Anyone have experience with Ad Mark (eBay) appliance dealer?

myniyerSeptember 16, 2008

Am considering buying Gagg induction cooktop + combi steam oven. Total price is $2000 less than buying locally and the dealer gets very good reviews. But something about the deal is making me nervous - maybe it just seems too good to be true. Anyone done this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ad Mark online appliance store (eBay)

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I didn't have a good experience when I bought an oven from them earlier this year. First, their payment system (Vendio, I think?) charged me twice and they only refunded my extra payment after one week and asking them twice to do so. Next, the oven arrived missing a trim piece, which at first they tried to deny was missing. It was a major hassle to deal with them (and I was dealing with the owner, who kept promising me that the part was going to arrive in 1-2 weeks) so I would not buy from them again or recommend them.

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I've been lurking on this site for a while and learning such valuable information. I had to join so that I could respond to your question. I bought from AdMark on ebay in June of 2004. I was doing a complete Kitchen remodel and bought my over-the-counter microwave, slide in stove and dishwasher from them. They are all Fridgidaire. I have not had any problems with any of the appliances from the start. I think that my micro may have had a scratch on it from the beginning. It really had not bothered me, so I can hardly remember. Their shipping was fast, and I don't think that I had any need for customer service, so i cannot comment on that. I hope this helps.

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Another lurker here! Yes, bought a double oven from AdMark this summer. Price was way below anyone else, arrived in the expected timeframe and in perfect shape.

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I'm hoping not to be offensive, but what are the odds of two lurkers signing up and posting for the first time on the same day???

I have bought Gaggenau appliances from ubiduwin on ebay. I was nervous so I emailed a few of the people listed in the feedback to ask them their experiences and they were kind enough to answer me...both had positive things to say.

I bought the combi steam oven and the 27" double ovens. When the steam oven arrived, I couldn't open the door. I contacted the seller and they were very helpful (just needed to pull hard, hahaha). The wall ovens however had a horrible gash in the trim. I emailed the seller pictures, they arranged for a tech to come and look. He ordered the part and when it came in, installed it. I received two follow up calls from the customer service people the seller used. It was a wonderful experience and I would buy from then again in a heartbeat!

I haven't installed the ovens yet but Gaggenau told me the warranty started from the date of install; they said it had to be installed by a professional and that I needed to keep the receipt. If you seach my screen name, you'll see I've discussed these purchases before and am in no way affiliated with the seller.

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Interesting point, cheri127, about your first comment...

I wanted to add that I had a good experience with janiejack, I bought my Gaggenau combi steam oven from her last year.

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Looking at his WEB site he appears to carry the lower end products and throws some high end names in the mix in the hopes he can steal a deal, I would be careful especially with Gaggenau which is a highly protected line and I doubt that this guy is authorized.

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Yes, I can see how it may look suspect, but I have no connection to this seller other than having bought a Bosch double oven from him @$400 less than I could find it anywhere else. The transaction went well.

Ironically, a few hours after posting my first post on this thread (which is my first post ever on GW) of the panes of glass in the oven door shattered during it's first self clean cycle. I am now dealing with Bosch's warranty department, and have started a seperate thread on that.

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Yes, I saw that, camargo. I would be so unnerved by that experience! I hope I didn't insult you with my first post. You just can never tell when someone is trying to sell something. Sorry about that and I hope your oven gets fixed real soon. They should throw in a nice bottle of wine to make up for the major clean up it required!

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I have had experience with Ad Mark and I need to share this with as many people as possible so they won't experience what I have.

To begin, I ordered $4,807 worth of appliances directly from them and paid in full June 23rd 2008 via Paypal.

After waiting a few weeks I called to ask the status of my order and finally received a return phone call from "Harry" who I believe is the owner. He said they shipped all of my GE products and I should be receiving them any day. I said I never ordered any GE products and asked what he was talking about.

Come to find out, I had asked for a price quote on additional GE products in the comments section of the paypal and they sent me these items instead of the original order. I never did receive any GE products, however about late August I finally received part of my order.

When I received the refrigerator and freezer units, both were damaged as if they were dropped. The walls were crumpled. I contacted UPS minutes after the driver left to inform them about the damages and they recorded it as "hidden damages" and the shipper needed to file the claim. The shipper being Ad-Mark.

I sent them photos of the damages and he said he would compensate me for the damage once the claim is processed by UPS.

