Love my warming drawer!

athensmomof3September 23, 2012

I know I poured over this board when making appliance decisions - and I think that is why I am happy with all of them:)

I do love my warming drawer though! We entertain a lot (out of town and in town guests the past 6 weekends) and I have found my warming drawer to be indispensible! I used it just this past weekend to warm up some Trader Joe's sourdough bread (wrapped it entirely in foil), and used it the weekend before to keep the fajitas (tortillas and chicken and steak and veggies) warm when we had a house full of guests watching football . . . I was able to cook it at my leisure, put it in the warming drawer and folks could eat when they wanted (earlier for kids and halftime for adults).

I was on the fence about this appliance but it has gotten a workout for the last two months and will get one again tonight - husband is doing a delivery so I will save his plate in it.

I got the Miele because it would fully integrate but if that is not important I think many would do. I do love the lack of sides on the Miele though. . . We kept warm take out barbeque two weeks ago and were able to pick it up before the guests arrived and packed it full:). If you entertain a lot, like we do, I highly recommend!~

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I love mine, too! I have a paneled KA bought at a great ebay discount price. DH scoffed at me when I added it towards the end of the reno without really discussing it with him. He predictably said, "I doubt you'll use it. You can do without warming your plates." Now, he loves it. It didn't take long for him to see the benefits. Funny, I've only used it a couple of times solely to warm plates. ;)

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So glad to hear you guys love yours! I'm on the fence about getting one. BUT DH is very insistent, he hates cold plates. So we are getting 2, one will be our regular plate storage instead of a dish drawer or in an upper cabinet and one will be for regular use. The salesman I have talked to said his wife does a mean brisket in their warming drawer.

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