BLING! Bathroom done... Lots of photos.

pharaohNovember 30, 2008

Here is my long awaited DIY Bathroom Remodel. We are calling this 99% finished :)

Original Finishes 60s cultured marble counter, 70s metallic wallpaper, 80s peel-n-stick vinyl tiles, no shower

My main Design aesthetic was ÂBLING!

Finishes  Polished, high gloss, clean

Primary Shapes  Square and sharp

Colors  Metallic, white, transparent, brown

Materials  Wood, marble, chrome, glass, crystal

Duration  1 year to design, plan, shop and import

6 months from demolition to completion

List of projects

1. Vanity  Floating vanity made from bubinga, an African rosewood. Finishes in gloss waterlox varnish

2. Mirror frame  Bubinga

3. Shower panels  Bookmatched Bubinga with 5 coats of marine varnish

4. Shower doors  Hydroslide from CRL, 3/8" starphire glass

5. Shower panel  Wood and chrome (ebay)

6. Toilet - Ebay

7. Shower wall and bathroom floor  Pure white Sivec (Macedonia) marble 18x18 (over Schluter ditra/kerdi)

8. Bathroom walls- Custom made Starphire glass tiles 4"x18"

9. Tile inserts  Swarovski 1"x1" Foiled crystals

  1. Sink  Marble vessel sink

  2. Faucet  Chrome waterfall vessel faucet

  3. Towel bar, tissue holder  Chrome Danze Sirius

  4. Sconces  Candice Olsen Chrome/Crystal Sconce

  5. Chandelier  Chrome Snowflake with Swarovski crystal

  6. Countertop  ½" Tempered starphire glass with 4" chrome standoffs

  7. Window  Aluminium double glazed with laminated privacy glass

  8. Door  Laminated privacy glass

  9. Door lever  Chrome Omnia

  10. LED lighting - under the floating vanity and edge lit glass wall tile




Finally, the LED mood lighting (cycling color)

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OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am in love with the beautiful exotic wood vanity, the modern unique sinks, that beautiful gorgeous Marble Floor, and everything else in your a bathroom. You did a great job and it sure is has the WOW factor. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow, those pictures just got better and better!

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WOW! Your bathroom is so gorgeous! I love how you placed the sapwood on your cabs. When I saw the pieces, I thought what a shame that's a sidewall piece not realizing I was looking at the front. Sheer genius cabinetwork. I actually dragged DH out of bed to look at your pics. No fair teasing us with pics and not giving the source on that amazing chandelier.

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elegance and bling combined, it's truly amazingly beautiful and also original and unique, it was worth the wait !!!!!

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WOW - that is stunning!

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i love bling. i really, really do! thanks for letting us have a peak, it's beautiful!

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DH is impressed! He also wants to know more about your LED "mood lighting." Is it a track around the ceiling perimeter? Low-voltage (like U/C lighting)?

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How exquisite!

Is this a bathroom guests get to use?

If so, I bet they linger a while in there!

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Wonderful!!! In particular, I love your shower!

Do you have a layout of your bathroom? What are its dimensions? It looks similar to our (small) master bathroom...we're planning a bathroom remodel (but probably won't actually do it for another year or two!) Do you have a tub in there? My DH wants to eliminate our tub to make room for a bigger shower & small linen closet, but I've been resisting...but you may have given me something to think about!

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WOW is right!
What a fabulous, unique space! Wonderful use of materials!

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Wow!!! You have one of the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen. I love your use of the white/grey glass tiles on the walls, and the bling doesn't hurt either. How brave of you to do a wood panel in the shower itself - did you do any research on how to take care of it?

Wonderful - serene, exotic, spectacular!!!

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Totally cool! I love the bling insets in the tile and the chandeliers are awesome!!

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Thank you all for the nice responses.

Laxsupermom- Thanks for noticing the sap wood. It was a difficult work to handle the 1 inch think Bubinga. In fact I got an entire trunk of bookmatched bubinga slabs with awesome grain. The chandelier can be bought at EXPO...Email me and I will give you a better source ;)

cat-mom - The LED lighting is embedded in the trim molding above the glass tiles. We got it at IKEA! It is low voltage and the strips of light are really thin so they can be embedded rather easily.

raehelen- indeed it is a guest bathroom :) I have guests over christmas and was under a deadline to get this bathroom finished...

buehl - The bathroom is 8x8. We kept the tub and everything else is new. I dont have dimensional photos but here is the original 3D design.

