I need help on my Bathroom....

RileyBirksNovember 18, 2012

What does subflooring mean? I am planning to change the floor times on my bathroom and my friend asked if I ever considered subflooring them?

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"the floor times "

what does this mean?

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Do you mean tile? Check out Bill V. web page that is all things floor and tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bill V's

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"Subfloor": Think "floor material" that goes under your finished floor. Usually plywood.

Your floor has joists. In the basement if you look up you can see the joists. Usually 2x10 lumber.

Your plywood subfloor (or in yesteryear, sometimes 1x6 planking) is fastened to the joists. If you walk into a house that is being built, you'll see plywood on the floor. That's the subfloor.

To finish the floor, sometimes before installing the finish flooring (hardwood, tile, etc) another layer of "something" will be fastened over the subfloor.
It might be plywood, it might be cement board. That's underlayment. Then the finished floor is installed over the underlayment.

So you have joists. Then you have subfloor over the joists. Then you may or may not have underlayment on top of the subfloor. Then you have your finished flooring.

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When I posted: Do you mean tile? I was referring to your phrase "I am planning to change the floor times on my bathroom...".

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