Electrolux dual fuel slide in range problems - new intstallation

buffettgirlSeptember 22, 2012

A few questions that hopefully someone can answers. (pertains not to my kitchen but my moms and her contractor seems stymied)

1) her granite on her counter extends about 1 1/2" from the face of her cabinets. The installation instructions seem to indicate that it should be 1 1/8. Does this mean that they need to notch out a corner to get this thing to slide in properly? It sticks out VERY far and looks hideous as is.

2)She has a new renovation of her old kitchen, so the floors unfortunately are very sloped. The area for the oven happens to be at the low point of the kitchen, but the cabinets were properly installed all level, but, the result is that the floor to countertop height at this spot is almost 2" higher than at the "short" end (ie, the normal end). The result here is that the oven's legs are not long enough - even fully extended. AND the legs are set very far out to the front of this oven so they show. Badly (especially with problem #1). So, my questions are this: is there some sort of trim that the contractor can install below the bottom oven to hide the legs (and whatever sort of supports he'd have to put in place to jack this up high enough?

Or,does anyone have any other suggestions here?


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This isn't a place where a slide in works. You need to switch to a freestanding with a back guard, or do a cooktop with a wall oven underneath.

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Yah, suggested the cooktop and wall oven as my first thought, but since the granite is already installed I think it will be a whole boat load of trouble to change that now too.

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as to #1, if this is like their other slideins, yes you can notch out the counter top enough to let the unit slide back enough so that the front of the oven matches the door fronts. but the carcass of the oven (the box without the doors) cannot be receded behind the cabinet face.

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weedmeister. Thank you. Right now it's a good 1/2+ away from the front of the cabinet face so it looks odd.

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