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jerry_njAugust 24, 2013

I post here as there appears to be a close connection between BlueRay players and the Internet, even computer-like.

I am considering buying my first BlueRay mainly for playing movies, and it seems my DVD system is now too ancient.

I see in a very affordable (Under $100) Samsung F5900 I can get into:
Access streaming content and the web with built-in Wi-Fi and Smart Hub

I assume this means if I have an account with a provider, such as Netflex, and I have a high speed enternet access via WiFi, this unit can connect using my access to and play on my TV a movie that is downloading in real time. Right? I now have 1.5 mbit DSL, too slow I assume, but save that I understand I can still "rent" over the internet a movie that is down loaded over the Internet.

I appreciate any brief inputs on this, here my feeling is I should at least get WiFi connectivity as I have a WiFi router and Internet access. I also have Ethernet... that said I don't know what it means when the BR Player says "WiFi and Smart Hub".. does this mean the BR Player not only can access via WiFi, it ahs a "Smart Hub" capability.. whatever that is.

I can't see any reason to go to a higher priced unit as movies would be only a couple times a month at the most.

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It has been my experience that if you really want wi-fi connectivity to work reliably, plan on having your BR player and your router in the same room. Also, it's a mistake to think that Samsung's "smart apps" are anything special...they are not. All of this may be a moot point unless you are able to bump your speed up to 3 or preferably 6 MB. If you cannot, I'd learn to be content with buying/renting BR discs. That's my $.02.

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Thanks, it was my guess that the Internet movies were all streaming thus the Internet had to be high enough to support HD Movies without gaps.

My thinking is it is time to become BlueRay enabled and plan to spent the few additional $$ to get convenient access to the Internet. My wife brought the subject up saying her sister rents movies from Netflex and that is a mailed Disc, not streaming. Current movies are all BlueRay I believe.

1.5 MB Internet access is sufficient for 95% of what I do but I do notice some gaps when watching a video played streaming.

I think moving up my DSL to 3 MB wouldn't cost more than another $15 a month (I don't remember what the rates are)... I could get a package deal but I still get TV by cable, I don't want cable Internet access because of a gripe I have about the monopoly cable business... or I could guy Satellite TV via a package from my phone company and then the higher speed Internet access wouldn't really be much more. My cable TV is about $50 and the telephone/DSL about $70 and that's enough combined to buy higher a three-way package...but I wander off subject. Thanks,

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The speed increase should make a difference. I'm sure the Samsung player will have all the capability you need. And my experience is different from azinoh's: I have a wireless router upstairs and it sends a streaming signal to my living room on the first floor with no problem. It just depends on the unique characteristics of your home.

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Thanks, my existing WiFi Router is in the basement, a 25 year old frame construction house. I am now directly above the Router in my living room and the computer gives a "excellent" on the WiFi connection.

I also use my notebook from the second floor and it works fine through two floors plus with carpeting on each.

My question is still what does the Samsung statement means, it seems to say it provides a Router function... hope not.

I think I will order and initially will just use to play physical dics... seems the day of renting a movie on DVD (forget VHS) are over.

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When I gave up cable TV and a phone land line, I saved over $100 a month so I started buying movies. I ordered $60 to $80 worth of movies every 2 or 3 months from Amazon. Then I found out that all of Walmart's movies are online. They have 1,900 +....$5. movies, so I bought more. I also found some hard to find movies there also. You can buy as a guest or join. You can pay for them in the usual way or pick them up at the store if you want to pay cash for them. I saved a lot of money just having delivered to the store. I like to buy my movies because I watch the good ones over and over. I can't see paying to watch a movie you can't keep.

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Emma, okay, so what are you watching, BlueRay? DVD? VHS? I have the capability to play DVD and VHS but assume current movies are on BlueRay not DVD, correct?

I can't watch a movie more than once... well I have Jarasic Park and A River Ran Through It of VHS which I plan to watch again someday. I should copy over to DVD I suppose, one day soon my VHS will no longer work.

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If you don't have an excellent HD TV, you may not discern the difference between Blu Ray and regular DVD. I can't hardly tell the difference with very good eyesight (sub-Medicare age) and experience assessing image quality.

Much content is available in both DVD and Blu Ray. Some newer stuff can be just Blu Ray, some older stuff can be just DVD. You don't know if having Blu Ray opens any doors for you, until you start seeing a lot of content you want that is unavailable in DVD.

There are many ways to get streaming content from over the internet to a TV to watch, there's nothing special about using a disk player to do it. Other choices that can be easily connected to your TV include a PC, a smart phone, and a TV with the same built-in capabilities as your proposed disk player.

Wifi= network signal transmitted using radio waves. Ethernet= same network signal transmitted using a wire. If your Wifi reception is adequate ( and 1.5 or 3 megs is very slow and undemanding unless your interior walls are made of stone or concrete), there's no technical advantage to using one over the other.

I only glanced at the details, but the Samsung's capabilities are very normal and vanilla. Nothing special and nothing missing from what everything else does.

Using a notebook isn't the same as streaming video, unless you'/re using the notebook to stream video. Simply web surfing is VERY undemanding of bandwidth. Put your laptop where the player would go, and try a video steam. How does it work?

When an internet connection is sub optimal, all the streaming sources will automatically downgrade the image quality to avoid herky-jerky playback. So with a slowish internet connection, it'll usually work but the image will not be as clear as with more bandwidth.

Streaming movies using either Amazon or Netflix doesn't require a Blu Ray player, they have their own systems. Amazon streaming is free with a $79 annual Prime account (free 2 day shipping and other bennies), Netflix is about $9 or $10 per month. They're competitors and don't have the same content.

Streaming media is more popular than ever. Unless you really love a movie, most people would rather see something new instead of something old for another time.

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