Redroze - The wood panel was a flight of fantasy. I have seen it done in some design magazines. I have coated it with marine waterlox and hope it survives :) Will report after a year. It is a guest bathroom so it will not see too much continuous use. We did add a exhaust fan to dry out the shower after use.

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If this is your guest bath, I have to see your master. You got a Wow! from DH too through his half-opened eyes as I waxed poetic about your cabs, your walls, that gorgeous chandelier... He also said that I need to hit the dating scene again if I'm planning on getting a copycat version:( I figure it'll take about a year for him to forget kitchen reno birthing pain, then I'll whip out these pics again.

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okay, I don't even know what to say... beyond words. One of the nicest, most thought out bathrooms I've ever seen. I wish I were in it right now... I'd NEVER come out!

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Wow!!! So many cool features! I have to ask about the toilet -- any details beyond "ebay"?

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I'll second mamadadapaige - beyond words. So luxe, and all the more impressive because you did it yourselves. Congratulations!

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Pharaoh, Spectacular! Every detail in your room is Exquisite! All your careful work, progressive attention to detail, exceptional good taste and style earned the right to this absolutely PERFECT room. What fortunate guest! Your's is absolutely my Favorite room EVER! My I add your pics to my pbase bath album? What a pleasure, thank you so much for letting us see!

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VERY COOL! Me loves me some *BLING!!!!* too! Perfect!

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That is BLING done to elegant perfection!

I'm adding your bathroom to my list of GW rooms I want to visit in person. The good thing is that your bathroom isn't too far from your kitchen, which is also on my list ;-D

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WOW is not even the word! In fact there are no words. That's 'cause words can only limit (rather than accurately describe) the fact of what you have done! If I thought I was blown away by your kitchen and, of course, I was, now I'm totally down for the count on your guest (did you really say, "guest" ?????) bathroom! Unbelievable, Pharaoh. I am a solid fan of your design/build work. Got any plans to market your services? I'd sign up in a heartbeat!

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Pharaoh, I'm still looking at these beautiful photos, may I ask how you finally decided to adhere the glass tiles and grout? I can't tell if you uses grout or not, but the pics look very pure glass, I love the result.

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Pharoah -- Absolutely breathtaking !!! I would also like to see the master bath & all other house pics. I guess I have missed them somehow.

Again, your work is gorgeous, enjoy!!!
Hope you have house guests soon so they can use that beautiful space.

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I cannot believe how absolutely beautiful your bathroom is. I have never seen one so gorgeous. You did an exceptional job !! I have sent you an e-mail inquiring about your chandelier. It is just perfect in the space.

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Simply stunning! I would love to know where you managed to find your beautiful Bubinga.

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Yes, this is a guest bath :) The master bathroom is at least a year away. It takes me a year to explore, analyze, solidify the design. Then several months to shop and stock materials. Then the actual building...

Here is a sneak preview of the masterbath- it is going to be japanese wabi-sabi design aesthetic. Think earthy, muted, warm wood, shoji, lanterns - everything opposite of BLING :)

Laxsupermom- feel free to do a copycat version. If you have more room, i can help with the design :)

bluekit - the toilet was from a seller named steamshowerstore which is local to me. It looks really good and is working well (so far). I am sure it is made in china and we will see how well the components stand up to usage. I really wanted a very modern toilet and toto does not have anything in that design...

Bodica - I lost the groutless-look battle :(
The glass tile is adhered to dry wall using Mapei adesilex thinset. Great product.
I did a sample of 1/32" grout line but the grout would not hold because the glass is so slippery. So i ended up with 1/16" grout lines with the whitest grout i could find.

Marthavila - thanx...sure, email me and if you are local, i can help (in LA). Sorry dont have any diplomas, or formal training in design/building but have tons of ideas!

Thanks everyone for the compliments.

This project was really a personal statement. We explored countless magazines, hotels, restaurants, websites, tv shows for inspiration. I must thank candice olson for the bling concept. Maybe i should send her these photos :)

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pharaoh groupie here!

I was going to grab my thesauraus to find some new words to describe your new bathroom, but alas there are no words. Your talent and taste are beyond words.

I have loved every single thing you've ever done. Your home is gorgeous and I truly believe Candice Olson would agree that your talent is equal to hers.

