Free Recipe there such a thing ??

big_al_41August 16, 2008

I have already posted this on another forum. Just wondering if there is different opinion here.

Free software for there such a thing?? I run a Vista X64 machine, can't seem to find good software for storing recipes.

Any Ideas? I know I sound cheap but at this point in time that's about it for me. We ( my wife & I ) have about 5000 or so recipes on an older program called meal master ..however they don't have a program that will run on a much new computer.

Thanks any help or suggestions are welcomed.


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Below is a link to the program which is now free. It does not say it will run on Vista but is good for XP. So why not try installing it? At worst you will need to remove the program. At best your worries will be over.

If this is no use on Vista tell us what the 3 letter suffix is behind each recipe, this might help identify a means for you to view all these recipes.

So out of curiosity how many of these recipes have you tried? Even using one a day you have over 10 years of eating to handle LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free Meal-Master program

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Yeah I have tried all that even to the point of trying to use a compatibly go. I don't remember the file ext , if that is what your asking for as I can't open my backed up recipes on the vista.

As to having so many ..well LOL a lot has to do with our years on this green earth...we come across a recipe and try it and like it or want to try it at a future date, hence the amt that is there, plus a lot are old family ones passed down etc.

I liked the fact that I could do a search on a ingredient and and then go from there. But thanks for the thought and suggestion.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes an excellent open source free one which I think works with all windows versions.
Gourmet Recipe Manager

for the correct download link go to this page then scroll down to where it says file releases the second level then in that area where the links are you want the second one which is an exe and says for windows
here is the link to the actual exe download

here is a little more info on it.
Gourmet Recipe Manager

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Also try this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Here

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Have you tried a web based service like MyCookbook:

MyCookbook is free recipe software that is all browser based. You don't have to download or install anything.

Just a thought. Hope that helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: MyCookbook Free Recipe Software

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I run a Vista X64. I use Gourmet Recipe Manager. I have run into one small "glitch". When I close the prgram I get an error message " Gourmet Recipe Manager has stopped working, Windows is searching for a solution to this problem." if I wait a sec. a second message appears. " A problem caused the program to stop working correcctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." No notification appears. I just disreguard the notices and close the program at first notification and every thing else seeem to work just fine. I don't know if it this is caused by something that occured during the download of the program, or if it is the fact that this is a VistaX64. I have had a compatibilty problem with 1 or 2 older programs. For example My Seagate Free Agent external drive works fine, but I cannot install the Seagate Manager part of the program. Checking with Seagate- they have no plans to make this model compatible with the X64. C'la vie, I can work around it.

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Free recipe cards for download.
You can download zip files of the recipe cards from the first three series. To do this:
1. Right-click on one of the links.
2. Click on "Save Target As" from the menu that appears.
3. Choose where you'd like the file to be saved.
You can also download the individual recipes as separate PDF files. Either way you'll need the free Adobe Reader to view the cards (many computers have this already).


Here is a link that might be useful: See Link

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Just a thought...
Is your old Meal Mgr. program from the same co. as the Meal mgr program mentioned by "owbist", Episoft?
If so perhaps contact them ( link at bottom of their download page) and explain the problem. They may have a solution. Perhaps they can tell you the extension of the recipe files.

Do you have the recipes/program on a disk that could be run on an older machine? If so,try it on another pc.
If the program is anything like GoumetRecipeManager- I can export the recipes to a Document folder ( in GRM they become Adobe files- at least on my PC, easy to copy and paste into document form) Once exported they can be copied to a disk and then put on your Vista. Cumbersome, but it could work.

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For ordinary storage of recipes, use MS Word and store as document files, same as letters.

But, if you are seeking a way to enter a base recipe, and then resize the quantity, try a spread sheet such as Excel.
Enter the ingredient in the first column; enter the base amount in the 2nd column; and then set up several more columns that are muntiples of base.

If it bugs you to see so many columns of data, especially columns that you are not using in a particular session, use the 'hide/unhide' feature. In Excel, move the mouse pointer to the column header and click to highlight. You can highlight a set of columns by holding the mouse button down and sliding the pointer across columns. With the columns selected, go to 'format' and in the drop down menu, select 'hide column'. The column(s) will stay hidden until 'unhidened'. To unhide, hold down the mouse button and sweep across where the missing columns would be, and then in the 'format' drop down menu, select 'unhide'.

The hidden columns will not print.

Making use of a spread sheet and its features can eliminate the need for special software. The multipliers for the columns don't have to be intergers (1, 2, ...), these can be anything you desire for example, 1.5; 2.25; 10.6; etc.

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