Pop up vocal ads

marie_ndcalAugust 29, 2013

Today turned on computer and got 2 short vocal ads (no pictures etc) from ATT and Best buy. Where are they coming from? Annoying. Ideas?

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Omg!! Had the same thing happen more than once. Scared me to death at first. Now it is annoying, very annoying!!!

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You got these ads just by turning the computer on? Without opening a web page?

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Yes. I was sitting in the living room, no sound except from tv. All of a sudden.....wow, from the computer and more than one ad. Don't remember which ads they were. Guess I was too shocked to remember. Creepy for sure. Have also had voices while I was working on the computer so I've had it both ways.

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I will be interested in this, never heard of that happening when you first turn on the PC, before. It happened to me once, but I was on the net on the site it was coming from. When I closed the site out it was still playing on my PC. LOL

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A basic Google using the keywords "ads start up computer" (sans quotes) presented many reports of this malady. I found the one from tomshardware.com interesting.


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Will have to wait until tomarrow to bring up the computer again. So far the rest of today--no ads.

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