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As my DH says, nothing exceeds like excess :) Those Swarovski crystals are just too too...did they come foiled or did you do that?

And thus the world welcomes another Pharaoh really should send this project in to as many places as you can, definitely including Candice, since you're using sconces she designed. I LOVE the glass tile on the walls. May I ask how much that was per sf?

Really love the sapwood on the vanity front. Mongo should see this.

Congrats again. I'll be looking forward to the Master Bath.

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UM...DH was looking at these pics and called to my attention a rather unfortunate door jamb...what's the story there?! It must receive the Pharoah treatment asap!

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akrogirl, The bubinga was a special purchase. I buy my lumber from lsvlumber in LA. One day while browsing, I saw a large stack of bubinga. They were clearing it out because it had large holes in some pieces and the lumber was 1" thick! But it was all from the same tree so there are some great design opportunities. I had to buy the whole lot and it now sits in my garage for such projects...

Flyleft, flyleft :) nothing gets past you! The omnia door lever did not quite fit in the door jamb properly, now that the keep eyes have seen the shoddy job, i will need to clean it all up. Thanks for noticing the sap wood.
Thank goodness i didnt post the photo of the hallway. There is a 3/4" difference in the bathroom to hallway flooring which i simply connected with an incline ;)Hey, its hard to install large marble tiles without a stiff subfloor...

The crystals came prefoiled.

I am selling the excess glass tile on CL. Have about 106 sq ft left over from the bathroom...

Here is the master bath so far. I have the inspiration lantern.

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While I would be thrilled to use your guest bathroom as a guest, I can already tell that I would kill to live with your master bath-to-be in my home!

& we have to wait another year & a half?

*marks calendar*

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That vanity is stunning. Fantastic job.

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Truly inspiring, pharaoh! I have a similar sized guest bath currently stuck in the 70's and I was afraid (because of the layout which cannot change) that even with a redo, it would only be an update, but nothing noteworthy. You have shown that it can be done fabulously!

You may as well post the details on the chandelier, or you will be getting many emails. That's bling with class.

Are your wall tiles really 4 x 18? I'm guessing 4 x 12 by counting, but how does one go about getting wall tile custom made without breaking the bank, or is that just a given?

Really lovely, pharaoh- I so appreciate your sharing with us.

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That is going to be one *lucky* craigslister...if I were in LA I'd snap them up immediately. We never see material like that on our craiglist -- the best we get is the odd Ann Sacks liquidator, which isn't bad at all, but not one-of-a-kind.

And you know, the door jamb got past me -- I tried to give credit where credit was due (or make sure you blamed the right person :)) -- DH saw it when I called him over to scroll through your photos. We've just put in several doors and he's cut his first front-door deadbolt, so we're very aware of it right now. I do like the door and lever, btw.

And I just had to say -- I chuckled when I noticed (this morning) the extra crystals on the face of the mirror frame. I'm guessing you cut out the bubinga and recessed them? Why? Because you can :) You could never have gotten a "pro" to do that (except maybe Mongo, but he's definitely the exception that proves the rule)--I just love your ecstatic glorying in the DIY process, iykwim.

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suska, Oops the tiles are indeed 4x12. It was quite a process to get them made but i am glad i spent the time to get what i wanted. the chandelier came from ebay seller continentalny.

flyleft - Project for next weekend is to clean up that deadbolt-door-jamb thing. alas, you overestimated my patience :) The frame crystals are simply surface mounted (to hide the screws). The rest of the crystals are recessed into the glass tiles. Had the use an acrylic backing to bring up the crystal fronts to the same thickness as the glass fronts.
That bubinga is very hard to work with :(

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Thanks for posting your wonderful pictures! Such an inspiration!

Could you please (please, please, please!) give technical details on the led lights (under the ceiling) installation?

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Brilliant! I never would have guessed our guest bathrooms are the same size. The bling (shiny stuff) makes yours look so much larger. You really have a talent for design. Really awesome job!

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Golly. I'm not usually one for contemporary, but that's one of the most beautiful bathrooms I've ever seen, and not only for the blingy stuff. You've done a wonderful job of making a smallish bathroom seem luxurious and spacious.

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alina, the LED lights are from ikea. Dioder is the name. They come in strips that are very thin in profile. We simply installed them above the glass tile and covered them with the molding.