I recieved all my products except a Summit under counter ice-maker. Finally, after about 10 phone messages, Harry called to inform me the unit was never shipped and he was following up. When the unit arrived, October, it didn't work. This is not his fault, just a defective unit. I contacted Summit and they immediately sent me a replacement. This replacement didn't work either. The warranty contact at Summit said they were discontinuing this model and he would feel better if they just refunded the money for this unit. I agreed.

I contacted Harry from Ad-mark, left several messages and finally he called me back days later. I informed him about the ice-makers and he said that he would not get the refund from Summit, but his "distributor" would get it. I told him that isn't my problem.

Harry then proceeded to offer me a "Deal" on a much better unit he referred to as the "Mercedes" of ice-makers that they just made a "special Purchase" on. He said he could sell the unit to me for only $500 more dollars which would be a total of $1,349 plus the original $150 shipping(already paid) for a unit that retails for $1899.

I agreed to his offer (Dummy Me) and sent him the extra $500 immediately via paypal.

Now after 1 month since I sent him the extra cash, I never received the new ice-maker. I left him over 8 phone messages with never receiving any return phone calls. Finally, I emailed his ebay account and I got an apology email telling me that they sold out of those ice-makers he promised me and no one ever told him. Keep in mind, this is 1 month later he tells me this.

Then he proceeds to tell me he can send me a Jenn-Air unit for the same price ($849 + $500 = $1349. the Jenn-Air MSRP is $1449. I told him thanks, but no thanks, just please refund my money. $849 + $500 + $150(shipping) + damage compensation as promised on the other 2 appliances.

Here we are, December 4, 2008 and I still have no refund, no response to my phone calls and of course, no ice-maker.

All of this information is factual as i wouldn't post so much detail if I wasn't so frustrated with this company.

If you can get an answer from Harry, here is his phone number 313-314-7559, good luck! Please have him call me! My user name is my real name, I have nothing to hide.

I contacted his "Parent" company as he states on eBay Ad Mark is a division of "AutocoHome". I called AutoCo Home, 313-373-2000 and asked about Harry and Ad-mark. They said he is not a "Division" of AutoCo and that they are totally separate entities. They said that "christi" is the person who has contact with Harry from Ad Mark and no one else there knows anything about the relationship.

I left Christi messages and am still waiting to hear back from her.

Evidently, AutoCo Home basically fulfills the appliance orders for Harry, they are the real business. I believe Ad Mark products is nothing more than a "ghost" company.

I found their address and website. 1612 Wild Berry Ct., Ballwin, Missouri 63021. the website is "" and posted is his famous cell phone number on the site "313-314-7559". I bet anyone $ you won't get him to answer that phone number.

I hope he sees this posting as I am still waiting for my refund. My patience has been worn out and I am about ready to take legal action against this person and/or company.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about this situation.

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larry, how frustrating!!! If you paid throught PayPal, they will be in your corner. You should file a compaint. They will get this resolved for you. I've only had to do it once for an eBay purchase, but they were very helpful and we got it all resolved. I think mostly it scares the seller into shape. And then if nothing becomes of that, they move in. Good luck to you!

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I'm confused. Why does Ad Mark have a 100% positive feedback rating on ebay with over 12,000 transactions? Shouldn't there be some negative feedback if this company is so awful? Did larryscala leave negative feedback?

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I too had a horrible experience with this company. We ordered $ 8,000 worth of Electrolux appliances from them on 5/23/09. As of 8/13/09, we still do not have all of our products. Harry is the only person that we have been able to have any contact with. He is extremely hard to get in touch with. When he does reply, he shows no interest in helping or being cooperative. We have been told on several occasions that we need to contact Electrolux for part of our cooktop not received even though Ad-Mark was paid for it. The last couple of responsed from him have been very rude, even telling me that I need to "settle down" because I told him to refund our money if he couldn't finish delivering our appliances. I didn't purchase through ebay, but did use paypal. Thought it would still be safe through paypal, but found out today that we couldn't file a complaint after 45 days. Even though we were given a lower price, it has definitely not been worth the trouble and extra expense!!

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They are a great company I have been buying from them for years. Very very honest AAA+++ rating Bought my last full kitchen with no problem at all

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We just bought a full suite of high end kitchen appliances from Ad-mark and it was a wonderful experience. We paid over $18,000 and everything went just like clockwork. Everything arrived on time ad was beautiful!!!I just wanted to add my experience because I find that most people who join these forms are one sided without the seller probably even knowing they are posting these so called complaints and the seller never given the oppertunity to give their of the side of the story....Ad-Mark 100% tops in my book!!!!!

