jamesntnAugust 14, 2013

malwarebytes indicates a PUP.Optional.O infection, but when when I run malwarebytes it indicates the PUP has been removed. Yet, if i run malwarebytes immediately, the PUP is back. Input, anyone? Thanks

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I had it or some other pup last week. It did not come back. I usually look for it on my PC either by going to start, search, or in program files X86 or control panel and delete it there. Maybe the wrong thing to do, but it works for me.

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Malwarebytes has always worked before and I just ran it again and it removed the PUP.


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James... I watch very carefully when I download something and if I downloaded it that way it was hidden. You might also use Super Anti Spyware, it catches things the others do not. Usually it is game related.

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I believe you are right about game related. I never had this problem until grandson started playing games.

Thanks all,

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