Some more photos

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I'm speechless!!! I don't know where to start. If you are not a designer then you have missed your calling. The bathroom is stunning! I love the vanity and sink. I love the white glass tiles. It is so artistic. Every detail is perfect. I am amazed at the LED lights that change color.
This is a guest bath? I can't even imagine what the master bath will look like when it's finished.

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I have so much to say and so little time to write. I have to go cut some dovetails and build some drawers. (sigh)

More later.



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Absolutely beautiful - I echo everyone's comments. A magnificent job, and I can hardly wait for your master bath to be done. I'm sure it will be absolutely incredible!

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Wow, absolutely gorgeous...I'm thoroughly impressed!

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Sorry, pharaoh, what's that you said about not recessing the crystals? --(hands over ears) I don't heeeear yooooouuu!

I'm supposed to believe this from the person who routed the *insides* of the kitchen cabinets? You must be just saving your energy for your master bath, right?

You really must submit this around. It would win awards. Imagine the wabi-sabi bling you could buy with those winnings :)

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There are a lot of spectacular things in your bath, but the wood the wood my god the amazing WOOD has my heart.

[The interplay between the glass and floor tiles, as well as the shower door set up, are lovely too.]

Congrats on this one...can't wait to see the master down the line.

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DH wants to know if you'll part with any of that bubinga....LOL (of course, even if you would, how we'd get to NY is beyond me...!)

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You've done an astounding job. I don't really know what else to say because I think each piece is as beautiful as the next. Bravo!

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I'm not remotely supried it's fabulous. I love the way your design stays true to form (ie the crisp square/rectangles) and the glass tile, mounted as you have...gad it's fab. You have amazing talent!

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organicdonna, thanks i have always admired your work. i am not a designer but thanks for the thumbs up!

mongo, your keyboard seems stuck ;)

flyleft, after the kitchen, i was exhausted and saving up energy for the wabisabizen bath :)

cat_mom, I have a ton of it left over. some planks are 14 ft x 18". gorgeous material stuff. come over and i will give some... it is very heavy so you will not be able to check it in on a flight...

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That is one absolutely gorgeous bath. The wood makes it.

On a practical note, any chance of a head-on of the shower door/tub enclosure? Any details? I love how light/unencumbered it looks.

*scheming* I have a nephew who lives in the LA area...

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Hmmmm....think it would fit in the overhead.....? :-)

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First, the bling nailed it in spades...or better yet you nailed it in crystals. (sorry)

Second, the execution? It looks like a very well-crafted room.

Bravo on the woodwork. I love the fact that you maintained the grain across the front of the vanity, the finish truly brings out the beauty of the wood grain. I've done several wood showers, and you'll have no trouble as it appears you paid attention to details on this one. As long as the back of the wood in the shower was treated the same as the front, you'll have no moisture-related warping/cupping due to uneven absorption of moisture into the wood.

With the front of the vanity, I love how you kept the clean lines (no face frame), I like the towel cubby on the right side instead of having a drawer front or cabinet door on the right, and then, to prevent the drawer/door from contacting the glass tile, having to use a filler strip that might otherwise clutter the clean lines on the front of the vanity. Very nice.

The level of craftsmanship in fit and finish on the all of the wood looks to be top-notch.

The crystals in the wall tile bring back a memory of a bathroom I did that was all glass mosaic on the walls, in random spots on each wall I set crystals in place of a mosaic. Each crystal was back-lit by a fiberoptic glass fiber. The fibers ran back to a light generator. The owner could program the crystals to be lit up in a pattern or in random fashion, and the emitted color could be changed as well. It looked pretty cool, but it was a pain to design and build. Thats about as blingy as Ive ever gotten.

Your bath is so well finished, but with you having so much bubinga left overhave you considered a couple of more details? I did read where youre going to do some work on the door. How about totally reworking the bathroom door? For a very reasonable price you could get a woodworking shop to slice some of your bubinga into 1/8" to 3/16" veneers on a bandsaw. You could then veneer the inside face and inside edge of your door with bubinga. Case (trim) the door frame with bubinga as well. You most definitely have the skills to carry that off.

One other thing Ive done is made wood HVAC register covers and wood light switch/outlet covers. A bubinga vent cover over your door might look nicer than the painted white one. Possibly the same with the light switch and outlet covers, but there comes a point where "accent" details become more than just accents and more of a focal point. But you have lutron-style outlets, and those are definitely easier to craft in wood than the standard duplex outlet-style covers.