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I got my drawer MW from Admark.

Purchased it. Got it a week later in perfect condition.

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Interesting why someone would dig up a two year old thread just to post an overly positive comment the same day they register. Also interesting that johnallen123 has not made a single post other than the one above since June. Only time will tell if abby27_2010 will continue to post and if so, then she will be welcome around here but thought I'd point out the oddity of the last two posts. Also, both of the last two read like typical ebay comments rather than what you would typically find here.

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Sorry Diego, wasn't referring to you. :)

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I am so glad to read these posts we were thinking about purchasing appliances from ad mark I think we will pass
Thank you

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i have another admark horror story. this guy only talks to you when he is closing a deal and wants you to send money. after that, gird your loins, it's anyone's bet as to whether your stuff arrives. i placed what i thought was a substantial order with harry. i'm still waiting for multiple items to arrive and it's 8 months later. nobody answers the phone. the items that DID arrive did so on their own sweet time, not according to the time frames that i was given- not even close.

the wildberry court address is obviously a residential address, look at a satellite map. i don't think there is any "business" behind this operation.

this guy is obviously running a drop ship operation and it is hit or MISSSSSSSSSSS. i would say based on the number of bad experiences I have read here, that surely does not capture the anywhere near the sum total of bad experiences with admark, that he is sitting at a 30-40% failure rate of fulfilling orders.

i did get him to respond to phone calls. maybe twice so far. and not timely. now the emails seem to be broken too. a likely "ghost" person of "ashley" sometimes answers the emails.

all in all, i would say the RISKS involved of obtaining the "LOWER PRICES" are not at all worth it.

2 of the appliances that did arrive do not work right. i've seen other people say the same. sure seems like a heck of a lot of incidents of "issues" for just a thread like this. it's very possible that for parts of his advertised product line that he is a bottom feeder on the supply chain and buying things that are for whatever reason riskier or i daresay known to be screwed up.

i wouldn't touch this clown with a 20 foot pole in the hands of my worst enemy. you can "save" some money if everything shows up just so. but look at how many times things are not showing up and the guy won't answer a phone or email.

even if you've had glowing results in the past, i'd be wary of any deals with this obvious NON COMPANY who is not every good at running his drop ship shadow operation.

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yep, abby 27 2010, that's a beauty of a comment.

harry had time enough to cook that one up (but no time to call customers twisting in the wind). next time he tries to prop up his "brand" maybe a little less shamelessly over enthusiastic might ring true, at least a little bit.

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BBB Accredited Business since 10/15/2010
Ad-Mark Enterprise Inc

Phone: (800) 201-5813Fax: (708) 575-230210805 Sunset Office Dr, Saint Louis, MO 63127


Accredited since 10/15/10. With an A rating. I don't think that will last very long.

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rob from nj

We purchased our Sharp microwave drawer through Admark on eBay. It was advertised as a factory refurbished unit with a full factory warranty.

As the price was significantly less than a new unit, but still had the same warranty, it sounded like a good deal.

Ours arrived with a crush/dent at the back of the case which could possibly have been the reason it was sent back to the factory and re-certified.

What really ticked us off was that the "full manufacturer's warranty" was not the two years + five on the tube that shows on the Sharp website, it was only 30 days.

We would never have purchased it if we knew the warranty was only 30 days.

At first they tried to give us some runaround about how we should have known that a refurb warranty wasn't as long as a new but finally agreed to purchase a 3 year warranty for us through a third party when we said we wanted them to pay for return shipping and issue a full refund.

We did have to use the warranty as the belt that operates the drawer came off after about a week of use (we didn't install it until about 2 months after purchasing it) and the warranty company performed as they should.

I wouldn't deal with them again and would advise others to steer clear.

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rob from nj

Correction: The Sharp warranty for a new MW drawer is 1 parts and labor (in home) + 5 yrs on the tube (parts only). We settled for a two year in home parts and labor after-market warranty.

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The guy's name is Harry SLYMAN. Just thought that was funny given the negative reviews. Guess he's living up to his name.

Unfortunate as his prices are definitely more reasonable than almost anyone else's.

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His website says that he accepts American Express; this would be a much safer way to pay him. The charges would be reversed with just a phone call to AE as soon as he misses the delivery date.

