Installing Electrolux induction range in frameless cabinets?

chac_moolSeptember 13, 2010

This is a heads-up to anyone installing Electrolux's induction range (EW30IS65JS) in euro style frameless cabinets:

* After installation, we discovered that cabinet drawers on either side of the range can't open, because oven doors on both sides (at front of the range) extend wider than shown in Elux's installation guides.

* According to my KD, Electrolux designed this range to fit into a face framed cabinet, not a European style frameless cabinet. Unfortunately there was no way of knowing this, as the written dimensions they specify in their literature and on line do not show this.

Apart from this installation snafu, its a real nice range with accurate ovens and (so far) I sure like induction cooking. But this unit does extend a bit forward from the cabinets, because of some odd protrusions on both sides at top-front (above the oven doors).

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I posted this morning about problems with the installation of my Frigidaire range. They are both made by the same company I understand. They did the cut-out based on what the installation instructions said. After the fact, I noticed that it said that the doors/drawers needed to be a minimum of 1"away from the opening. Geez--this part needs to be bolded and highlighted.
Luckily, I noticed it in time and had my contractor move the cabinets and put a couple of very small filler strips in. Are you able to do that with the frameless cabinets?
I just clicked on the installation instructions for your range and it says the same thing as mine--looks like the same darn directions and the note is in the same place!

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chac mool, I guess I was lucky. Because of the Florida rebates, I had to have the Electrolux range delivered early. As a result. the cabinet maker had the range available to make his measurments. I have frameless eurostyle cabinets but I just noticed, after reading your post, that they put a framed edge on either side of the range.

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Glad you were both lucky (or observant)!

The plan is to modify the spice rack door (on one side), and order new fronts for the four drawers on the other side. So a minor delay, but in the end I imagine it will be fine.

Maybe this thread will help someone who's not so far along...

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my range was sitting in the living room when the initial installation occured. It is just really an easy thing to miss.
Good luck to you.
I think I am going to link this thread over in kitchens

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I'm a little late posting, but I thought I would add my experience for reference.

I had custom frameless cabinets made by a local cabinet maker. I saw the 1 inch on both sides requirement on the spec sheet, but I didn't have the range on-site. I discussed it with my cabinet maker and we decided to go with 1/2 inch fillers on both sides. When the range was installed, I could only open the cabinet on one side of the range, but not both. We could shift the range over a bit and have one or the other open, but not both. Because I used a local cabinet maker, he was able to furnish 1 inch filler strips quickly, and this solved the problem. Unfortunately, this shifted that run of base cabinets over an inch and brought it right up to the doorway to the dining room.

Unlike the other posters, my problem was not the oven doors - the 1/2 inch of filler accommodated those just fine. My problem was the part of the control panel that drops below the counter top - it is even wider than the oven doors. I'm sorry about that 'control panel' description - I'm not sure what to call it. I don't know how helpful it is, but here's a picture. My problem was with the part just above the top oven door that angles out.

HTH, and I will just add that we LOVE this range, and love love love induction!

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I'm sorry - but your designer dropped the ball on this one ! Agreed that Elux is culpable for designing such a stupid product, but a quick look at the install guide told me that this is a goofy install and some thought will be needed. It clearly (critical) states that 31 1/2" are needed at some pint in the install, yet the opening is 29" or 30" or something else too. A quick look at the unit itself should tell one that the flared top of this range is going to need attention. I mean , you learned in pre-school that the triangled shaped block didn't fit in the square hole , right ????

At the least (s)he should have called tech support at Elux for clarification and better yet should have got the unit or looked at one in person to see how it was going to install - ESPECIALLY if they have not used that model before.

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The slide in Electrolux induction range kitchen looks great and you enjoy using it. That's what counts for all of us "pioneers".

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Ugh - as the finishing touches were due to be complete this week on our remodel, we tried to open our frameless drawers next to our Electrolux and found the same thing. We can't open the top drawer on one side! The range was on site before any cabinets were installed and a review of the specs indicate that 32" should be given to allow cabinets sufficient clearance for opening. This is clearly a miss by the contractor/designer (same company) on all accounts and I'm anxiously awaiting their resolution. Everything has already been installed - cabinets, counters, backsplash, etc. and I'm not certain that I want to deviate from the frameless drawers that I selected due to their carelessness. I guess we'll see what resolution they have to offer.

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Yeah, its a pain...

In my case, the front of several cabinet drawers on both sides were removed and either shaved down or replaced with slightly less-wide drawer fronts.

From your description, it sounds like most of your drawers are fine -- only one top drawer doesn't open. I wonder if your range can be moved slightly toward the other side? In any case, it may require a fairly minor adjustment of the one drawer-front to fix this.

In the end, it will be fine.

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I'd also like to suggest that the appliance sales people should be warning purchasers about installation issues. Mine did. When I told my KD/contractor, he stopped into the store to speak to my salesman and to check it out. For those in southeast Florida I would highly recommend House of Appliances. They are knowledgeable and do not abandon you after delivery. Customer service is excellent.

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I have cabinets and appliances on order. We will have the Electrolux slide-in range, with an over-the-range microwave installed above. Most of the pictures show island installations or decorative exhaust hoods over the range. My contractor is looking at the Electrolux installation guide - the 30" opening with 32" between cabinet doors. With our full overlay cabinet selection, this means 1" filler strips on each side of the range. What should I do about the microwave - to keep it centered over the range will require the same 1" filler strips on each side. Would that look odd, or would it look worse to leave out the filler strips on the wall cabinets and have a 1" misalignment between the range and microwave?

I see in pudgybaby's post that he has a microwave over the range. His cabinets were custom made, so possibly that was not a factor for the wall cabinets.

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