The casement window, it looks like that has bubinga trim? The white (metal?) casement frames inside the bubinga frame sort of catch my attention. Think about painting the metal frames a darker color, something that might match the color of the bubinga.

Things can look different in person versus from photos, and those are personal preferences that you might not care to employ. Nothing is meant as a critique. Im too over the top about your design and execution skills to be critical, and Im not even a bling fan!

Your bath is gorgeous, the design elements are well integrated, the woodwork impeccable, you have such a fine degree of finish in that room, thats only why I mentioned the things I did.

Im always on the lookout for sources of decent led lights, and I read that yours are from IKEA. Are they rgb/changing color or are they a single color? Continuous strips or intermittent bulbs?

Consider me a fan. Im really looking forward to your "sedate" master bath. Will that be done by Christmas? Best, Mongo

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what a lovely space!!

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Stunning. It's all beautiful. I love the design of the vanity and the mix of glass, marble and wood textures. Your guest will never want to leave.

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pbrisjar - The glass slider is from CRL. It is called hydroslide. Here is a link
The glass is starphire 3/8" glass. It was somewhat hard to install because our walls are not square and the clean look requires very tight tolerances.
One thing to note is that one panel is fixed and one slides

Mongo- a like and appreciate all your comments. Some great tips on the the accent pieces. Now you have made more work for me :) I thought that this bath was done....
Now you tell me about the fiber optic idea. We could have easily out that in the grout line and have the tips poke out! wow that would have been bbbbblliiinggy!
Your compliments truly mean a lot.

Master bath? sure christmas ... of 2010 maybe. I have to make shoji screens in large numbers.

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Cor ... Blimey!

Well, cor, Ah do say now guv'nor you've out done yer self.

So, as THE patron saint of quiet tones, pale or clear glass, mild stones and detester-in-chief of "woody-woods" that I freaking LOVE your vanity, shower panel and in particular the window trim?! In fact, looking at your photographs, the only thing that assured me that I am indeed who I think I am (viz patron saint of quiet, pale, clear or grey colours) is that my response was merely a bewildered "okay" on your bling-y swarovski inserts ;-)

SHucks, I even j'adore your in-construction pictures of that vanity. But I absolutely am thrilled by the window trim. Somehow that wood looks so refined and so masculine (in a good way, as opposed to grrr-left-toilet-seat-up-again masculine way) against the glass tile.

Speaking of which, did I read somewhere that you're selling 107sq ft. of the glass tile? Coming to Boston any time, perhaps? I'll take those off yer hands in a heartbeat ...

Question - could you explain - where is the marble and where is the glass tile? Gorgeous marble that, btw.

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That's what great design and great execution makes you like things that you don't like! Because it's done well.


One of the cooler countertops I did was fiberoptic threads cast into a charcoal black concrete countertop. When the room lights were dimmed, the countertop just had this really cool amorphous shimmer to it.

Based upon the setup I did on the bath walls, I also thought that you could do a great effect with lower lumen leds behind regular glass mosaic 3/4", 1", or even up to 2" squares. A very low lumen led, and you could get a subtle, relaxing, shimmery, zen-like effect on walls in a spa-like setting.

I used to have a source for reasonably priced led strings, I have to revisit that company.

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mindstorm - glad the patron saint liked my work :) I am selling the tiles on CL but if I dont get any takers, I may spam this website :) They boxes are very well packed and can be shipped..
The white marble is on the floor and on the large wall of the shower. The other two walls of the shower are bubinga. The rest of the bathroom is glass tiles.

Mongo, wow you have great lighting tips. as we say, lighting is everything !
My LEDs cycle through RGB. They are strips with close spaced LEDs. I am intrigued by LEDs and fiber optics. Once in Hongkong at the annual flower show, there was a display where the pavers were embedded with fiber optics. It looks magical!
I will be looking for zen like lighting effects for my masterbath.

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Pharaoh & Mongoct, you are both awesome! I was pondering the window & door also, and love the veneer idea. In addition, maybe with the veneer, make a vent cover as part of the door design, to the ceiling, maybe the header to the grout with the crystal cutouts and loovers to the ceiling or the whole door visual, floor to ceiling wood, with loover and crystal cutouts. The window interior dark also, veneer or very dark metalic, lucite crank with crystal, or glass tile the frame, ok, I'm getting carried away..... I want to find out more about the optic or LED to light my boudoir art seascapes. Looking at Dioder, I don't understand how the strips or buttons are installed coming two off each side, how do you hide? I had pictured them connecting end to end?