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i sent them $5649.00 for a range back in june it is sept 26, thats three months i put in complaint with ebay i was over 60 days so they will not help me. i left so manny email and phone message and no one will return my calls and email, horibble, liars and thiefs best describe this company. i will never do buisness with them again and recommend due dilligence for everyone.


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Just wanted to give my feedback on this. I have ordered a full kitchen and laundry room full of Samsung stainless appliances from Harry hell of a deal of 4775 shipped this is the top of the line 30 cu ft. side by side fridge and the top of the line induction top stove/covection oven as well as dishwasher and microwave above the stove and 1 seo down from the top on the washer and dryer. I myself have been worried and skeptikal after reading more horror stories online. keep trying to give them benifit of the doubt because they do have a 'A' rating with BBB and do have over 20,000 posative feedbacks on ebay. BUT like you guys he would call me from a 'Restricted' number be short and sometimes rude. So I have been telling him my concerns and he has the upper hand obviously since he has my money. So best thing I could do is just be patient and watch the calander on when is the last day I can file with paypal to try and get my money back. Well here is my update. I did get a call back from Harry asking if I wanted to wait another week or so before he processed the order. Says Samsung is having a good presidents day sale and I could save some more money. I told him id pass and rather just get the stuff shipped asap now. (originally I told him I was in no hurry to get these since it is for my house I'm remodeling and has a renter in it) but being skeptikal on all this I said just get it to me. (could have saved about another $100) Anyway Monday this week he did call and said that the order is gone through and that I will here from the shipper soon. Wednesday Harry sent me a tracking number and listed the carrier as something crazy, but when I asked him in a email about the carrier he wrote back said FedEx Freight, Sorry, I looked up the number and it is good, Shows that I have 6 items coming to Texas weighing over 1000 pounds and should have it delivered on Monday. FedEx called to confirm this today. So with all this being said I want to give him a posative feedback to put with this forum. I will post again after Monday when I can inspect my goods. I do know that if my items come to me damaged that it is not his fault. He is not the one who shipped them So I cant hold him to blame on that. And that is prolly the biggest complaint on read about ad mark is something to do with the shipping. I will do as he says and physically open and unbox every item before sending Fedex on their way... Otherwise this is something other people havent done when trying to give him cuddos is put name and number in the listing since I was one of those who thought the same thing when I read this forum that maybe harry just signed up himself and put good stuff to make him sound better. Not the case here. My name is Chris Bolle and I work in the oilfield. My cell number is 903-812-2239 I will share my experience with any of you but so far if this goes Monday as it looks like I will be reccomnding and buying more from him. Bestbuy couldnt even come close to the deal i got from him!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tracking number for my appliances

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another positive post on a topic that has been closed for a year and a half by someone who registered on the same date as the post.
Coincidence ???

Makes you sit back and go HHHMMMMM...

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I agree how sleazy. I feel like I need a shower.

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Well I'm sorry to burst the bubble of those who have their minds made up that all pro-Admark posts are fake (who knows, some of them might be fake), but I've been on GW for a couple of years and fairly active, too (kitchen more than appliances forum).

I bought a Samsung W/D pair on 7/24/12 from Admark with some trepidation because their prices were surprisingly low compared to other stores. They did take a week or two to ship, making me a little nervous, but we received them intact about 2 or 2-1/2 weeks later. I even had a chance to test their customer service. The house wasn't done so we didn't install right away, but in September when we plugged them in, I noticed the washer's (WF457AR) touchscreen was dead. Admark pointed me to Samsung's 800 number, and promptly even emailed me the serial numbers at my request (we have 2 houses and we were at the other home). Samsung promptly sent out a tech and replaced the touchscreen assembly! High marks for both Admark and Samsung.

We're still not done with the house, but hopefully soon. I would have no problems ordering from Admark again. No seller is perfect and there will always be some unhappy buyers, but Admark is NOT a scam. 99.2% feedback rating is not easy to fake, guys.

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As I posted in my ad the day I first replied, For those who were in doubt about it call me. I left the phone number, Stated who I was and if you clicked the link I attached that was the FedEx Freight tracking number. Well if you check it now it will show its delivered. I can send you all the pics of the items I did get if needed. Not saying Harry has the best customer service skills but he did come through with each item I ordered. Yes this post was dead for a year or so before I made my first comment and now this is my second. Only reason I'm making comments it to give him some credit and because before I got my items I was as skeptikal as the rest. Now my mind is at ease, With a big smile on my face!!!

