as you wish, then save. The updated info will be in the sound file, the sound file doesn't move anywhere. When you then open the sound file with whatever player software you use, the tag data will be visible.

Normally, the tag data is already completed when you buy music from places like itunes store or Amazon, or the information gets filled in when a CD is ripped. Most of the ripping software, and indeed MP3tag, have look up features, meaning, when you rip a CD, it can identify what album it is coming from and automatically get complete tag info for each track from any of several internet sources. When dealing with individual tracks, I know of no look up approach to use. Although, maybe Music Brainz could help?

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