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lucite, cutouts, this bathroom will never get done:)

Dioder strips can be attached to each other for a straight line or with wire connectors to turn corners. Then there is a power cord with the controller.

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Perfect, Thanks!

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Perfect, Thanks! The Dioder picture confused me with the two light plugs on each side of the power bar, guess they arranged just for a symmetrical shot.
Have you and yours taken time to actually enjoy your beautiful bath?

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Incredible. Stunning. What is so impressive is that this is a DIY. This should be featured on a decorating/home improvment show. Your sense of design and execution is amazing.

As one PP suggested I would change the white metal vent above the door to a nice wood one. The room is so lovely that one thing in builder's grade really sticks out.

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mindstorm, in case you are looking for glass tile, I got mine from (it was custom made).Excellent service and quality! I am amazed at the manufacturing flexibility they have.
bodica, not yet, I need to caulk the shower still :(

dilly-dally, thanks! i know, these elements are necessary but hard to disguise and nice ones take time and effort to make :)

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Your bathroom is amazing! We (I use that term loosely...the GC) just had to rip out our master bathroom when they found a leak during our kitchen remodel. Our Master Bath is the size of your guest bath (sadly), but if I could walk into something that looked like yours everyday, I wouldn't care that it is on the small size. We are redoing it so quickly so that we have a bath in time for Christmas. After seeing your bathroom, I am tempted to reconfigure ours to look like yours, it is absolutely Magazine Cover worthy! Wish you lived in the SF area. Congrats.

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My masterbath is not that much larger, 8x12 vs the guest which is 8x8 (with a small closet cut out of it). I dont large empty bathrooms because they feel cold after a shower. I think natural light and artificial lighting are key in making a bathroom seem spacious. of course, choice of materials also make a huge difference in the sense of space.
thanks for the compliment!

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Oh no, the pictures are gone! (Well, at least for me.) I came back to this post to look again and ....

Please make them come back!

    Bookmark   December 14, 2008 at 7:02AM
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The pictures are still there. try to right click the image and view.

speaking of bling, check this out... bling in the faucet. dont like the gold...

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Wow, that is one gorgeous bathroom. It looks like it has jewelry for decor. The bling is definitely there!! Congratulations.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2008 at 11:34PM
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Someone said they could not think of a word to describe this bathroom. I think I have a good one:


That bathroom is simply divine!


    Bookmark   December 16, 2008 at 3:06PM
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big sigh - simply brilliant.

    Bookmark   December 16, 2008 at 6:58PM
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kompy, 'Divine' Design and candice O. have been inspirational. I think I will send them some photos to say thanks.

I also love their quirky (canadian) humor :)

    Bookmark   January 3, 2009 at 1:23AM
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Tres chic! Love the faucets. Cool toilet too. Bravo.

    Bookmark   January 17, 2009 at 2:52AM
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Just saw this -- I think Candice will approve. :-)

    Bookmark   January 18, 2009 at 12:11AM
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Pharaoh, I have a followup question: what sheen Waterlox did you use? Medium sheen or Satin?

Thanks :)

    Bookmark   January 23, 2009 at 11:59AM
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OH, and two more further followups: what's your favorite method for applying it to large flat surfaces?

And after the final coat, did you just let it be or did you steel-wool it? Did you go for an incredibly smooth finish?

Thanks again...I have some CVG fir doors and trim I need to finish, including our front door (inside) - I want it deliciously smooth but not tooooo shiny.

    Bookmark   January 23, 2009 at 1:56PM
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Unbelievable!!!! The wood and the glass tile with the chrome accents are my favorite things. The whole room is absolutely stunning. Congrats!!!

    Bookmark   January 25, 2009 at 10:35AM
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fly, i am a waterlox fan. I use it everywhere. i experimented with at least 10 different varnishes, polys etc. Nothing comes close to the depth that waterlox gives to exotic wood.

I use a marine varnish in high gloss. It is a lot of work to make it look good for a large surface. I tried to spray but i hate the process. it makes a huge cloud of flammable fumes. I just havent been able to spray well.

So I sand to 320 grit first. Then apply one coat of waterlox sealer. Then dry for 1 day. Then sand lightly to 320 grit. Wipe, apply waterlox marine varnish. then let dry for one day. repeat four times!

