Help! I can't use the vent in the 1-2-Free Thermador pkg!

CARheartSeptember 20, 2012

I had all my appliances picked out, and went with the Thermador 1-2-FREE package, which gives me a free ventilation system. I now find out that in my state (Minnesota) I am not allowed to put in a ventilation system with a CFM of higher than 300 cfm. None of the Thermador vents have this low a cfm, and they can't be reduced via a air flow reducer, like other brands can. So...I am buying a package that I can't use, and will haave to pay for another island hood.

I have asked if the dealer will substitute another model hood or perhaps a washer/dryer or wine cooler in exchange, and they said no. Thermador KNOWS that they can't be used in MN, but they actually said that it's our problem.

What would YOU do? I love the appliances I picked out, and would like to get them, but not if I'm out another $2500.00 on top of them. Thanks!

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I would use it and go look for MakeUpAir.

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It's not that it can't be used. It's that any range that powerful that needs that much vent (and it DOES need that much CFM) will need makeup air. Or, you'll live with a substandard vent and greasy nasty walls.

Makeup air would be the best choice if you want a pro grade range.

Or get a consumer grade range instead of a pro grade range and then you will be fine with the wimpier vent.

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live wire oak is correct. The Thermador vent CAN and SHOULD be used in Minnesota. In reality the 300 cfm figure before make up air is required is a guide rather than a hard and fast rule. However the Thermador hood will require some level of make up air, but it may not cost $2,500.

If this is an island installation you should pony up what ever the extra cost is and do the job right with a higher CFM hood and make up air. In an island installation any hood with low enough CFM to get under the make up air requirement will not perform adequately and is a total waste of money.

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