Cleaning up computer from non-useful files

dee_can1August 20, 2012

Hi, I'm in the process of cleaning up my computer after doing some spyware/trojan removal; and I'm adding more spyware and other security programs such as Secunia.

I was looking at my programs in Secunia and I see a couple of Symantec (activex Control) programs that it is keeping updated. I actually uninstalled Norton a couple of years ago and used the Norton Removal Tool in the last couple of weeks, so I'm wondering if these Symantec programs have something to do with Norton? I know I can stop the updates to these in Secunia, but I can't find the actual Symantec files so I can delete them, if I should delete them, that is.

When I type Symantec into my search line (Vista), nothing shows up. And, I can't find Symantec under program files. Or should I even worry about it?

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Also, I uninstalled AVG (and used the removal tool) but I found these under Secunia Programs. I stopped the updates to them, but how do I actually remove them from my computer? I can't find them, either - they are not in Programs and Features (Vista); although I did remove two AVG Technology programs from Programs and Features yesterday, but unrelated to the ones Secunia was updating. Or, am I worrying about wanting my computer too clean? : ) Thanks.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

did you remove the actual file for both of those AVG and Norton from your C programs? if not go to your Programs list and look for any files or folders that may be related to those names and delete them.

If you don't have either on the pc now I see no reason to have anything still updating from either of them.

another option to try is using App remover to see if it finds anything or REVO uninstaller both are free


Completely Uninstall Programs And More With Revo Uninstaller

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Thanks, Raven. I was checking Program Files and didn't see anything there. I ended up looking under Program Data, and found a couple of files for AVG and Norton, so I deleted those. I'll see if that takes care of it. I'll also stop the updates in Secunia, which hopefully won't see any more files for those programs.

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Hmm, I just found out the way to find out where the files that Secunia is updating are located. If you right click on the program in Secunia, and then click on 'show details', it shows the location and you can double click on it. The Symantec location led me to a folder called Shared Symantec (which I did not see directly under Program Files, but it was under Common Files under Program Files). I deleted the whole folder.

Hopefully it doesn't contain any files that I need seeing as it was 'shared'. I'll leave it in my recycling bin for awhile. Also I double-clicked the AVG location in Secunia, and deleted ALOT of AVG files. I guess I should have played around more, but sort of gave up when I didn't see anything under Program Files. Thanks for your help.

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