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Samsung induction top stove out of box

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30 cu foot side by side

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Dishwasher and Microwave..... Again if anyone believes this is set up to try and butter up to Ad Mark it is not. I am in no way in business, in cahoots, personal level with Harry or Ad Mark just stating my experience with them, and as I stated in my first post it was starting out to be a very negative one also. but in the end it did work out and got what I expected at a hell of a good price.... Thanks and i'm done posting now.

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SO after much research I found a few companies that had below market value prices for appliances. I found this thread in a search and read through it all. It made me very concerned with dealing with AD MARK. My biggest problem is lack of communication. Not being able to get to a human to discuss a problem. I decided to read the negative comments about them on ebay. I did not like what was said, but also how Harry responded to the negative feed back.

I just wanted to share with you, that I am going with another company. Here is the website:

I found them through ebay as well. I was able to talk to a human being and get a sense of peace. Their prices are a good deal better than HomeDepot and Best Buy.

Good luck to you all with getting deals on overpriced products that don't last like they use to :). To all who shared their horror stories, thank you for taking the time to steer us clear from troubled waters.

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I researched and read all the comments on here, BBB, and on ebay. Percentage wise, Admark gets pretty good marks.

AdMark had the best prices I could find so I sent an inquiry about a dishwasher to them. Only an automated response that they would get back to me. Then nothing. So I called the number that was on the auto response (which is also the 800 number on their web site) and it was attached to a FAX machine. Sent another email and now 48 hours later, still nothing. If they can't communicate before they get your money, they aren't going to get better after. :(

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*** Failed to deliver goods within 10 days. Canceled order. ****

Not surprised to lack of customer service, lack of professionalism. The best part is where they are saying that they would "will do the same for you!!!". Completely disregard for quality service. Will never shop with them again.

Just so you know their phone numbers are all call forwarded numbers including 800#. They forward to cell phones. They never return calls (left over 5 voice messages). Response to email is - if they feel like responding.

If you are able to wait for 2 weeks for item to "maybe" ship - shop with them. If you want hassle and runaround - shop with them!

See email thread below:

1:48 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
Will do the same for you!!!
From: []
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 3:44 PM
To: admarkproducts
Subject: Re: Need Order Status - Urgent

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 1:40 PM, admarkproducts wrote:
OK I will cancel the shipments

From: []
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 2:59 PM
To: admarkproducts
Subject: Re: Need Order Status - Urgent
Both of my clients have rejected the order. This is quite ridiculous and you caused us to lose the business. If items shipped, I need tracking NOW. If they didn't - let me know so that I could order elsewhere.

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 8:29 AM, admarkproducts wrote:
Will not have them till Monday from my distributor
From: []
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 10:17 AM
To: admarkproducts
Subject: Re: Need Order Status - Urgent
What are the tracking numbers?

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 2:48 PM, admarkproducts wrote:
Will do!
From: []
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 2:53 PM
To: admarkproducts
Subject: Re: Need Order Status - Urgent
Just so you know these are LATE for our purposes. I expect tracking number early morning so that I could pass it along to our clients.

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 12:29 PM, admarkproducts wrote:
both units were back order but are shipping tomorrow
From: CMG []
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 11:05 AM
To: admarkproducts
Subject: Re: Need Order Status - Urgent
The billing is under xxxgeniy katsnelson. Shipping to one of our clients. I would have to pull up my po's to see the names. Please search by phone number to pull up both orders: 323-369-4453.
I need trackings today. Please call me with the info.

On Jun 18, 2014, at 6:25 AM, "admarkproducts" wrote:

I will be happy to answer your question. In order to do so could you please send your full name so I can look up your order?
Ad-Mark Products
We're not happy until you are!
1-800-754-1030 or 1-314-313-7559

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 8:58 PM
Subject: Need Order Status - Urgent
I placed two orders for the item that was not delivered. One of the orders is: Order#xxxxxxxxxxx
I need to know tracking right away. Please call me as soon as possible. (xxx)xxx-xxxx

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Hi Everyone!
This is Harry with Ad-Mark Products. I decided to join garden web to address some of the feedback left for my company. As you know, there is always two sides to every story and unfortunately some of the reviews are misleading and down right untrue. But I have not been able to respond to each and every misleading review left in this forum.
We have been in the appliance business for over 35 years and have built our reputation on great customer service. I do thank those who left great reviews!! If you check our reviews on ebay we have over 22,000 happy customers with positive reviews and only a few negatives ( check it out on our ebay store ). I would be more than happy to address any concern you have or answer specifically to any review and explain our side of the story. Simply email me
Harry Slyman