Then do the other side :)

If you want a medium sheen, do all coats in gloss and the last one in medium.

I have to say that depending on temp, humidity etc the finish comes out different. My mirror frame is mirror smooth and shiny. The large shower panels are dimpled, that is another story but it is fine with me.

Nice thing about waterlox, if it scratches simply apply another coat!

I use cheap sponge brushes to apply waterlox. I dont like the hassle of cleaning bristle brushes in solvent etc.

Make sure you dispose of the rags,brushes properly...

    Bookmark   January 25, 2009 at 2:23PM
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How did I miss this? Sheesh it's drop dead gorgeous (and I'd expect nothing less from you).

But...gad I hate butts..can we talk about that little vent above the door? Hve you considered maybe seeing a local glass (stained glass supply) shop and maybe getting something custom for that (ie an opaque glass cut with vents that might disapear into the wall a bit more?) If nothing else, a white regio register painted to match in a custom design....

Ohhh and I must learn more about that shower door? Where did you find that set up? I've never seen it and love how clean it looks (and probably stays due to the lack of runners).

    Bookmark   January 26, 2009 at 2:24PM
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pharaoh, thanks so much for the details! I'll follow your instructions precisely. Mongo gave the same rec to do first few coats in gloss, and last in satin, so you're in good company :)

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igloo, thanks...
I guess too many folks have been offended by the contractor grade vent! I will replace it with a glass kinda thingy...

The shower door is here

It is from crlaurence- hydroslide. The installation was somewhat difficult. It is very clean looking indeed. framless for sliding doors...

Fly, make sure you work in a well ventilated area. that stuff is smelly! Once you go waterlox, you will never go back to waterbased finishes :)

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OH I know already, pharaoh -- I have it in an area I can shut the door to, at least, and open the window in there to let it vent.

A question re the door: did you set up your own account (and how did they handle your DIY status?) or did you go through a distributor? I'm in the market for a door like that for the downstairs bath and I do really like that mechanism.

    Bookmark   January 27, 2009 at 9:45PM
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Fly, i dont own a business so they dont deal directly with me. I used a local glass maker who is a friend and orders what i need from them , also makes the glass per their specifications.
The DIY installation was quite tricky and took a whole day and it is still not quite right. I have to rehang it which will take another day :)

ok, i will spill the beans, while adjusting the sliding door, i managed to shatter it :((((( Explode is the correct word!
So now i can say that i have had a tempered glass door explode in my hands. And the force with which it explodes is tremendous. I have glass embedded in my gorgeous bubinga panels. i have to sand it and apply another cost. arrggghhhhh...

    Bookmark   January 27, 2009 at 10:13PM
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Ouch!!!!! Oh that sucks. I hope only the wood got hurt and not the adjuster!

    Bookmark   January 27, 2009 at 10:54PM
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:) The adjuster was unhurt, at least physically. The ego, of course, has been hurt, embarrassed and irritated...

Took hours to remove all the fine glass pieces (they look pretty)...

    Bookmark   January 27, 2009 at 11:19PM
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here are couple of views of the floating vanity being built. It shows how the back is built of solid wood frame to support the weight.

I used pocket holes to secure all the pieces together.
The back is open for plumbing.

One end of the vanity has a book shelf :)

(The plywood box is just a prop (not part of the vanity)

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great job! i love how you took it al the way--you sure arent' timid with your accents. i just finished a bathroom renovation and i am definitely missing the bling factor--way to go!! two questions (which may have been asked previously, but the posts are too long to read at this point):

1. where did you purchase your chandelier/pendant light?
2. are those ann sacks glass subway tiles?

beautiful and daring! thanks for sharing.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2009 at 12:18AM
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This was a statement remodel for me. although i did restrain my color and material choices. it is easy for me to use many colors, textures, materials in the same space, this time around I decided to really keep it clean looking.

send me an email and I can share the sources.

The glass tiles were custom made overseas. I am selling the left overs so if you are in socal you are welcome to take a look.

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I write five blogs a week on kitchens and bathrooms, so I am always looking for something that interests me. It takes up a lot of my time, and the rewards, thus far, have been rather meager, but I keep telling my wife that it has value, if only because of the ideas on the Internet that I can put to use for our own remodeling projects. Right now I'm working on a home theater, then it's a kitchen and two bathrooms. Small, cramped bathrooms that probably don't even look as good as the one you started with! So, seeing what you did with your project just gives me an incredible shot in the arm! The way you matched the wood and the wonderful use of an innovative basin sink and glass countertop just blow my mind.

