Do I need an email program on computer?

secsteveAugust 6, 2012

Do I really need an email program on computer to receive mail when I have an email on my ISP?

That thought occurred to me today as I was looking at various free email programs to put on the PC. I can receive, send, make folders and darn near everything else I do now on the old program.

Other than being convenient, I can't think of a good reason to not just use what the ISP provides.


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Pooh Bear

If you're happy with using webmail from your ISP
then you don't have to use an email program on your computer.

Pooh Bear

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I have used the email service from my ISP since Noah and I left the Ark but there is a problem. Having used it so long it now becomes quite difficult to consider changing ISP should the need arise - or they price themselves too high.

However, the ISP provided account is used for family and close friends only. Any other needs, like registering at Gardenweb and elsewhere or seeking info from a company for example, is done with one of 3 space based email accounts.

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owbist what is a space based email account?

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I think he's talking about email from agnostic sources - Yahoo mail, Gmail, etc., You can change your ISP as frequently as you like and still have the same address to use.

Which brings up a thought to share - sometimes you can save money on your internet connection by changing your supplier periodically. Most offer cut rates for new customers. Switch to take advantage of that, and then when the reduced price period ends, switch to another provider (maybe the one you left originally) who likely also offers a deal for new customers.

Many mail services - like Gmail - can be set up to collect email messages from multiple accounts and concentrate everything in one central place. It helps you avoid the annoyance of multiple logins, but if you do that with non-work related email accounts, it does bring into question why you need more than one account in the first place.

Oh, and for the OP, really there's no advantage or disadvantage to using a mail program. Maybe you prefer the user interface, but there's likely little difference between any one and the web experience using a browser

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