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linda117117August 28, 2011

Hi all, I am so impressed with the detail that some of you notice on floor plans that I couldnt help myself and had to post one that I am considering. I like most everything about this plan except that there is really only two bedrooms on the main level. I really dont want to make the footprint any bigger so a second half story may be an option, but I wanted to put it out there to see if any of you had any ideas, suggestions, changes, things you notice that you would change about this plan that might be helpful.

One thing I want to change is to take out the storage closet next to the pantry and make the master (2nd walk in) closet a little smaller to give me a walk in pantry. I also considered making the fireplace a dual sided so the screened in porch had an outdoor fireplace. Any other ideas?

Please feel free, to me its all constructive. If someone can imbed the link, feel free.

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Hi Linda117--Welcome to forum! You are in luck as our builder just completed this same house for the local Parade of Homes this past Spring. I can tell you he made some changes that I agreed with. So here we go:
-He made the island larger and deleted the segmented one altogether to open the space up. See photos below.

-He made the corner between the kitchen & breakfast area a 90 degree angle to straighten out that corner and then put a door to the deck on the right where the window is in the breakfast room.

-He enlarged the pantry by incorporating the adjacent storage area--lots of pantry space!

-He deleted the deck on the left rear of the house and opted to make that space a sitting room off the master bedroom

-He put a door on the back wall of the laundry room that leads to the smaller master closet for easy access to the laundry from the master suite. (I would probably take that a step further and close in the access to that closet from the bathroom and open up a space from the larger closet into the smaller one to make 1 large closet.)

-He made all the sliding doors along the back wall of the family room tall windows instead (that's a cost thing, I'm sure). He maintained the doors on either side of the fireplace for accessing the screened porch and deck areas.

-He moved the toilet in the second bath on the main level to the adjacent wall so it backed up to the closet vs. the window.

-He added a wet bar area to the downstairs rec room along the wall where the access to the sotrage area is in the basement and inset it behind the stairs.

-He relocated the access door to the basement storage area to the bottom of the steps on the left. (The storage area went about another 10-12 ft toward the front of the house from the access door and extended to the designated storage space on the plan.)

-He incorporated stairs in the garage for walk-up storage or a future bonus room.

That's everything I can remember he did. The one thing I wish he had done was found a way to incorporate a powder room into the plan on the main level. Overall, the flow was very nice and the rooms felt spacious. I can tell you, it sold 1-2-3. Here's the pics I took of his build (Sorry, they're just of the kitchen & that wet bar in the rec room):

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Do you have kids? The one thing I always look for is a mudroom or back hall to put all their backpacks, sports gear, etc. If they're young and play outside in the back, it's nice to have that in the back of the house. In this plan, I think I'd either use of some of the laundry room for cubbies or put a pocket door up at the top of the hall from the garage (so there's a doorway even with the bottom of the little storage closet that's next to the pantry in the plan.) Then I'd put hooks and a bench along that hallway if it's wide enough, and maybe remove the right wall of the laundry room to make that whole space a combo laundry / mudroom. With a door you could close it off when you want but it wouldn't be very visible from guest spaces anyway. If you have pets that would be a nice space for their stuff, and you could close the door if you want to keep them in there when you have company.

If you tell us more about your family and how you use your home (entertain alot or not, how many kids, etc.) that will help others help you.

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Hi! Thank you both for your ideas, please keep them coming! Mydreamhome, how lucky am I that you just took pictures of this exact house and had some inside knowledge of this particular plan. Im glad you mentioned that corner wall, I didnt know what it was or how that would look. This is exactly the stuff I am looking for. Little things that a novice wouldnt realize, but could make huge differences! As for my family, we just shipped our last one off to college.(we have 3) So we are empty nesters! LOL (sounds so funny to say, still in our 40s and will be able to retire early in about 5 years). We do like to entertain and outdoor space is important to us, so I really like the decks and porches on this house. My mom will be living with us so the downstairs space will be made into a small apartment for her. This is the reason I need more bedrooms on the main level. It will be a waterfront home so it would be nice if my kids and when I get a few grandkids could come and stay for a few days. I dont expect to have any pets by the time we are done building this home. (we are a few years out). I have been looking at plans for a few years and this is one really seems to work nicely for us, except for the bedroom situation. (I also worry about resale if that ever happens).

I welcome any ideas anyone has, you may mention it for one reason, but it may work for someone else for another reason. Is there anything in particular that either of you noticed (or anyone else) about the plan that seems wrong or strange?

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Linda117-On your bedroom situation, I've included some links to other plans that are similar that have 3-4 bedrooms on the main level with a walkout basement. When I was planning, I would actually piece together different floorplans to get the features I wanted/needed. It may work for you too. So here you go...

Don Gardner Plans-






Richlieu (This one has a nice large secondary bedroom that could easily accomodate your mom):



Cedar Creek:


Garrell & Associates Plans-
Amicalola Cottage:

Nantahala Cottage:

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Thanks for the added info! Since your kids are older, that answers my thoughts about needing a mudroom.

Next question is how do you use your waterfront? Will you and guests be coming into the house from the back, possibly wearing wet bathing suits and carrying beach towels? If so, a powder room near the back entrance with hooks for towels would be nice; if that's a walkout basement a bathroom near the patio door would be great. Ditto for the bathroom near the rear if you anticipate parties and BBQs out back.

I'm hoping others with more experience looking at plans chime in. In the meantime, try printing your plan and using colored pencils to map out various routes for your common activities: from car to kitchen with groceries; from waterfront to restroom; from front entry to putting away guest coats/jackets; carrying food from kitchen to grill and back (maybe a door on that angled wall would help, so you're not walking through the great room with food); from working in the yard to the laundry room with dirty shoes; etc.

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I've got some great feedback so far, but please keep them coming. I welcome anyones input. Mydreamhome was able to supply more than most can, but I still would love to hear everyone elses feedback. Thank you!

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Okay, I just found this site thank goodness. My wife and I are thinking about building the Chestatee River Cottage with some modifications from Michael Garrell. Has anyone built this yet and any ideas of how much the framing package would be. We will be building near Athens, Ga. We love this design and really would like to have an idea of what it looks like completed and the cost. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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