Of course, now I don't dare show these pictures to my wife! No, actually, I will show them to her because they are very much a step in the direction I would like to go with our own plans. In the end, I would want what you achieved--something different that still, somehow, has a logic all its own. It's a terrific remodeling job, and you have much to be proud of. Congratulations!

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hi pharaoh,
i read you got the light fixture on ebay. i wish i had incorporated a little extra sparkle in my daughter's bathroom. but at the time of making these decisions, it was going to be a masterbath (in a mid-century modern home). since then, my daughter switched rooms with me and my husband. i'm thinking of getting a more reflective glass tile for our bathroom now, after being inspired by yours. ann sacks has one that is very similar. i can't wait to see all of your future projects!

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your work is truly amazing!!!!

    Bookmark   April 20, 2009 at 2:10AM
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What can I say? I never liked bling until I saw your bathroom! Amazing craftsmanship. You are an artist. congratulations on a job superbly done. I might steal some ideas from you (if you don't mind) - I was going to put glass mosaic tiles in my bathroom, now, I might go with something like yours. And definitely got to have a contemporary chandelier like yours! I am huge Candice Olson fan too, so maybe I will look into the products designed by her too. You are an inspiration.

    Bookmark   April 20, 2009 at 1:40PM
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Everyone HAS to see's just too stunning not to see!

    Bookmark   July 2, 2009 at 2:57AM
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Pharoah - I have to echo all of the above comments, you should be very proud of yourself.

One question I didn't seen answered above, where did you find those knobs?


    Bookmark   August 2, 2009 at 7:39PM
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Thread is still alive!

Here is the link to the knobs

Happy to report that the bling is still sparkling. just requires a little more effort to keep the crystals and glass sparkling. The white marble has stood up well...(although the shower doesnt get a lot of use).

    Bookmark   August 2, 2009 at 8:24PM
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Pharaoh, How are the Hydroslide tub/shower doors working out? They look as if they'd be the answer to a lot of problems, but I've seen no reviews from folks who have installed or lived with them. Thanks for being our scout in fabulous land!

    Bookmark   August 3, 2009 at 12:06AM
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The hydroslide is overall working well. There was one issue that I had to solve myself.
Since the doors are frameless, the water containment is dictated by the slope of the bathtub rim. They provide a small curb that you can attach to the tub so that water doesnt spill out. I still found some water leaking out so i had to get a taller curb.

Apart from that i find it very easy to maintain. Since only one of the panels is movable, you can enter the shower only through that door. It takes some getting used to.

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I AM SPEECHLESS!!!!! Ditto everything everything everyone else said! I am in awe. I am a left brained design clod, but I do recognize genius. I am stuggling to dwsign 5 bathrooms and a kitchen with only two weeks to prepare for our newly constructed home in Irvine. Our two bedroom filled with mold was torn down to the concrete slab and has gone up faster than I expected. Any tips, help, suggestions, this peon will fall to her knees. I really know nothing about gardenweb protocol as I just joined and you are my first message. I am overwhelmed and don't want to go to a tile design showroom where I get the most recent 'in' Tuscan look ir white carrera marble design. How do you come you with such great ideas. I have sat in Barnes and NOble and looked through magazines...lthe saddest part is I'm married to a contractor and his design sense is more outdated than mine! We both just stared at yours and said...ooohhh.......aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Bookmark   August 14, 2009 at 10:39PM
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thanks! and welcome to the forum. This is the best place to get advice, help, warning, and sometimes even criticism. But overall people have done some incredible renovations with the help of commoners as well as experts (bill, mongo, et al)

My sources are inspiration are TV shows like candice olsen, magazines - met home, dwell.
also website such as trendir
I also go to design homes which are pretty common in urban areas.
I usually start with materials and a theme. I wanted to use glass , crystal, wood and marble. The design just evolved from there.

Feel free to post you ideas here or email me. I recommend 6 months of designing before you embark on a bathroom renovation.

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Came here via Apartment Therapy and was soaking up the images and tips. Then you mentioned your plan for an Asian-inspired master bath...if anything beats bling in my book, it's Asian style--any pics available for that?

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 8:00AM
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