Here is a link that might be useful: ad-Mark abay store

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Do yourself a favor and .....STAYAWAY FROM ADMARK PRODUCTS !!!!!!
This guy buys open boxes...damaged applinces from outfits like Home Depot, Sears, Lowes...and will sell it to you as new....!!!!!! Once you received ...he will blame you for the damage.....or if you got it thru e'bay...he will try to convince you not to file a complain using the e'bay resolution center.......with a promise that he will solve the issue.....however he is trying just to buy more push you over 30 days limit time for filling complains...after that...he will do nothing....outside of accusing you of the damages.

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New terrible experience with Ad Mark!!!

Yes, I just joined this site to share this bad experience with Ad Mark Appliances...not trying to hide that fact. The way I found myself here was I Googled "Anyone had troubles with Ad Mark?" and this was a leading site/link.

I have already filed a complaint with the BBB online.

Ad-Mark advertises a delivery date of 10-14 business days. After 19 business days, I was informed it would be another month and a half to get my order.

I purchased a Samsung, FER300SX electric range from Ad-Mark for $679 on 9/8/2014. On October 2, 2014-- this was my email to Ad-Mark, asking what the status of my purchase was:

"My Order Confirmation # is 1410203480133 It is for a Samsung, Stainless Steel 5.9 Cu Ft Electric Range, Model # FER300SX The purchase price is $679 that is to be charged to my VISA credit card account. The documentation I received via email after the purchase said my order should arrive within 10-14 business days from the date of purchase. The date of purchase was 9/8/2014. That was 18 business days ago and still no word, no oven, nothing."

\This is the response I received on October 4 from Ad-Mark representative (Ashley): "the unit is on back order till Nov 23rd...can you wait?


I have two major complaints:

1) Don't advertise merchandise that you claim will be delivered within 10-14 business days, if your inventory levels are that erratic.

2) I contacted THEM to ask what was the status. Why wouldn't an Ad-Mark representative let a customer know immediately that a product that was purchased was going to be so late? Speaking of late.....November 23rd?? A product purchased on September 8th cannot be delivered from St. Louis to Memphis in two and a half months?? When was Ad-Mark going to let me know this if I hadn't contacted them? I cancelled the order and paid quite a bit more ($770.97) for the same product from my local hardware store.....a difference of $91.97. I had read that Ad-Mark was notorious for bad customer service, but this example is beyond poor customer service.

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To anyone wondering why Admark has so many positive reviews on ebay, they have found a way to suppress negative feedback. I placed negative feedback on 2 x items I recently purchased. Both arrived severely damaged and Admark refuses to replace. I cant use the items without spending a fortune in repairs. The negative feedback I submitted to ebay? Gone. I spoke to ebay and they cannot explain the disappearance so are investigating. If ebay finds Admark had a hand in this, their account will be closed for good. Bunch of good for nothing shysters. I even spoke to their distributors and they said, and I quote: 'Admark are a terrible company to deal with, and we have been working hard to get rid of their account'.

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Don't waste your money with this scumbag company! Bought a new samsung trio refrigerator from them. Icemaker didn't work,called Samsung and they said pound dirt Admark is not an authorised dealer, Admark would not even answer my repeated calls. They are a drop ship outfit and shippers will not warrenty any products sold by this outfit...DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCUMBAGS!! DO NOT!!

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Thai Nguyen

admarksucks, can you plz tell me the model of your refrigerator?

thank you

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Hi Everyone!
This is Harry with Ad-Mark Products. I decided to join garden web to address some of the feedback left for my company. As you know, there is always two sides to every story and unfortunately some of the reviews are misleading and down right untrue. But I have not been able to respond to each and every misleading review left in this forum.
We have been in the appliance business for over 35 years and have built our reputation on great customer service. I do thank those who left great reviews!! If you check our reviews on ebay we have over 22,000 happy customers with positive reviews and only a few negatives ( check it out on our ebay store ). I would be more than happy to address any concern you have or answer specifically to any review and explain our side of the story. Simply email me
Harry Slyman

Here is a link that might be useful: ad-Mark abay store

Even his own link doesn't work....Go figure....Scumbag,Ripoff,Crook!

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