the culbertson by frank betz

AnnicadeAugust 24, 2011

we are currently in the process of starting to build the culbertson by frank betz. We would love input on different layout options of the keeping room and kitchen set-up and also if anyone has built and/or lives in the culbertson what are some of the likes and dislikes of the floor plan. We are not doing the screened in porch and eventually going to do a deck but not til next spring. We are also scratching the fireplace from the keeping room, so we would like to place windows on the left side of the room as well and even out the wall where the fireplace would originally have been placed. Any input would be great and if anyone has pictures of a finis

hed culbertson, I would be tickled pink :) :)

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Here is a link that might be useful: first floor plan

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How far along are you? I hesitate to say much if you are wedded to this plan.

Most of the Betz plans we've seen on this forum are cute, but have too-small living spaces. Glad you'll add windows to the 'keeping room' -- pretty small space to 'keep' much; it would be my breakfast room! Not enough 'back hall' space. This is one of the most-used, often-congested areas of a home. Glad to see a powder room there, though.

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we haven't started. we will begin in october. what do you reccomend? I will take ALL and ANY advice. I am a beginner!! the dining room looks small as well!!

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please, any input would be great!!! I am now thinking trying to get the dining room a bit bigger width wise, maybe extending the kitchen into the keeping room a tad, and now thinking the garage is too small. We are building on 5 acres and a year going to build a bigger detached garage for my hubbys f-250, rhino, and otheorr toys. we will keep a mid size suv and passenger car in the attached garage. Any thoughts on what to do???

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I'd skip any Betz or Gardner plan. These are generally created for builders to plop on small lots in developments. Gosh, you have five acres!

It's SO expensive to start and have a million changes. Stop the rush to break ground and get your plan the way you want it on PAPER. Can you consult an architect? At least look beyond these mass produced (and built) designs.

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Annicade-I'll be honest with you...I love the front exterior of this house. Lots of beautiful elements and full of character. I dislike the rear exterior of this house, but as my builder points out it's not the norm for the rear of the house to look as pretty as the front, so that may not bother you so much. I really do not like the interior layout of this plan. No bedrooms downstairs at all, small dining room as you pointed out, undersized garage, the keeping room is undersized, etc. By the time you pay to have this plan altered to enlarge all these rooms (don't forget that when you enlarge downstairs, whatever is overhead also grows), I think you could've found a comparable exterior with a more friendly interior layout & saved a bundle of $$. This is a very popular house style and I think you could find one with a better layout and give the builder the photo of the front of the Culbertson and tell him you want it trimmed out like that. If you're stuck on Betz, his Hanley Hall design is very similar and IMO flows better and has more usable space.

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Thank you so much all. loving all the input! My builder told me to browse online and to find a house i love and he can do whatever. I found a real picture of the culbertson and fell in love with the exterior. I will attach the picture. as far as floor plan, he said he could make any modifications. so he went and ordered the plan, said it was a lot easier to do than draw them up to save him time. so we have some leeway to make changes. at first i when i saw the plans, I thought i would make t keeping room an organized toy/play room but when I saw of video of the plan, i realized how small it was. I love the openess of the plan. I debated about putting a bedroom downstairs but i wouldnt want our kids separated and my hubby works shift work and didn't think a master would be such a great idea on 1st floor. i am hoping by the time we are old there will be great technology of stair chairs or some sort, LOL. I was thinking of pushing the expanding the kitchen wall if possible over to make the living room a tad bigger and extending the kitchen towards the keeping room a bit and just placing a breakfast table in the left over area of the keeping room. the garage....well i have no idea how to expand it. I would be happy with a 24 x 24 garage. any suggestions on how to go about expanding it without it looking too bulky. any links where i could find a good interior plan? attached is a picture of the house exterior i love. we are not going to have it off the ground so much but will do the stone, stone piers.

Here is a link that might be useful: picture of house i fell in love with

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video of the culbertson... love the color of house in this video

Here is a link that might be useful: video for culbertson

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Here is a link that might be useful: Homre

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Waiting to pick stone for the front!,, we think we r going with stone craft, ledgestone in Pennsylvania??? I'm real nervous to pick it...I want it to blend with the rugged canyon shake shingle and the harbor grey siding....I don't want it to be too too grey. Any suggestions? We added windows to the left side of the downstairs...a window in the kitchen, windows in the keeping room. we got rid of the fireplace in keeping room and added windows there...put acfrench door in breakfast area and a window where the original door was to go. We put sink on outside kitchen wall and just made the island without sink/dishwasher, but kept serving bar. I got rid of the built in wall pantry and had cabinet panties added. We r just doing a ventless gas fireplace in living room. Can't wait to see your pics sandwich!!!!

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