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lstryerNovember 5, 2012

Please share your experience with the one-piece toilets by Toto. I am considering Soiree or Legato, but am worried about clogging and noises. We have a very old American standard (over 30 years old) and have had no problems. This is a master bath remodel and I must order in the next few days. Thank you.

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We put a Toto Guinevere with Sanagloss in during our masterbath remodel at the recommendation of our plumbing supply consultant who raved about Toto. (This was before I found Garden Web to get real people's feedback!)

There are things that I like (the soft-close lid, 8 months without a clog, one-piece skirted design and Sanagloss) but those don't overcome the huge negative for me. It is ridiculous to clean! There is a ledge around the top of the bowl that is too small to allow a brush to reach completely and there is a weird shape to the outflow recess at the bottom of the bowl that does not allow for the brush to clean completely. Fortunately, the bowl does stay cleaner longer with Sanagloss but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to get a small detail brush to take care of the stains that my regular brush can't get to.

I'm not familiar with the Soiree or Legato but I'd just suggest that you check out the bowl design before making your decision.

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We also had an old American Standard and put in the Soiree about 19 months ago. Love it. What seemed so strange to me at first was the optical illusion the tank created. When I looked at the Soiree in my bathroom, I thought it looked so tiny and I imagined it would feel like I'm sitting on the floor. Actually, it has you sitting much higher than our old AS, but that impression probably comes from the much smaller tank.

I love how much easier the one piece is to clean. I doubted that would matter much, but it does. It also has the ledge around the top of the bowl where the water swirls in, but I have no problem with my brush taking care of it. Not sure what you mean by noises, but we have never had a clog. I will say, if you are coming from the old large water volume toilet, you may have an occasional stain from waste hitting the bowl where there is no water, if I may be so blunt, but an extra flush takes care of it.

We have been very pleased with this purchase and would buy it again, no question.

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treasure - I'm bummed (pun intended) to hear about the Guinevere - that's the 2nd one we got for our master. The first was an American Standard, but once i saw the toto washlet on top of it, with the very different shapes, i returned it and got the Gueinevere instead. it's not installed yet but i hadn't thought about the cleaning.

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Although we put in a Drake II, which is a two piece, it has been a dream. As long as you are at it, I would suggest getting a plastic sleeve instead of the standard wax donut. Per my plumer, the plastic is called for on commercial applications, whereas the wax donut has a service life of 5 years. Now, who thinks about replacing their toillet seal every 5 years. For about $8 bucks on Amazon, it is worth the effort. Just be sure you get the right size; 3 or 4 inch.

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Shouldn't a seal (plastic or wax) come with the toilet?

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We are very happy with our Toto Soiree's (all three are 2.8 gal vs the 1.6 gal available now--they were all purchased/installed within the past 4 years).

Also pretty happy with tech support/cust svce. Our Soiree's had shipped before they modified the Unifit rough-in (?) in order to eliminate the post-flush incessant drip-drip-drip. They not only sent three of the modified Unifits, but also sent a check to help defray part of the plumber's bill (to uninstall and then re-install the two toilets that had thus far been installed).

Yes, the lower water spot (compared to our old 5 gal toilets) means that sometimes multiple flushes or a swish with the tb brush are needed, but I would wager that's not a Soiree-specific issue.

The only problem we've had was the need to replace one flapper (which Toto provided free-of-charge, despite being past warranty)--the metal clip ripped through its corresponding silicone/rubber "ring" on top of the flapper. The toilet's only been in use for just under 2 1/2 years, so perhaps it was a defect in the silicone, or in the way the clip was threaded through the "ring" itself.

The Velcro strips holding tank lid in place could be beefier, or stronger--in one bathroom one piece keeps "detaching" itself from the tank, which means I often have to realign the lid when I go into that bathroom. A minor complaint to be sure!

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Thank you everyone for sharing. We have ordered the Legato and its due to arrive in the next few days. Hope there will be no cracks....

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We received our coveted Toto Soiree last week and I was dismayed to find that a large portion of the back corner of the skirt had been broken during shipping. (Be sure to inspect your toilet as soon as practical!) Even though the seller had added another thick layer of foam on top of Toto's packaging, the bottom edge was still a bit vulnerable to a hard edge.

But, no worries, they sent a replacement out the next day and said that we could keep the busted one. While waiting for the new Soiree, I crudely repaired and then installed the broken toilet. With the crack almost entirely hidden in our tight bathroom, I'm pretty happy with the new Soiree, both in terms of performance and appearance.

That was until it started groaning late at night, sounding a bit like a hungry baby giraffe. It turned out that the flapper was closing off-center, easily fixed by a zip tie around the flapper pivot shaft closest to the bowl. (Toto customer support blamed it on the long shipping distance, from Atlanta to Ventura, California but I think it's just a minor design problem.) Anyway, it's working perfectly now.

The new toilet arrived yesterday and the flapper mechanism is slightly different than the other, the new one having a flapper that includes a black plastic weight attached to the top. Both toilets have the same fill valve and same model number but the one with the black weight is also stamped 1.28gpf.

With some valuable help from the Love site, I've learned that there used to be a 1.6gpf Soiree model but that they are all now 1.28. The model numbers for the 1.6 toilets ended in CFG and the newer "eco" 1.28 model numbers end in CEFG. Both of the toilets we received are CEFG models.

So now we have a cracked Toto Soiree installed and working perfectly and a new one still sitting in the box. We just have to figure out which one to get rid of.

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Incidentally, just in case anyone runs into the same challenge, one of the reasons we chose the Soiree model is because Toto offers three different waste pipe offsets (called the UniFit), allowing this toilet to work with waste pipes roughed out either 10", 12", or 14" from the wall. (Most toilets are 12" and the Soiree comes with the 12" UniFit.)

Our 14" UniFit (our house was built in the 1920's) cost an extra $60 but the toilet fits perfectly. I was told that Toto is the only company that actually repositions the entire toilet to account for the rough-out. There are a couple of other brands that work with a 14" rough-out but they do it by merely extending the toilet bowl tank back an extra 2", resulting in the front of the toilet being 2" further forward.

The skirted toilets do have fussier requirements for the water supply line but the Soiree is fairly forgiving, with a big notch at the back of the tank. The photos of the Legato make it look like the supply line is completely concealed within the skirt. That's a nice clean design!

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