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715roseAugust 5, 2014

Got my computer back from shop.He set it for low vision problem & it is screwed up.Some of it I like such as such as light blue used on forum boxes & Face book. But my photos are garish.I have been messing with Brightness(72%) digital vibrance +0%,contrast 100%,Image sharpening71%,Gamma 50%

1024X768 is one setting.It is an old computer running Vista.It has issues which I've posted previously but I want to use it until daughter comes home Labor day & can set up a new one for me.
Also my stuff seems a bit too wide for screen.Can barely see arrows.
Maybe someone can save me hours of setting this & that.

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Change your Zoom in Tools till you find what works for you

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Take it back and have the tech change it to your liking - isn't that the simplest solution?

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Snidely,No the guy has already spent a lot of time on this computer.He did some extra work after I screwed it up.I don't want to ask him & have to drag it in to the next town & be without it.I'm close to having it to where I can see it better than I ever could. Previously I couldn't even make out the boxes to the left on Gmail,where you check to delete mail.

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See the link for possible help...

Here is a link that might be useful: best-display-monitor

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